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Margot Robbie

Name: Margot Robbie

Birth date: 2 of July 1990 (28 y.o.)

Place of birth: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Height: 168 cm Weight: 54 kg

Birth Sign: Cancer

Chinese zodiac: Horse

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Margot Robbie – Biography

People used to call Margot Robbie a Cinderella from Hollywood or a human Barbie doll. The unheard-of Australian actress took on the world by Naomi Lapaglia’s role in a hot picture «The Wolf of Wall Street» by Martin Scorsese.
«The Hollywood Barbie» Margot Robbie«The Hollywood Barbie» Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie came into this world in the Gold Coast city, Queensland, Australia, which is known as a popular tourist center. Still, the girl spent all her childhood on the grandparents’ farm, located in a small rural town Dalby. Her father, Mike Robbie, walked out of his family. Her mother, Sarie Kessler, had to bring up four children all alone: elder Lachlan, junior Cameron, Margot, and Anya baby.
Margot Robbie in childhood (with older brother)Margot Robbie in childhood (with older brother)
After her parents divorced, the young Margot didn’t keep in touch with her father. It was her mother, who served as an example for the girl. The woman was a physical therapist and treated older persons first. Later on, she began treating children with disabilities.
Margot Robbie with mom and brother LachlanMargot Robbie with mom and brother Lachlan
At school, Margot joined nearly all ASCs (after school clubs), beginning from rowing, dances and ending with drama, softball. Later on, surfing became her passion. She could spend a sheer amount of time on the beach to catch a short wave.

On vacations, the mother let children move to the farm. So, a little Margot could chop wood and milk a cow at the age of 10. Still, she always dreamed in her thoughts to shine under the lights.
Margot Robbie likes surfingMargot Robbie likes surfing
After finishing the school, Robbie entered the Somerset College, a private establishment. To provide financial support for her mother, who try to keep up with home, children and clinic, Margot got three jobs at the age of 16. She worked as a waitress, a housemaid and a counter assistant in a tiny sea-front shop. She managed to put some money, which was spent on buying a ticket to the gorgeous Melbourne and paying the first fee for the acting courses. The girl had a touch time in the South. He attended the courses in the daytime. Then, she rushed to the multiple tests and castings. As sun was down, she put on the Subway sandwich artist’s uniform to have a possibility to pay for the courses.
Margot Robbie sold sandwiches to pay o\for her educationMargot Robbie sold sandwiches to pay o\for her education


Margot’s first very parts were so small, so that her surname was not even mentioned in the titles. However, they did their job and the beginning actress was noticed by Aash Aaron, a famous Australian film director, in 2007. He offered Robbie a leading role in his new thriller «I.C.U.».
«I.C.U.», 2009«I.C.U.», 2009
2008 become a truly happy for Margot. She had gotten cast in a TV-series «Neighbors», which was shown successfully on the Australian television from 1985. The young woman didn’t even hope to win the role. So, she started for the 5-week vacation with her boyfriend halfway across the world right after the casting. The lovers arrived in Canada to go snowboarding. Before she could climb up to the Canadian summits, she got an SMS informing that she has been Donna Freedman since that time. This was a new heroine in the popular TV-series. A couple of days later, Margot landed in Australia again.
Margot devoted almost 3 years, featuring in the soap opera. 5 days a week, 17 hours a day she spent under the sights of the cameras. The last very episode with the girl was launched on the 26 January, 2011. The character of the student fashion designer made her way to 2 nominations for the eligible Australian Logie Awards.
Margot Robbie is «Rangers» fanMargot Robbie is «Rangers» fan
In 2011, Robbie was off to take a crack at Hollywood. Still, nobody welcomed the Australian with arms wide open. A new stage of multiple castings followed. The woman tested for a role of Abby Sampson in the TV-series «Charlie’s Angles». However, the film director preferred Rachel Taylor for this role.
Margot Robbie screen test «On the Waterfront»
Nevertheless, the Sony Pictures Television top brass didn’t ignore the application of the gorgeous blonde. She was invited for one of the leading roles in a new «Pan Am» project, Christina Ricci and Kelli Garner featuring. The TV-show was cancelled right after the 1st season due to the low ranking. Still, a Stewardess Laura Cameron’s role served Robbie as a ticket to the big screen.
«Pan American»«Pan American»
In 2012, Richard Curtis invited Margot for a role in the «About Time» picture. A year after, the young Australian’s talent was noticed by Martin Scorsese. People all around Hollywood guessed who would be chosen by the well-known film director to play the character of the «hot blond» in his new work «The Wolf of Wall Street».
Margot Robbie as Naomi BelfortMargot Robbie as Naomi Belfort
Margot sent her portfolio to Martin with low expectations. Then, she left for another continent, Great Britain, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as she did with «Neighbors». The same evening the girl saw a message that she must be in New York another day at the audition with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.
«The Wolf of Wall Street»: best moments
When the Casting Director Ellen Lewis saw the actress coming to the casting in ripped jeans and flats, she immediately sent her to the store to buy the «the most sex appeal mini and shoes on the highest heels».
Margot Robbie's height: 5,6 ftMargot Robbie's height: 5,6 ft
Leo improvised at the audition, so Margot had to adapt. In one of the scenes after the latest family feuds, DiCaprio said: «You must be happy to have me as your husband. Now, come up and kiss me». Robbie wasn’t confused. She truly desired to kiss the man, who was the idol of her childish dreams, she came up and gave him a sonorous slap. This wasn’t planned by scenario. After that, Scorsese didn’t hesitate who would play Jordan Belfort’s wife.
«The Wolf of Wall Street», 2013«The Wolf of Wall Street», 2013
The young woman invited all her nearest and dearest to the Australian premiere show of «The Wolf of Wall Street», except for her dear grandparents. Margot was worried that they couldn’t handle erotic scenes their favorite granddaughter starring. The celebrity stepped on the red carpet with her mom.

