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Name: Steve Jobs

Real name: Steven Paul Jobs

Birth date: 24 of February 1955

Place of birth: San Francisco, California, U.S.

Death date: 5 of October 2011 (56 y.o.)

Cause of death: find outpancreas cancer

Place of bury: find outAlta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, California, U.S.

Height: 188 cm

Birth Sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Occupation: engineer, entrepreneur

Photo: Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs Biography

Steven Paul Jobs was an American inventor, businessman and one of the founders of Apple Corporation and Pixar studious. He forever established himself as a man pioneer and a visionary in a world of mobile gadgets.
Steve JobsSteve Jobs


Steve was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. His parents, Syrian Abdulfattah «John» Jandali and German Joanne Schieble met each other in University of Wisconsin. Joanne`s family was categorically against their relationship and threatened to disinherit her unless she gave up a child for adoption and she complied.
Steve Jobs with his adoptive fatherSteve Jobs with his adoptive father
Child was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs from Mountain View, California and was named Steven Paul Jobs. His foster mother worked in accountant firm and father was a Coast Guard veteran and machinist in laser systems manufacturing company.

Young Steve was a prankster and a hooligan in school but thanks to pedagogical heroics of his teacher, Missis Hill, he managed to turn things around and started demonstrating surprising results, like jumping from 4th grade straight to 6th into Crittenden Middle School. But, unfortunately, due to high crime rate around that area, Jobs` parents had to spend their last savings to move to safer area around Los Altos.
Steve was quite a hooligan in schoolSteve was quite a hooligan in school
When he was 13, Jobs cold-called Bill Hewlett, president of Hewlett Packard, to request some spare parts for an electronic device he was building. They`ve spent 20 minutes talking on the phone and Hewlett not only provided him with all necessary part but ask Steve to work at his company during summer break.
Steve Jobs and Steven WozniakSteve Jobs and Steven Wozniak
As a result, Steven left University of California, Berkeley for a Hewlett-Packard job, where he met a person who would change his entire life - Steven Wozniak.

Education and First Job

In 1972 Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon but had to drop out right after the first semester. College was too expensive for Steve`s family who were spending their all life savings for his higher education. Thanks to the college officials, talented student could for a year still attend to creative classes for free. During this time Steve met Daniel Kottke who quickly became his best friend along with Wozniak.
Young Steve JobsYoung Steve Jobs
In February, 1974 Steve Jobs returned to California where his friend and technical genius Steve Wozniak hooked him up with technician job at Atari, developer of video games such as Pong.

Since his time in the university Steven became interested in hippie culture and after half of a year he left Atari to travel to India. His journey wasn`t an easy one; Jobs had had dysentery and lost 15 kilos during his time in India. Later he and Kottke, who accompanied him in this journey, departed together looking for a guru and spiritual enlightenment. Only years later Steve admitted that he traveled to India in attempt to make peace with the fact that his biological parents had abandoned him.
Legendary Steve Jobs speech to Stanford graduates
In 1975 Jobs came back to Los Altos and once again got a job at Atari. His job was to minimize the amount of chips on a circuit board, with 100 dollar reward for every chip cut. He managed to convince Wozniak that this job can be done in 4 days while usually it would take months. Steve Jobs did completed the task and Wozniak paid him his share of the money Atari paid him. He claimed that he was paid 700 dollars so they split it in half, while in reality he received a sum of 5000 dollars. Having acquired such huge amount of money Steve immediately left the job.

Career of inventor

Steve was 20 years old when Wozniak show him his own produced computer and managed to convince his friend to manufacture computers for sale. They started with circuit boards and ultimately came to making computers.
Steve Wozniak convinced Steve Jobs to start producing computers for saleSteve Wozniak convinced Steve Jobs to start producing computers for sale
In 1976 they recruited technical draftsman Ronald Wayne and together they founded Apple Computer on April, 1. They funded their venture by Jobs selling his minibus and Wozniak selling his scientific calculator, assembling a sum of 1300 dollars together.
First Steve Jobs` computer was marketed 666.66 dollarsFirst Steve Jobs` computer was marketed 666.66 dollars
Some time later they received their first order from a local electronics shop, but had no money to purchase necessary parts and components, so they had to ask their suppliers for a 30 day loan. First batch of computers called Apple 1 arrived in shop 10 days later and marketed for 666.66 dollars for a computer.
Steve Jobs, John Sculley and Steve WozniakSteve Jobs, John Sculley and Steve Wozniak
IBM presented their first mass consumer computer at the same time as Wozniak finished his work at the Apple II so Jobs started huge marketing campaign and creating of the new beautiful packaging featuring their logo to beat the competitors. 5 million Apple II computers were sold out worldwide making Steve Jobs the millionaire at the age of 25.
Steve Jobs became a millionaire by the age of 25Steve Jobs became a millionaire by the age of 25
At the end of 1979 Steve with his colleagues from Apple visited «Xerox (XRX)» research facilities where he laid his eyes upon the «Alto» computer. He was so inspired by it that decided to create personal computer with the interface that can be controlled and operated with a cursor.

