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Margaret Qualley

Name: Margaret Qualley

Real name: Sarah Margaret Qualley

Birth date: 23 of October 1994 (25 y.o.)

Place of birth: Kalispell, Montana, U.S.

Height: 5'8 ft

Weight: 123 lb

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Career: Models and Fashion Designers 26th,
Actors 398th


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Margaret Qualley biography

Margaret Qualley is a rising Hollywood star who has made herself known as Jill Garvey in The Leftovers, a science fiction series on the HBO channel. She played one of the leading female roles in Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In addition to acting career in cinema, Qualley is engaged as a model in the modeling business; she starred in the commercials of the brands such as Ralph Lauren, Valentino, and Kenzo. She was nominated for Emmy Television Award.
Actress Margaret Qualley
Actress Margaret Qualley

Childhood and youth: Montana - New York - Los Angeles

When the popular Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell was pregnant with her third child, she had a feeling that a girl would be born. In the fall of 1994, it turned out that she was right. The charming baby was named Sarah Margaret.
Margaret Qualley in childhood and now
Margaret Qualley in childhood and now
The little girl spent her early years on her father’s huge ranch in Missoula (by the way, without a TV). The first-born of the actress, Justin (born in 1986) and the eldest daughter Rainey (born in 1989), began to watch over their sister in every possible way, especially after their father, musician and mannequin Paul Qualley, had left the family and moved from Montana, where they lived at that time, to Panama. It was much more difficult for the elders to endure the divorce of their parents than for the five-year-old Margaret.
Margaret Qualley with parents and elder sister
Margaret Qualley with parents and elder sister
Paul tried to regularly communicate with all his children, helped them financially, and gave gifts, which does him honor. When the grown-up Maggie asked for money to study at the North Carolina School of the Arts, he also did not refuse, although at that time the girl was only fourteen years old.

Modeling business

A year later, the flexible and elegant Margaret began to take choreography courses at American Academy. According to Margaret, she loved dancing “on a spiritual level,” but it included an exhausting work, strict discipline, diet, and the prospect of a short ballet career. Therefore, having got an eating disorder by the age of 16 (which she later managed to overcome), she decided not to accept the proposal to join the troupe of the North Carolina Dance Theater, but to stay in the Big Apple City and work as a model.

The girl had excellent appearance, having inherited “sincere” (according to journalists) eyes from her father and a “radiant” complexion from her mother, which, in conjunction with full lips and a nice gap between her front teeth, gave her a unique charm.
Margaret began her career as a model at the age of 15
Margaret began her career as a model at the age of 15
While the elder sister was building a career as an actress and singer under the pseudonym Rainsford, and her brother plunged headlong into the real estate, the sixteen-year-old youngest one began to master modeling business. New York Fashion Week held for Alberta Ferretti, and afterwards Paris Fashion Week for Valentino and Chanel took place with her participation. In addition, the girl participated in the filming for Vogue, Allure, and Interview and advertised well-known brands. In many things, mother, who knew the modeling business firsthand, gently helped her daughters.

Spike Jonze’s promotional video for the Kenzo line, where Margaret took part, was very popular on the Internet. According to the plot, the girl performed by Margaret was tired of sitting and pretending that she was interested in listening to the official speech at a dinner party. She went to the entrance hall and started to dance crazily and ghastly to the track “Mutant Brain” by Ape Drums & Sam Spiegel (ft. Assassin), being affected, demonstrating motor convulsions, jumping, shooting with lasers and tipping out the accumulated irritation.
Margaret Qualley in Kenzo commercial
The model also collaborated with Tory Burch, starring in the video L’Américaine, where she portrayed a romantic American girl in the French capital, as well as with Karl Lagerfeld, after whose death she dedicated him some lines on her Instagram.
Margaret Qualley in L’Americane commercial
Nevertheless, Qualley felt that the catwalk was not all she wanted from life. After consulting with her beloved sister, who she tried to imitate in everything in childhood, Margaret decided that she was quite ripe for a film career. She began to act according to a previously drawn up plan.

She graduated from acting classes at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, received a specialized degree at New York University. She overcame some self-doubt when she first appeared on the set in Gia Coppola’s drama Palo Alto and embodied the character of Raquel.

