Taylor Swift`s Father Accused of Attacking an Australian Journalist

Australian journalist Ben McDonald has accused Taylor Swift's father, Scott Kingsley, of attacking him. The victim sought assistance from law enforcement.

According to Australian media, the attack occurred at a Sydney pier. The singer was returning from a cruise with her father when a journalist attempted to take her photo. The star's security tried to block the shot by positioning open umbrellas towards him, pushing the paparazzi away.

At that moment, Kingsley intervened and lunged at the journalist with fists. Before the attack, Scott allegedly gave the photographers the middle finger. "In 23 years of shooting, I've never seen anything like it," reported Ben McDonald.
Taylor Swift and her father Scott Kingsley
Taylor Swift and her father Scott Kingsley
Law enforcement is currently investigating the circumstances of the incident. The star's representatives have commented to AFP, noting that two individuals at the pier were extremely aggressive, trying to push the security and attempting to throw a member of the singer's team into the water. The victim responded to the claims, stating that there were no women present at the time other than Swift herself.

Zoomboola.com reminds readers that Taylor Swift recently concluded a series of concerts in Melbourne and Sydney as part of her extensive tour. She has now left Australia, with upcoming concerts scheduled in Singapore in March. The singer was recently awarded the 'World Artist of the Year' despite criticism from listeners: Swift ignored a congratulatory message from terminally ill singer Celine Dion during the award ceremony.