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Name: Evan Rachel Wood

Birth date: 7 of September 1987 (31 y.o.)

Place of birth: Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.

Height: 168 cm Weight: 54 kg

Birth Sign: Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

Occupation: actress

Photo: Evan Rachel Wood

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Evan Rachel Wood Biography

Evan Rachel Wood is a popular American actress who launched a career being just a child, but still surprising film directors and audience by diverse and hardwired film roles and her musical talent.
Actress Evan Rachel WoodActress Evan Rachel Wood
Viewers remember and love Evan as a title character of a smash film series by HBO’s Westworld, and also for her part in a sports drama The Wrestler by Darren Aronofsky, and role of Sophie, the queen of vampires, in the television series True Blood.

Childhood and first film roles

Being born in the actors’ family of Jewish and French origin, Evan Wood actually was growing up in the Theatre in the Park run by her father Ira David Wood III. She took part in her father’s stage performances in the early childhood many times. For instance, she made her first entrance upon the stage when she was younger than just one year old. Although Rachel doesn’t remember this, but she knows from her family stories that her first performance was A Christmas Carol by Dickens, where she played Ghost of Christmas Past.

At the age of 7 Rachel got her first film role acting as little Susie in a drama Bitter Blood. Her filmography was quickly increasing due to new performances, and by the time she was 10, it included 10 films and series.
Evan Rachel Wood childhood photosEvan Rachel Wood childhood photos
When little Rachel was 9, her parents divorced and she with her mother Sara Lynn Moore (an actress and acting teacher by the way) and her younger sister Aden moved to Los Angeles. Her brothers (Rachel has three brothers: Ira – the youngest, Dana, and Thomas) stayed with their father and Rachel often visited them later. The girl always returned to her much loved theatre stage during these visits.
Evan Rachel Wood with her father and brother IraEvan Rachel Wood with her father and brother Ira
She also didn’t miss the opportunities opened up in the Hollywood. Evan didn’t like school and the things with her classmates didn’t click, but she was welcomed with open arms at the movie sets. Because of hot schedule she was shifted to home schooling, that’s’ why the girl finished studies without attending lessons at the age of 15. Apart from the cinema world, young Evan Rachel Wood has one more hobby – martial arts. It’s hard to believe, but this girl, delicate by the look, has taekwondo Black Belt.
Evan Rachel Wood in youthEvan Rachel Wood in youth

Actor’s career. Best roles

Wood had her first experience of cooperation with A-list celebrities in the film Practical Magic, where 11-year old Evan was acting on the same set with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.
Little Evan Rachel Wood in Practical MagicLittle Evan Rachel Wood in Practical Magic
The first break-out role expected her in 2003. This was a low budget drama by Catherine Hardwicke named Thirteen, where Evan Rachel Wood played a 13-year old exemplary pupil and daughter of Tracy, whose life went wrong after the acquaintance with a school star Evie (Nikki Reed), an unchaste and freaky agemate. The film about problems of moving into adulthood, friendship, and family relations was highly appreciated at the independent film festival Sundance, and Evan even was nominated for Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress.
Evan Rachel Wood in the film ThirteenEvan Rachel Wood in the film Thirteen
After that she started to jokingly call her tongue “main celebrity” , because after the first night many people asked her if she really made piercing. In spite that on the film poster Evan is demonstrating her pierced tongue, she wore a special tongue clip during film shoots, while Nikki Reed wore a real earring.
That posterThat poster
In 2004 Wood happened to play with Edward Norton in a much talked about romance Down in the Valley, and in 2005 Evan got the main role of a school wrongdoer in a black comedy Pretty Persuasion. The year of 2007 also brought joy due to unusual roles, as Rachel Wood played a role of a schizoid’s (Michael Douglas) daughter in a comedy King of California.
Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci commercial
At the same year the girl demonstrated her musical talent in Julie Taymor’s film Across the Universe, devoted to the hippies’ era and especially to the events of the 1968 in America. Film actors played heroes of The Beatles’ famous songs that came to life again, and also rendered their songs that had been successfully implicated into a story.

For example Evan and British actor Jim Sturgess played the roles of the heroes of The Beatles’ different songs Lucy and Jude. Their love story evolved on the historical and cultural scene of the 60’s. The film is shot through with fascinating allusions, for example in one cinema shot Jim and Evan remade a famous photo of Yoko Ono and John Lennon from Rolling Stones cover to a hair’s breadth.
Across the Universe: Evan Rachel Wood and Jim SturgessAcross the Universe: Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess
The role of Stephany, a daughter of a great back in the day wrestler Randy Robinson from a biographical picture The Wrestler (2008) with Mickey Rourke in the lead also became memorable in the actress’ filmography.

The same year Evan Rachel Wood got an invitation to take part in the shoots of True Blood series’ second season with Ann Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard in the lead. It is a film series about vampires blended among common people when scientists invented blood alternative that had been popular during all seasons.

