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Jake Gyllenhaal

Name: Jake Gyllenhaal

Real name: Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal

Birth date: 19 of December 1980 (38 y.o.)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Height: 183 cm Weight: 75 kg

Birth Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Occupation: actor

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Biography of Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a star of such films as «Donnie Darko», «Brokeback Mountain», «Zodiac», «Prince of Persia», «Nocturnal Animals». He is absolutely a unique actor. He is handsome, charismatic, and tremendously talented.
A Hollywood Star Jake GyllenhaalA Hollywood Star Jake Gyllenhaal

Childhood and Family

Since early childhood, Jake Gyllenhaal has been inseparable from cinematography. His father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, is one of the producers of the cult TV show «Twin Peaks», a filmmaker of some well-known film series, including «Shut Eye», «Billions», «Rectify», and «The Mentalist».
A Childhood Picture of Jake GyllenhaalA Childhood Picture of Jake Gyllenhaal
The name of Jake's mother, Naomi Foner, is in the list of screenwriters of such feature films as «Losing Isaiah», «Bee Season», and «Running on Empty».

Jake's sibling, Maggie Gyllenhaal, is an actress, the Oscar nominee for the role in the film «Crazy Heart». She appeared in the film «The Dark Knight» by Christopher Nolan, and in such dramas as «The Honourable Woman», «Sherrybaby», and «Secretary».
Jake Gyllenhaal's Family: Parents and His Older SisterJake Gyllenhaal's Family: Parents and His Older Sister
Furthermore, Jake's godfather is an actor and producer Paul Newman and his godmother is an actress Jamie Lee Curtis, a star of the film «True Lies».

Being born in such family, the actor couldn't stand aside from cinematography, but he was fine with it. In fact, he has participated in father's pictures since childhood. In the age of 11, Jake played in the film «City Slickers», followed by acting in the film «A Dangerous Woman».
Young Jake GyllenhaalYoung Jake Gyllenhaal
It would be a mistake to think that little Jake Gyllenhaal was a child of fortune. Parents wanted their son to know the value of money and insisted that he should earn his daily bread himself. Before Gyllenhaal junior reached majority, he has worked as a lifeguard and a dishwasher in a restaurant.

Acting Career

After he finished high school in 1998, Jake entered the prestigious Columbia University, but studies didn't suck him in, and after two years, the young man dropped studies and started working on his acting career.

His first lead, Jake Gyllenhaal received from a producer of the film «October Sky» (1999), Joe Johnston. The drama based on a true story tells us about a boy from a miner's family. After witnessing the first satellite launch, he «became ill» with space and started to build his own satellite in a backyard. But a harsh father decided to crush his son's dreams at any cost. The picture made 32 million dollars at the worldwide box office, and Jake proved that he made it into cinematography not by knowing the right people, but by working hard.
The First Gyllenhaal's Important Role («October Sky», 1999)The First Gyllenhaal's Important Role («October Sky», 1999)
Jake Gyllenhaal started after the premiere of the mystery thriller film «Donnie Darko» (2001). The film resolves around a general senior pupil Donnie who becomes a central figure of the chain of strange events leading to the Apocalypse.
Jake Gyllenhaal in the Questionable Film «Donnie Darko»Jake Gyllenhaal in the Questionable Film «Donnie Darko»
In 2001, the surrealistic film faced box-office flop. With the budget of 6 million U.S. dollars, it barely covered the cost at the box office. The picture wasn't accepted and called «producer's attempts of a teenager who took too much LSD». The fact that the chain of strange events started after the aircraft crash poured gasoline on a blaze - the world has been shocked by the events of September 11.
«Donnie Darko» trailer
But three years later, a producer of «Donnie Darko», Richard Kelly, re-released the film by including 20 additional minutes, which have been cut during assembly of the video, to screen time. This time, the film was accepted much warmer, it has become the cult film. Jake Gyllenhaal also received his portion of fame.

