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Jodie Comer
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Jodie Comer
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Jodie Marie Comer
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(31 y.o.)
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5'8 ft ()
128 lb (58 kg)
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Jodie Comer biography

Jodie Comer is an actress, whose pretty appearance hides ambition and huge creative potential. The actress sparkled in much British television series, the audience fell in love with her touching and tender characters, but she gained world fame as a killer-sociopath in the project Killing Eve. Her net worth is about $3 million.
British actress Jodie Comer
British actress Jodie Comer


Jodie Marie Comer, the eldest daughter of entrepreneurs James and Donna, was born on March 11, 1993, in Liverpool. The future actress grew up with her brother Charlie, who is three years younger than her. She went to school and attended a dance studio.
Jodie Comer as a child with her family
Jodie Comer as a child with her family
In high school, the girl was noticed by a teacher of dramatic art and invited to take part in a competition for young actors, in which Jodie won the first place. As a prize, the young actress got a chance to play on the radio show Tin Man on the BBC.
Jodie Comer in her youth
Jodie Comer in her youth
The directors of the channel were amazed by the talent of the fourteen-year-old girl and advised her parents to hire an agent. From 2007 to 2011, Jodie played bit parts in the TV series Justice and Vera, as well as played in the Yorkshire Theatre during the season, improving her acting skills.

Early career

Popularity came to Jodie Comer in 2013, after the release of the first episodes of the teenage series My Mad Fat Diary, in which she played a beautiful and thin but very unhappy friend of the main character, suffering from excess weight. The series raised the problems of teenager self-identification and their relationship with parents, as well as the topic of drugs and early sex. The role of fatty Rae was performed by Sharon Rooney; Niko Mirallegro also appeared in the project.
Jodie Comer in the series My Mad Fat Diary
Jodie Comer in the series My Mad Fat Diary
In 2014, Jodie went through casting for one of the leading roles in the mystical detective drama of three episodes Remember Me and received the role of the nurse, Hannah, from a nursing home, in which the lead character appeared, who was performed by Michael Palin. The viewers liked the unusual plot and unpredictable climax, the observance of English traditions, as well as the play of the duo of experienced and celebrated actor Michael Palin and the young Judie.
Jodie Comer in the movie Remember Me
Jodie Comer in the movie Remember Me
Drama television series Thirteen, in which Jodie played as Ivy, who returned home after thirteen years of slavery, confirmed the subtle dramatic talent of the actress and her ability to empathize with her characters and fully get the feel of her part. The severe psychological drama of Ivy’s parents, whose marriage was destroyed by this tragedy, was performed by Stuart Graham and inimitable Natasha Little.
Jodie Comer in the series Thirteen
Jodie Comer in the series Thirteen
For the role of Ivy the actress was nominated for several prestigious film awards and was named the rising star of British cinema.

The best roles

In the 2015 film adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the actress co-starred with Holliday Grainger, James Norton, and Richard Madden, playing as Ivy Bolton. And although the film critics didn’t like the rather free interpretation of the famous novel, they all noted the coordinated play of the actors and Jodie’s ingenious work.

In 2016, the actress collaborated with Tim Roth in the serial project Rillington Place, where he played as one of the most disgusting British criminals, John Christie, who tortured and killed several women in the basement of his house. Jodie’s character is one of the most tragic in this story; she played the victim of the maniac, and the part of her husband, who was convicted and executed according to Christie’s slanderous testimonies in the early 50s, was played by Niko Mirallegro, who was well familiar to her.
Jodie Comer in the series Rillington Place
Jodie Comer in the series Rillington Place
According to, the historical project The White Princess, released in 2017, consolidated the success of the young actress. In the series, Jodie played as the heiress of White Rose, young Elizabeth of York, and looked very harmonious performing this role. The actress was not lost in the luxurious royal apparel and struck with the regal bearing and aristocratic subtlety of features. The partner of the actress was Jacob Collins-Levy, performing Henry VII.
Jodie Comer in the series White Princess
In 2017, an elegant film England is Mine was released, which tells about the history of The Smiths and the legendary Morrissey. The film became popular only among Britpop fans, who enthusiastically accepted the new interpretation of the youth of the rebel and mocker Morrissey, who proved that in the world there is something more than office workdays and salary. In this film, Jodie played the role of the girlfriend of a musician, whose part was performed by Jack Lowden.

Jodie Comer personal life

The actress, whose photos decorated all the glossy covers in 2018, does not like to be frank about her private life. It is known that Jodie lives in the parental home in Liverpool, has a passion for reading, and loves George Harrison's creation.
 Jodie Comer does not spread her personal life
Jodie Comer does not spread her personal life
The bangle with key chain in the form of a Buddhist symbol, presented to the actress by her brother Charlie, is Jodie’s talisman. The girl wears it for all auditions and believes that it brings good luck.

Jodie Comer now

Since 2018, Comer has been taking part in the filming of the detective series Killing Eve, in which she plays as sociopath killer Villanelle, who has a teenage girl’s doll appearance but can plunge a knife into anyone’s heart. Jodie’s partner in the TV series is Korean woman Sandra Oh, playing as a little strange detective Eve Polastri.
Jodie Comer in the TV series Killing Eve
The story, beginning as an ordinary thriller, gradually grows into a confrontation between two women who are obsessed with each other, and never for a minute releases the attention of the viewers. In Britain, the project was named the best TV show of 2018, and Jodie ‒ the best actress of the year. In addition, the series was nominated for several Emmy nominations.
In the screen adaptation of the novel Death on the Nile by the queen of detective stories, Jodie has received one of the leading roles, and the role of the famous Belgian will perform Kenneth Branagh. Armie Hammer and Israeli woman Gal Gadot participation is also announced. Work on the film has been going on since 2018. According to preliminary information, the premiere is expected in the autumn of 2020.

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