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Name: Christian Bale

Birth date: 30 of January 1974 (45 y.o.)

Place of birth: Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Height: 183 cm Weight: 90 kg

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Tiger

Occupation: actor, producer

Photo: Christian Bale

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Biography of Christian Bale

Christian Bale is a famous Hollywood actor, an award winner of the Oscar and the Golden Globe Award (2010). Bale is a method actor who isn't afraid to take risks on the set and portray ambiguous characters.
In the Picture: Christian BaleIn the Picture: Christian Bale
His best characters are brutal men who go through tough times. He participates in projects of independent producers and big-budget blockbusters alike. The gross audience knows Christian for his roles of Batman in the Christopher Nolan's trilogy «The Dark Knight» and John Connor in Terminator.


By origin, Christian (a full name is Christian Charles Philip Bale) calls himself an Englishman, yet he was born in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Because of his father's profession who was a commercial pilot, Bale's family moved around a lot. Eventually, they settled down in the USA, in California. Christian is the youngest child in the family, and he has three sisters.
Christian Bale in ChildhoodChristian Bale in Childhood
For the first 15 years of his life, Christian changed 15 cities and used to live out of a suitcase. By Bale's confession, it didn't become a traumatic experience for him. In fact, frequent relocations helped him to stay passionate about changes and bright impressions. That was what he found in acting later.
Christian Bale with His Parents and SistersChristian Bale with His Parents and Sisters
Almost all Christian's relatives in some way or another were involved in the art profession. His mother was a circus artist, and his grandfather was a children's comic artist. By the way, one of Bale's sisters eventually became an actress and a producer, and another one became a musician.

Acting Career

First boy's acting roles were a small shooting in Lenor commercial, and in a cereal commercial in 1983. One year later, he was invited to play in «The Nord» where a 10-year-old boy played in one scene with Rowan Atkinson. In 1986, Chris was invited to play in the film «Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.»
Christian Bale in His YouthChristian Bale in His Youth
One year later, Christian made his debut in the feature film. He played in the Soviet-Scandinavian film «Mio, My Mio» based on the children's story by Astrid Lindgren.
Christian Bale in the Fantasy «Mio, My Mio» (1987)
At that time, Bale has already drawn Steven Spielberg's attention and drawn his winning ticket, and in 1987, he played the main part in the historical war drama «Empire of the Sun.» Christian was the one who drew Spielberg's attention among the other 4000 candidates for his maturity and lack of fear of being condemned by the audience. His character, a boy from a family of a diplomat who was captured after the occupation of Shanghai, attracted for his «reality» and development of character.
Steven Spielberg and Christian Bale on the Set of the Film «Empire of the Sun»Steven Spielberg and Christian Bale on the Set of the Film «Empire of the Sun»
A shrilly and living picture about destinies of ordinary people during the World War II touched hearts of the thoughtful audience, and the 13-year old Christian bore the burden of such huge fame that he has almost quit the films. For the role of Jim, the young actor deservedly received the «Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor» award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.
Christian Bale in the Role of Jim Hawkins («Treasure Island»)Christian Bale in the Role of Jim Hawkins («Treasure Island»)
After a short rest from fame, Chris returned to screens in the screen version «Henry V» by Kenneth Branagh in 1989 and played Jim Hawkins in the film «Treasure Island.»
A Shot From the Musical Film «Newsies»A Shot From the Musical Film «Newsies»
In 1992, a new chapter in his acting began. Christian was entrusted to play «adult» roles. He played his first such role in the musical film «Newsies» that went badly but brought Bale recognition among film-makers.
Christian Bale in the Drama «Swing Kids»Christian Bale in the Drama «Swing Kids»
His dancing and dramatic talent alike, Christian Bale showed in the drama «Swing Kids» of 1993 where together with Robert Sean Leonard he played a German boy captivated by swing prohibited in Nazi Germany.
Christian Bale. Practices and Transformations for Films
In the following year, there was a small but rememberable part in the family film «Little Women» where he played the love of Winona Ryder's character. He was never afraid to try himself in different genres and roles. In the 90s, he played in the comedy «Metroland,» screen version of Henry James «The Portrait of a Lady» with Nicole Kidman and Shakespeare's comedy «A Midsummer Night's Dream.» His role in the musical drama by Todd Haynes about glam rock of the 70s «Velvet Goldmine» where Bale appeared in an unexpected for him role of a journalist attracted to another man is especially worth mentioning.