Aristocratically pale Evan was just made for a role of Gothic vampire queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq. During series realization the actress had chained her heart to her character and later she many times said that would play a strong, self-confident woman again.
True Blood: Evan Rachel Wood as a vampire queenTrue Blood: Evan Rachel Wood as a vampire queen
After the lead in Woody Allen’s Whatever Works (2009) it is worth to note an actor tandem of Evan with Kate Winslet in a Todd Haynes’ five-series film Mildred Pierce (2011). Working as a world star blown Evan's mind so that after the shoots she claimed herself to be bisexual and complained of impossibility to marry Kate, who by the way played a role of her mother, a housewife, deciding to start with a clean sheet.
Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet played together in a miniseries Mildred PierceEvan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet played together in a miniseries Mildred Pierce
Wood’s performance in a George Clooney’s political thriller The Ides of March was also positively apprehended. Her character Molly, a sister-in-arms of a Democrats’ presidential nominee (Ryan Gosling), became one of the key figures in a scandal, rapidly evolving at a time of election campaign.

In 2016 Evan Rachel Wood appeared in the lead of HBO channel new large-scale project Westworld. She transformed into an android named Dolores, who can hardly be differed from a common girl. Every her day is like a previous one, because she is a worker of a theme entertainment park, whose memory is being deleted every night until once the program fails.
Evan Rachel Wood had to undress during Westworld shootingEvan Rachel Wood had to undress during Westworld shooting
The series was declared to be HBO’s new “trump” changing Game of Thrones. For Evan the project participation became not only a great deal, but also a way to get world popularity, because even the first part was viewed by a 2 million audience. To top it all, the actress’ work was valued by critics as well, nominations for Golden Globe and Emmy are a proof.
In 2016 Evan Rachel Wood made a cute haircutIn 2016 Evan Rachel Wood made a cute haircut
In September of 2017 Evan Rachel Wood could be seen in a romance Allure together with Julia Sarah Stone.

Evan Rachel Wood’s private life

The actress’ youth was quite wild. A 17-year old Evan met with Edward Norton at the shoots of Down in the Valley and soon the tabloids discussed the details of the passionate affair between actors not stopped by a solid age gap.
Edward Norton and Rachel Wood were dating in real lifeEdward Norton and Rachel Wood were dating in real life
Evan Rachel also had relationships with an outrageous artist Marilyn Manson – they were dating for a long time, separated, and even were betrothed. Although their engagement was dissolved, as Rachel put it, the time spent with a rock singer was the brightest and wildest period of her life.

She adored his provocative image, felt very comfortable next to him, and took as a compliment if someone called her as cranky as Manson. By the way at that time Wood really changed: being a natural blonde, she colored her hair into dark and started to appear in public in Gothic looks. Many even found the influence of Manson’s ex-wife, a dancer Dita von Teese, image in this.
Evan Rachel Wood and Marylin Manson were betrothedEvan Rachel Wood and Marylin Manson were betrothed
Besides, participation in the Manson’s music video Heart for a song Shaped Glasses let Evan Rachel Wood become the highest paid actress in this genre.
Evan Rachel Wood in Marilyn Manson’s music video
In 2011 Wood impressed Esquire readers by a showdown in bisexuality. And the next year she married cinema actor Jamie Bell. In 2013 their son was born, but less than in a year the couple divorced.
Evan Rachel Wood married Jamie BellEvan Rachel Wood married Jamie Bell
When Wood became free, she constantly gave the tabloids rise to ascribe another boy- or girlfriend to her. She was seen with Michael Grant, spent time with Kate Moennig, and her photo in the company with Young Rising Sons lead singer Andy Tongren was found in the Net.

Evan Wood frequently appears within photo and video camera reach so as the journalists lost count of the actress’ tattoos. Two marks out of six that the journalists got to know of, remind of her former love affairs with Manson and Jamie Bell.
One of Evan Rachel Wood’s many tattoosOne of Evan Rachel Wood’s many tattoos
The star’s favorite actor is Edward Norton, and the most attractive man on Earth in her mind is Bono from U2. Wood calls Сate Blanchett her favorite actress. As for friends, one of the best ones is her Thirteen film partner Nikki Reed now famous due to the role of Rosalie Hale from Twilight.
Cate Blanchett and Evan Rachel WoodCate Blanchett and Evan Rachel Wood
Today Evan Rachel Wood is not only an actress, but a singer too. In the interviews she often complains that everywhere she comes, she can’t find good music. Also she is disappointed by the fact that many people watch bad movies bringing up bad taste. What is more, the actress confessed that she hates shopping and chooses clothes with difficulties looking on those who has inborn sense of style with envy.

Evan Rachel Wood now

In 2018 except for work in the second season of Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood also acted in the drama Viena and the Fantomes together with Dakota Fanning and Zoe Kravitz. The actress’ schedule is hot and she has several projects in hand.
Evan Rachel Wood at the Golden Globe 2018 ceremonyEvan Rachel Wood at the Golden Globe 2018 ceremony
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