Jobs wanted to use Xerox designs in development of a new innovative personal computer, «Lisa», named after his daughter. But unfortunately he was forced out of the project by his colleagues Mark Markkula, who invested more than 250 thousands of dollars into Apple, and Scott Forstall. They reorganized the company and took over the development of «Lisa».
Steve Jobs started his work on Macintosh in 1980Steve Jobs started his work on Macintosh in 1980
In 1980 Steve Jobs teamed up with Jeff Raskin, renowned specialist on human-computer interface, and started working on new project – portative computer that could take form of a suitcase. Jeff came up with the name for the computer – «Macintosh» inspired by his favorite apple sort.
Steven Jobs was demanding and harsh bossSteven Jobs was demanding and harsh boss
At that time Steven was already a harsh and demanding boss and it was hard to work under his leadership. Multiple conflicts forced Jeff to take a vacation and later leave the company. Soon after that John Sculley and Steve Wozniak left Apple due to mutual disagreements. Steve Jobs decided to start another company called «NeXT» that would specialize on hardware.
In 1986 Steve Jobs had purchased Pixar Animation StudiosIn 1986 Steve Jobs had purchased Pixar Animation Studios
In 1986 Steve acquired the ownership of Pixar Animation Studios that went to produce wildly popular movies such as «Monsters Inc.» and «Toy Story». Many years later he sold Studios to Walt Disney but remained on controlling board with a share of 7%.
Steven Jobs was a founder of NeXTSteven Jobs was a founder of NeXT
In 1996 Apple Inc. showed an interest in purchasing of NeXT. This led to Steve`s return to Apple after many years of absence as company`s CEO and member of board of its directors.
Presentation of first iPhone that changed the world forever
In 2001 Steve presented to the public his first portable music player called iPod. Revenue from its sales became main source of profit for Apple since iPod was the fastest MP3 player with the biggest capacity in the world. 5 years later Apple presented Apple TV – company`s first network digital media player. In 2007 company entered cell phone market with the release of its first iPhone. A year later Apple demonstrated MacBook Air - world thinnest laptop. Steve Jobs masterfully implemented the knowledge he acquired at school and college: his high regard of calligraphy allowed him to create unique fonts for Apple products and interest in graphic design made iPhone and iPod the most recognizable devices in the world.
Steve Jobs had a unique sense of his customers desiresSteve Jobs had a unique sense of his customers desires
Steve Jobs had an instinctual sense of what his customers truly desire. That`s why he was looking to create a miniature device that would satisfy any needs and fads of modern man. Jobs» ideas weren`t always innovative but he masterfully implemented and polished others concepts and created a perfect package of design, usability and functionality.
Top 10 Steve Jobs Rules For Success
In 2010 Jobs introduced internet-tablet iPad, which initially caused confusion and perplexity amongst public but Steve was able to convince his customers that they in fact desire this device. Apple managed to sell 15 million iPads in the first year.

Personal life

Steve Jobs` first love was Chrisann Brennan, a hippie-girl we first met in 1972. Together they ran away from their parents, practiced Zen Buddhism, took LSD and hitch-hiked.
 Chrisann Brennan was Steve Jobs` first love (on the photo with her daughter) Chrisann Brennan was Steve Jobs` first love (on the photo with her daughter)
In 1978 Chrisann gave birth to their child named Lisa but initially Steve denied his paternity. Only a year after he was established to be Lisa`s father due to DNA test and had to pay alimony money. Inventor rent for a house his family in Palo Alto and paid for Lisa`s education but had no other involvement in her life until many years later.
Steve Jobs and his daughter LisaSteve Jobs and his daughter Lisa
In 1982 Jobs had a romance with folk singer Joan Baez, 14 years older than him. Their relationship lasted for over 3 years until Steven became involved in a short lived connection with a young student Egan.
Christina «Tina» Redse, the most beautiful woman in Jobs life, declined his proposalChristina «Tina» Redse, the most beautiful woman in Jobs life, declined his proposal
Years later Steve met the most beautiful woman in his life, as he recalled. Tina Redse was a computer consultant and was deeply interested in hippie culture. Their relationship lasted for over 4 years but ultimately crumbled after Tine declined Jobs marriage proposal.
Steve Jobs with his wife Laurene Powell and their childrenSteve Jobs with his wife Laurene Powell and their children
In 1989 Jobs accidentally met his future wife, Laurene Powell bank worker, when he gave a lecture at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. They married just a year after and had 3 children; son Reed (1991) and two daughters Erin (1995) and Eve (1998).

Illness and death

In August, 2004, Jobs was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare and difficult to treat form of pancreatic cancer. He successfully endured a surgery and chemotherapy course which allowed him to go into remission and in 4 years his health issues had returned.
Steve Jobs struggled in his fight against cancer for many yearsSteve Jobs struggled in his fight against cancer for many years
In 2009 Steve went on six-month leave of absence and had a liver transplant which allowed him to return to work. Despite the positive prognosis by the doctors, he decided to resign as a CEO of Apple in August 2011.
Steve Jobs is buried in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park, CaliforniaSteve Jobs is buried in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park, California
Jobs died on October 5, 2011 due to respiratory arrest.


After the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, why prior to this was company`s Chief Operating Officer, became the CEO of Apple. Corporation continues to grow, producing new models of smartphones, tablets and personal computers.
Jobs Trailer with Ashton Kutcher
«JOBS» is and biographic movie released in 2013 with Ashton Kutcher portraying Steven Jobs, that depicts early student years on the inventor. Another biographical drama movie, «Steve Jobs» premiered two years after, in 2015 and is starring Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet.
Steve Jobs (trailer)
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