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Russell Crowe

Name: Russell Crowe

Birth date: 7 of April 1964 (55 y.o.)

Place of birth: Wellington, New Zealand

Height: 180 cm Weight: 78 kg

Birth Sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

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The Biography of Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe – is an actor and film producer from New Zealand. An Oscar Laureate for Best Male Role in the film «Gladiator», which has skyrocketed his acting career. Without any acting education, Russell has become one of the most wanted actors in the Australian and American film industry.
In the picture: Russell CroweIn the picture: Russell Crowe

Early life

Russell was born in New Zealand in 1964 in the family of Alexander and Jocelyn Crowe. The parents of the boy worked in the field of show-business, moreover his maternal grandfather, Stan Wemyss, worked as a cinematographer during the Second World War.
Young Russell CroweYoung Russell Crowe
When Russell was 4 years old, his family moved to Sydney, where the boy constantly attended at the filming of television programs. Crowe from his early years was never afraid of the camera; on the contrary, television and photography aroused interest in him. When Russell turned 5, he starred in one of the episodes of the Australian TV-series «Spyforce», the producer of which was the godfather of his mother.
Since childhood, Russel Crowe was interested in music and film shootingsSince childhood, Russel Crowe was interested in music and film shootings
At the age of 14, Russell Crowe together with his family returned to New Zealand in the suburbs of Auckland. There was not enough money in the family, and the boy had to drop out of to help his parents by working in a family restaurant «Flying Jug».

Music Career

In the 80s Russell organized the band «Russ Le Roc», whose name later became his pseudonym. Later, Crowe creates a rock band «Roman Antix», recording solo songs in parallel. Years later Russell spoke of his early work with skepticism and often joke, that his hits «quickly took the last places in the charts».
 In the biography of Russell Crowe there is also a musical career In the biography of Russell Crowe there is also a musical career
In the year 1991 a new group was organized «30 Odd Foot Of Grunts», in which switched almost all of the members of the group «Roman Antix». The band recorded songs and gave small concerts until it broke off in 2005.

Acting career

In 1985 Russell moved to Australia, to enter the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, but quickly changed his mind. Later, in one interview, he said, his friends recommended him not to waste his time.
Young Russell CroweYoung Russell Crowe
A year after, Crowe has passed the casting in the theater and, to his surprise, has received a part of a transvestite in the musical «The Rocky Horror Show». Up to the year 1988 Russell played in 415 shows, simultaneously visiting movie castings. At this period he managed to work in the TV series «Neighbors» and in the film «Prisoners of the Sun».
Russell Crowe in the film «Proof»Russell Crowe in the film «Proof»
However, the actor received his first major role only at the age of 25, when George Ogilvie has chosen him for the movie «Crossroads». In 1991, Russell Crowe won the first award for the best supporting role in the film «Proof» from the Australian Institute of Cinematography.
Russell Crowe in the film «Romper Stomper»Russell Crowe in the film «Romper Stomper»
The real fame came to Crowe after the skinhead role in «Romper Stomper» (1992); becoming one of the highest-grossing projects of the year in Australia. It is noteworthy that among the first works of Crowe was also the role of the neo-Nazi in the film «Skins».
Sharon Stone and Russell Crowe вin the film «The Quick and the Dead»Sharon Stone and Russell Crowe вin the film «The Quick and the Dead»
Thanks to his talented and expressive manner of play, he drew the attention of Sharon Stone, who invited him to participate in the film «The Quick and the Dead», where she was a producer. At that moment Russell was taking part in an Australian project «The Sum of Us», so for him the shooting was postponed for a short time. Despite the fact that the film was not appealed by the public, after that, Crowe was invited to work for Hollywood producers.
Russell Crowe in the film «Virtuosity»Russell Crowe in the film «Virtuosity»
In 1995 Crowe played in the film «Virtuosity», together with Denzel Washington. The soundtrack of the movie included some of the songs of the Russell's group «Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts». The same year he worked with Bridget Fonda on «No Way Back».
Russel Crowe in the film «L.A Confidential»Russel Crowe in the film «L.A Confidential»
In 1997, Curtis Hanson invited Russell for the shootings of «L.A Confidential», for which he played one of the main roles – officer Wendell 'Bud' White. The film was nominated for the «Oscar» in 9 categories and was awarded two gold statuettes, but Crowe was not awarded.
Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in the film «The Insider»Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in the film «The Insider»
Two years later Russell put on 23 kilograms, to play together with Al Pacino in the film «The Insider». For this role of 50-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Wigand Crow won the National Board of Film Critics and the Los Angeles Society of Film Critics, and even was nominated for an Oscar, but the cherished statuette slipped away once again, this time to Kevin Spacey for the work in the film «American Beauty».
Russell Crowe in «Gladiator»
The year 2000 was a landmark for the actor - the long-awaited award in the nomination «best male role» American Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences. Russell received an «Oscar» for the role of Maximus in the film «Gladiator» directed by Ridley Scott. Crowe managed to create a strong and reliable male image, for which he lost twenty-five kilograms and achieved a relief body of the commander of the Roman Empire.
Russell Crowe being awarded an «Oscar» for the «best male role»
A year later, Russell Crowe starred in the film Ron Howard's «A Beautiful Mind», telling the story of the famous mathematician Princeton University John Forbes Nash Jr. Crowe's site colleagues became Edward Harris and Jennifer Connelly, and for his work Russell was awarded the Golden Globe Award as the best dramatic actor.
Russell Crowe in the movie «A Beautiful Mind»Russell Crowe in the movie «A Beautiful Mind»
In 2002, Russell Crowe first tried himself as a producer and directed the movie «Texas», in which he played.
Russell Crowe in the film «Robin Hood»Russell Crowe in the film «Robin Hood»
In the series of box-office films of the 21st century, where Russell participated, the Ridley Scott film «Robin Hood» of 2010. At the box office, the film collected more than $ 300 million, making Crowe one of the highest paid actors.
Russell Crowe with Jennifer Connelly in the film «Noah»Russell Crowe with Jennifer Connelly in the film «Noah»
In 2014, Russell Crowe worked again on the same set with Jennifer Connelly. Together with Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins where the actors starred in the epic film «Noah». The film was banned for display in Pakistan, Qatar, Malaysia and Indonesia, as it «contradicted the basic teachings of Islam».
Interview with Russell Crowe at Larry King Show
In 2016 Russell together with Ryan Gosling starred in the detective comedy «The Nice Guys», however the film did not arouse the interest of the viewers.

The personal life of Russell Crowe

In 2000, on the set of the film «Proof of Life», Crowe started a scandalous romance with the leading actress Meg Ryan, who for the sake of Russell left her husband Dennis Quaid, but the pair quickly fell apart.
Russell Crowe and Meg RyanRussell Crowe and Meg Ryan
Three years later on his birthday Russell Crowe got married to the actress and singer Daniel Spencer. They were familiar since 1990, when together they participated in the filming of the film «Crossroads». Russell and Daniel share two sons: Charles (2003) and Tenison Spencer-Crowe (2006).
Russel Crowe with his wife Daniel Spencer and their childrenRussel Crowe with his wife Daniel Spencer and their children
In 2012, because of the betrayal of her husband, Daniel filed for a divorce.

Russell Crowe now

In the film «The Mummy» (2017) Crowe worked on the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll. Russell`s colleagues were Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson. In 2018, it is planned to release the drama «Boy Erased» of the director and screenwriter Joel Edgerton with Crowe and Nicole Kidman in the main roles.
Russell Crowe is the «Rabbitohs» football team ownerRussell Crowe is the «Rabbitohs» football team owner
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