However, the 2000s became the golden time for the actor even without the success of «Donnie Darko». In 2001, he received the lead in the comedy «Bubble Boy», and in the drama «Highway» released that same year, he worked with Jared Leto.
A Frame from the Film «Highway»A Frame from the Film «Highway»
«Moonlight Mile», «Proof», the cult disaster film «The Day After Tomorrow» - interesting projects followed one after the other. 2005 brought Jake the role in the melodrama «Brokeback Mountain» that resolved around two homosexuals played by Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. After the premiere, some men joined the army of girls in love with the actor. The actor was nominated for Oscar for the role of «gay cowboy», but he conceded the statuette to George Clooney for the film «Syriana».
In the Film «Brokeback Mountain», Gyllenhaal and Ledger Played LoversIn the Film «Brokeback Mountain», Gyllenhaal and Ledger Played Lovers
That same year, the world saw the deep military drama «Jarhead» that opened before the audience the eternal dilemma - is it worth to act against your convictions fighting for ephemeral values thrust by the government?
In the Film «Jarhead», Gyllenhaal Charmed Women by His Naked ChestIn the Film «Jarhead», Gyllenhaal Charmed Women by His Naked Chest
In 2007, the detective thriller «Zodiac» by David Fincher was released. This film became something of a turning point in Gyllenhaal's filmography. The actor turned into an intimidate newspaper cartoonist who persistently investigated a case of a serial killer named Zodiac while nobody took his work seriously.
A frame from the Film»Zodiac» (2007)A frame from the Film»Zodiac» (2007)
Gyllenhaal proved himself well in independent and mass films alike (for example, the drama «Brothers», the blockbuster «Prince of Persia», and «Source Code»). The psychological thriller «Prisoners» which is an excellent tandem of Hugh Jackman (a father whose daughter was kidnapped) and Gyllenhaal (a detective who investigates the kidnapping of a girl) is also worth mentioning as this film made everybody to talk about Jake after a short break.
10 Best Films with Jake Gyllenhaal
Thus, in 2013, the film «Enemy», which resolves around a young man whose obsession drives him crazy, and the picture «Nightcrawler» in which Gyllenhaal, perhaps for the first time, had to turn into a really ugly character.
While Working on «Nightcrawler», Jake Gyllenhaal Lost 22 PoundsWhile Working on «Nightcrawler», Jake Gyllenhaal Lost 22 Pounds
In 2016, Jake Gyllenhaal played in the very intimate film «Nocturnal Animals» by a producer and designer Tom Ford where he played two roles: a role of a writer and a hero of his book whose wife and daughter were kidnapped by a country gang.
A Frame from the Film «Nocturnal Animals»A Frame from the Film «Nocturnal Animals»
In 2017, the premiere of the film «Life» took place. It's a classic space fiction narrating of a revolutionary finding by the International Space Station researchers. Besides Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson also played pioneer astronauts.
«Life» with Jake Gyllenhaal (2017). Trailer

Private Life of Jake Gyllenhaal

Because of bright appearance and inherent charm, the actor never had any difficulties in communication with women.

Over the years, Gyllenhaal has dated pretty big-name women. He was in romantic relationships with such actresses as Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon. The press matched him with the last one all the time, but in November 2009, the celebrity couple broke up. Gyllenhaal took the breakup with his love pretty hard and even took a short break in acting.
Jake Gyllenhaal Took Their Breakup with Reese Witherspoon Pretty HardJake Gyllenhaal Took Their Breakup with Reese Witherspoon Pretty Hard
A short romantic affair with Natalie Portman who played with Jake in the film «Brothers» became something of the rescue for our hero. According to his friends, the girl stroke new life into him.
Gyllenhaal and Portman at the Film Premiere «Brothers»} In October 2010, Jake started dating a country singer Taylor Swift, but their relationship lasted less than three months.
Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift's Relationship Didn't Last LongGyllenhaal and Taylor Swift's Relationship Didn't Last Long
In Summer 2013, Gyllenhaal was seen much with a model Alisa Miller. The couple even was on holiday at the famous Martha's Vineyard resort in Massachusetts.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Alisa MillerJake Gyllenhaal and Alisa Miller
In 2014, the actor was seen in the company of a gorgeous blonde Margot Robbie at a ski resort.

Jake Gyllenhaal is bound by special relationships with Anne Hathaway. Despite repeated bedroom scenes (on the film set «Brokeback Mountain» and then in the film «Love and Other Drugs») and the nude photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine, they didn't want to spoil their friendship with romantic affair, which when it comes to unstable Gyllenhaal always ends up with breakup, and stayed good friends.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway for Entertainment WeeklyJake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway for Entertainment Weekly
Currently, the actor remains a confirmed bachelor preferring all advantages of this status to advantages of family relations.

Jake Gyllenhaal Now

In 2017, the audience saw Gyllenhaal in the number of big projects, including American and Korean adventure drama «Okja», the picture «Wildlife» by Paul Dano, and the picture «Stronger» that opens a veil of secrecy over the Boston Marathon tragedy. In the last picture, Gyllenhaal played a disabled man who lost both legs after the bombing.
«Stronger». Trailer
For 2019, the release of the film «Spider-Man: Far From Home» has been planned. It is another screen version of Marvel comics where Gyllenhaal will play a role of one of the main supervillains, Mysterio.
Jake Gyllenhaal Joined the Marvel Cinematic UniverseJake Gyllenhaal Joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe
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