Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Name: Anya Taylor-Joy

Birth date: (26 y.o.)

Place of birth: Miami, Florida, USA

Height: 5'7 ft ()

Weight: 119 lb (54 kg.)


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Anya Taylor-Joy’s Biography

Anya Taylor-Joy is an American actress and model. She became widely known after the roles in the horror films "Morgan" and "The VVitch: A New-England Folktale" and also in the psychological thriller "Split". The "Queen Gambit" series bring her the world famous. Net worth: $3 million.
A model and actress Anya Taylor-Joy
A model and actress Anya Taylor-Joy


The future actress was born in Miami, Florida, on April 16, 1996, in the family of immigrants. Her mother is a native of England and a Spaniard by blood. Her father has Argentine and Scottish roots. Except for Anya, the couple had five children. Her childhood she spent partly in Argentina and partly in the UK.
The height of Anya Taylor-Joy is 5'7 ft tall
The height of Anya Taylor-Joy is 5'7 ft tall
As a child, Taylor-Joy loved dancing. Her parents sent her to the ballet school where she could make serious progress. But the frequent moves of families from one country to another was a serious obstacle.
Anya Taylor-Joy Interview
Anya was not being able to become a professional ballerina, but she managed to prove herself as a model. While learning in high school, she began to participate in various photoshoots and appeared on the covers of fashion magazines, calendars, and posters, advertising the production of world-famous brands.
Anya Taylor-Joy started her career as a model
Anya Taylor-Joy started her career as a model


In early 2014, Anya Taylor-Joy decided to try her hand in the acting field. The debut of the 18-year-old actress took place in the episode of the youth fiction picture «Vampire Academy». It should be noted that the role was so small that the actress was not even stated in the credits.
Anya Taylor-Joy has a fascinating alien look
Anya Taylor-Joy has a fascinating alien look
After this experience, Anna has played in a few television series. It was a detective «Endeavor», a popular action movie «Viking Quest», and also in the fantastic film «Gold Skin».

Anya Taylor-Joy became famous for her role as Thomasin in the Victorian horror movie «The Witch». In the story, the family of a pilgrim wants to get out in the wilderness, away from worldly temptations. Thomasina is the eldest child, and there are a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders, including the supervision of younger children. She notices that there are strange happenings in the district, but nobody believes the girl.
The Witch with Anya Taylor-Joy. Trailer
The horror picture wasn't typical there were no loud screams, no more monsters, a sudden appearing out of nowhere. The film frightened by immersion in the gloomy atmosphere of rural life and rural legends. Stephen King admitted that the film had goosebumps on the back too.
A frame from «The Witch»
A frame from «The Witch»
The actress became a real discovery of the Sundance Festival, which first presented «The Witch». After this success, the girl was noticed in Hollywood and was offered a key role in the horror-thriller «Morgan», but it never gained the popularity nor by the critics, nor by the audience, and miserably failed at the box office receiving scathing reviews, despite the involvement of the notorious Kate Mara and Rose Leslie.
Anya Taylor-Joy in the «Morgan» movie
Anya Taylor-Joy in the «Morgan» movie
According to, in 2016, the girl played a leading role (Charlotte Baumann) in the biographical film «Barry,» which talked about the College life of Barack Obama, the future President of the United States. It was released at the International Film Festival in Toronto.
Anya Taylor-Joy in «Barry»
Anya Taylor-Joy in «Barry»
In 2017, Anya Taylor-Joy has been nominated for a BAFTA in the category the Best Rising Star and got the prize of the London Circle of Film Critics in the category the Young British/Irish Artist of the Year, but in both cases, she failed to receive awards.

In 2017 she appeared in the psychological thriller «Split», where her partners on the set were the famous British actor James McAvoy and young Haley Lu Richardson.
Anya Taylor-Joy: Split Interview
The plot reminded «The Minds of Billy Milligan» and «The Collector» at the same time: a young man in whose brain two dozen of diametrically different personalities live kidnaps three girls.
At the premiere of «Split»
At the premiere of «Split»
It should be remembered that Anya Taylor-Joy is still very young and has not yet decided what career she will choose – model or actress. However, she is starring in films and it pleases her, and she plans to continue to play in the movie.
In 2017, there were released two more films with her starring: the drama «Thoroughbreds» (one of the last films with the participation of the deceased Anton Yelchin) and the thriller «Marrow Bones». It is also known that Anna agreed to shoot in the British melodrama «The Sea Change».

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Personal Life

Anya Taylor-Joy is engaged with actor Eoin Macken (born in 1983). You may know him as Gavin Cluxton from "Fair City". Despite 13 years old age difference, the couple seems to be happy together.
Anya Taylor-Joy and Eoin Macken
Anya Taylor-Joy and Eoin Macken
In an interview, the girl admitted that she loves coffee and truffles, and every day begins with a dance due to her ballet past.
The extravagant Anya Taylor-Joy
The extravagant Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy Now

In 2019 the actress appeared in the sequel of 'Split' – 'Glass' action film, where the story of people with superpower was ended finally. In February 2020, the historic comedy 'Emma' starring Anya came to a screen. It's about Emma Woodhouse, a wealthy and independent young woman, who tries to fix her orphan companion's (Mia Goth) personal life.
Anya Taylor-Joy in 'Glass'
Anya Taylor-Joy in 'Glass'
2020 became a landmark year in Taylor-Joy's career - with the participation of the premiere of the series The Queen's Gambit, in which she performed the main role. The plot tells the story of a genius chess player from a Catholic orphanage who grew up and began to conquer new heights. The series received rave reviews from critics and became one of the most-watched of the season.
  • This fact that Anya Taylor-Joy was doing ballet explained her commitment. I guess, if she want she can achieve a lot in cinematography.
    2021-05-14 10:31:55
  • I think that Anya Taylor-Joy could go all out more but probably this fact that the girl still don`t know yet if she will be an actress or a model.
    2021-04-15 22:01:16
  • Probably the movie `Split` will stay my favorite with Anya Taylor-Joy. At least for now I didn`t find something better.
    2021-04-14 17:12:47
  • Anya Taylor-Joy has a cosmic appearance. She is like from not our time because many other actresses are not natural and all of them they look so alike to each others.
    2021-03-28 16:21:07
  • I like how Anya Taylor-Joy played in `The VVitch: A New-England Folktale`. She couched the vibe of the movie and she add some mystery and inscrutability with her nontrivial appearance.
    2021-02-19 21:17:39
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