Film career

After the successful debut, the aspiring actress received an offer to play Jill Garvey in The Leftovers, a science fiction series on the HBO channel. The film was popular; viewers were looking forward to the next series. Qualley was noticed. Her agent began to receive offers about filming in other projects.
Margaret Qualley in The Leftovers series
Margaret Qualley in The Leftovers series
The talented and vigorous Margaret effectively performed Amelia Kuttner in Shane Black’s The Nice Guys. Shooting in this comedy action movie was unforgettable for the young actress thanks to participation of such stars as Kim Basinger, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. She starred simultaneously in the lead role in the short romance movie Dream Girl, which she also coped brilliantly.
The Nice Guys: Margaret Qualley and Russell Crowe
The Nice Guys: Margaret Qualley and Russell Crowe
The character of Sister Kathleen in Maggie Betts’ drama Novitiate was much more complicated for the actress. Qualley lived with her on-screen character almost every episode. The viewers appreciated her efforts. The actress starred simultaneously in the detective romance film directed by Shawn Christensen The Vanishing of Sidney Hall (Alexandra) and in the horror film Death Note by Adam Wingard (Mia Sutton).
Shot from the film Novitiate
Shot from the film Novitiate

Margaret Qualley personal life

Margaret is so absorbed in work that blames her late development for the lack of personal life and in this regard, the unwillingness to start a serious relationship. The more so, that she already made one attempt, dating for several years Nat Wolff, an actor and musician who starred with her in Death Note.
Margaret Qualley and Nat Wolff
Margaret Qualley and Nat Wolff
Qualley lives with her sister Rainey in Los Angeles and to the biting questions of the journalists whether she is a lesbian, she simply answers that she is not a lesbian and that simply for a given period of time, work is a priority for her. And in rare hours of leisure, she prefers dancing to meeting young people and starting relationships. The girl is a pacifist, feminist and vegetarian.

Margaret Qualley now

The year 2018 brought Qualley work with Tim Sutton in his drama Donnibrook, but the most fruitful for the roles was 2019, as well as the most memorable, since participation in the cult film by Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a dream that came true for the girl. When she was approved for the role of a hippie girl nicknamed Pussycat, she admitted that the rehearsal with Brad Pitt seemed to her something unreal.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Margaret Qualley and Brad Pitt
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Margaret Qualley and Brad Pitt
In addition, the actress starred in Jonathan Helpert’s science fiction film IO in tandem with Anthony Mackie and also in Rashid Johnson’s drama Native Son along with Ashton Sanders. She appeared in Rhys Ernst’s comedy Adam, played as Melissa in the Canadian thriller Strange but True directed by Rowan Athale, together with Kristen Stewart finished work in the joint US-British project Seberg directed by Benedict Andrews.
Margaret Qualley worked on the computer game Death Stranding
Margaret Qualley worked on the computer game Death Stranding
In the same year, Margaret was first nominated for Emmy Award (which traditionally takes place in September) for best supporting role in the biographical musical drama Fosse/Verdon. This is a story about a legendary choreographer and dancer who turned the world of Broadway upside down. Though the role is not major, it is significant for the actress, because, as she admitted, she worked on the set with some of her favorite actors in the world: Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams.
Shot from the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Shot from the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
The embodiment of Ann Reinking’s character, who had long been Qualley’s idol, became not just a work for her, but a matter of honor. It will be just fair if the reward goes to Margaret. Mom and dad, brother and sister, as well as numerous fans touchingly congratulated the actress on her first serious success.
Andy MacDowell shared warm words on Instagram, noting that she was proud of her daughter; her father emphasized that this was only the beginning and his youngest would still surprise the world. So far, having learned that she is among the nominees for Emmy, the girl posted on her Instagram a photo of a retro car with a short inscription “Once ...”.

Fans of the rising Hollywood star could also see her on June 22 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where the premiere of the noir thriller Strange but True with her participation took place, in which she performed the leading role as Melissa. The release of the film is scheduled for September.

On August 30, at the Venice Film Festival there was a presentation of the political thriller Seberg with the participation of Qualley. This time her colleagues on the set were Kristen Stewart, who received the lead role of the legendary actress Jean Seberg, Jack O’Connell, Anthony Mackie, Zazie Beetz, Colm Miney.
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