After cooperating with Martin Scorsese, Margot’s name was on the marquee. Her face was smiling from the glamour magazine covers, «Esquire», for example. She climbed the top of the most sex appeal Hollywood star ranking.
Margot Robbie photosetMargot Robbie photoset
In 2014, the actress’ working coverage was expanded. She starred at the «Suite Française» co-produced by Britain, French, and Belgium companies. 2015 was full of events too. The three pictures featuring Robbie were released on the big screen. These were «Z for Zachariah», «The Big Short», and «Focus». The young star got the experience of shooting with Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, and Will Smith.
«Focus» filming«Focus» filming

Margot Robbie – The Private Life

The actress has never hidden her boyfriends. Margot’s first crush was Matthew Thompson, who became a CEO of Coastech Constructions Company in the Gold Coast, the star’s native town. They met in a primary school. In the interview to the local publications, a young man claimed that «it’s cool to be the first love of the Hollywood starlet!». Very often Robbie and Thompson go out when the star visits her native place.
First Margot Robbie boyfriendFirst Margot Robbie boyfriend
After she moved to Los-Angeles, the actress dated with a certain Mark, a college student. However, this love affair was too short since the Mass media fixed Robbie up with DiCaprio. The New York Post stated, that the Hollywood most eligible bachelor spent a night in the Margot’s apartment. Still, both «The Wolf of Wall Street» stars refused to comment.
Dicapri and Robbie chilling on yacht togetherDicapri and Robbie chilling on yacht together
Margot met Henry Aitken, an Art Director for the «Z for Zachariah». The couple had dated for several months. Still, after the picture over, the young people broke the relationships.
Magrot with her ex-boyfriend Henry AitkenMagrot with her ex-boyfriend Henry Aitken
The actress found her new sweetheart on the shooting of the «Suite Française». Tom Ackerley, the Third Assistant Director, became her new lover. Since 15 April, the press has posted some notes on Ackerley and Robbie engagement. In December, 2013, they got married in Australia, in the circle of relatives and best friends.
Margot Robbie and her husband Tom AckerleyMargot Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie Now

Margot keeps starring the Hollywood and Great Britain pictures. The fans were eager to watch her new pictures. This especially concerns the adventure, action «The Legend of Tarzan» with Alexander Skarsgårdand Samuel L. Jackson as Robbie’s partners. The same can be told about the «Suicide Squad», Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, the actress’ friend, and Will Smith featuring. The last is well known by the girl from the film «Focus».
Margot Robbie on «The Suicide Squat» premierMargot Robbie on «The Suicide Squat» premier
The actress is often seen at different pink tea parties. In February 2016, the press made much of Margot, who didn’t recognize Prince Harry at one of the London parties.
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