«American Psycho»

Even before entering the new millennium, Christian surprised admirers and reviewers with another unexpected role by acting in the philosophical drama «American Psycho.» A producer Mary Harron saw Patrick Bateman in the actor, a psychopathic character from the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. It's almost worthless to talk about this film you should watch it. Of course, if you are ready to see a cruel murder of Jared Leto and Bale's chases of innocent victims with a gasoline-powered saw.
Christian Bale in the Film «American Psycho» (Trailer)
Chris worked hard for this role: he replaced four foreteeth, get rid of English smile and shaped up his body. After the release of the provocative film, Christian became one of the most in-demand actors.
Christian Bale in the Picture «Equilibrium»Christian Bale in the Picture «Equilibrium»
The 2000s started for Christian with the melodrama «Captain Corelli's Mandolin» with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz. His acting in the anti-utopia «Equilibrium» (2002) which is still one of the most favorite pictures of the actor among his admirers is worth mentioning.

«The Machinist»

In 2004, Christian hurled himself into work on the film «The Machinist» by Brad Anderson. The actor got a role of Trent Reznor, a miserable man who for reasons not understood for himself had insomnia during the whole year and started to confuse dreams with reality. While working on this role, Chris lost so much weight that was a feeling like he himself was on the brink. The actor lost 66 pounds.
Christian Bale in the Film «The Machinist»Christian Bale in the Film «The Machinist»

«Batman Begins»

In 2005, the project «Batman Begins» told the audience prehistory of adventure of the hero from Gotham City, Bruce Wayne. The role of Batman in the first part of the dark trilogy by Christopher Nolan became Christian Bale's pass to the world of big budget films. He received 9 million US dollars for this role.
Christian Bale in the Action Film «Batman Begins»Christian Bale in the Action Film «Batman Begins»

Peak of a Career

However, after such commercial success, Christian didn't dissipate his talent on one-day projects, and carefully studied proposed scenarios as before. A producer's name, the one who was at the top of a film, always headed his list. That's why, in the following years, he had a chance to work with Terrence Malick («The New World») and James Mangold («The Prestige»), and with Christopher Nolan again («Dark Knight»).
Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan on the Set of the Film «Dark Knight»Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan on the Set of the Film «Dark Knight»
Three years later, after transformation into the batman, Christian dressed up the Batman's costume for the film «Dark Knight» where his savior of Gotham City faced the charismatic king of chaos Joker in the fight (the legendary role of Heath Ledger). In 2009, the actor accepted a proposition to play in the follow-up story about John Connor in the action film «Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins» that disappointed him later. Another role he played that year in the gangster saga «Public Enemies» where he played a policeman chasing John Dillinger himself (Johnny Depp) was more successful.
Christian Bale in the Gangster Saga «Public Enemies»Christian Bale in the Gangster Saga «Public Enemies»
2010 has brought the talented and versatile actor the Oscar for the role in the sports drama «The Fighter» where he played a former drug-addicted boxer. Since that time, his collaboration with a realist producer David Owen Russell has started in whose film «American Hustle» (2014) he acted later. In recent years, the actor acted only in successful and high-quality pictures, such as «The Big Short» (2015) about the economic crisis of 2008 where he worked with Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.
Christian Bale Received the Oscar for the Role of a Former Drug-Addicted BoxerChristian Bale Received the Oscar for the Role of a Former Drug-Addicted Boxer

Private Life of Christian Bale

Christian is one of few actors who puts his family before all else and doesn't like to make a show of his private life. Bale says that he doesn't want to know anything about the private life of other actors and, in turn, doesn't what everybody to know more about him.
Christian Bale and Sibi BlazicChristian Bale and Sibi Blazic
In January 2000, Bale married an independent producer of full-length films and a former model Sibi Blazic. Winona Ryder whose agent was Sibi during some time introduced them. Newlyweds lived in Edinburgh at first, and in 2002, they moved to their private house in Los Angeles. In 2005, they had their daughter Emmaline, and in 2014, their son Joseph was born.
Christian Bale with His SonChristian Bale with His Son

Christian Bale Now

In 2017, the drama about events in the Wild West «Hostiles» was released where Bale played a harsh captain Blocker.
Christian Bale in the Film «Hostiles» (Trailer)
At this moment, the actor works on voice recording of the cartoon «Mowgli» (he voice records the character of Bagheera), works on the biopic about the Vice President of the USA Dick Cheney «Backseat» and drama «The Deep Blue Good-By» by James Mangold where Peter Dinklage also acts.
Christian Bale in the Picture «Backseat»Christian Bale in the Picture «Backseat»
Also in 2018, Christian played the lead role of American politician Dick Cheney in the film Vice. For this work, Bale won an Oscar nomination. In addition in the picture played Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell.
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