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Charlie Hunnam (Charles Hunnam)
Real name:
Charles Matthew Hunnam
Who is:
Birth date:
(44 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England
6'1 ft ()
212 lb (96 kg)
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Biography of Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Matthew Hunnam is a British actor who gained fame for his roles in the series "Sons of Anarchy" and feature films "Pacific Rim," "Green Street Hooligans," "The Lost City of Z," "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword," and "The Gentlemen."
British actor Charlie Hunnam
British actor Charlie Hunnam

Childhood and Family

Charlie Hunnam was born on April 10, 1980, in the English city of Newcastle, to entrepreneur parents William "Billy" Hunnam (1952-2013) and Jane (Bell) Hunnam. His maternal grandmother was a well-known portrait artist, and his mother was also interested in painting, while his father, far from the arts in the conventional sense, collected scrap metal from dumps and sold it. Charlie's parents, being too different in temperament for a happy family life, separated when he was very young.
Charlie Hunnam as a child
Charlie Hunnam as a child
The actor grew up in an area where issues were often resolved with fists. The constant threat of danger toughened the future actor, and as an adult, Charlie always used the skills he acquired in his youth for roles as "tough guys". He still remembers his school years as survival lessons.

Charlie is the second child in his family; he has an older brother, William "Billy". When Hunnam was 12, his mother remarried, and the family moved to the village of Melmerby in Cumbria, England. In her second marriage, Jane gave birth to two more sons, Oliver and Christian.
Young Charlie Hunnam
Young Charlie Hunnam
During his school years, the future actor was passionate about playing rugby. He was expelled from middle school due to dyslexia, so he had to finish it externally, after which he entered the Cumbria College of Art and Design, where he earned a higher education degree in film theory and history.

Acting Career

Charlie Hunnam's acting career began in an unusual way: film studio agents noticed the 17-year-old at a shoe store in Newcastle. He was invited to play the role of model Jason in the BBC series "Byker Grove." His character appeared in three episodes.
Charlie Hunnam in he's first ever TV appearance, Biker Grove
In 1999, after two small roles in other series, Hunnam landed the lead role in the series "Queer as Folk," which depicted the lives of gay individuals. The show was so popular that Charlie, who brilliantly portrayed the 15-year-old gay Nathan Maloney, was considered knowledgeable enough to participate in parliamentary debates concerning the discriminatory law that set the age of sexual consent in Britain at 16 years old.
Young Charlie Hunnam wasn't quite fit for the role of cool heroes
Young Charlie Hunnam wasn't quite fit for the role of cool heroes
After his success in the UK, he tried to make it in Hollywood. Initially, however, Los Angeles casting agents were reluctant to cast him in "tough guy" roles, reasoning that Charlie was "too nice and polite." To counter this image, Hunnam started working out more and began attending auditions with stubble.

In the early stages of his career, the desperate actor even wrote a screenplay about Vlad III Țepeș, also known as Vlad Dracula. In 2002, while filming the war drama "Cold Mountain" in Romania, he collected local stories about the infamous prince. Hunnam revealed that afterward, he was out of work for almost a year and a half and had he not sold the script to Summit Entertainment, he would have had to return to his mother in England. The script was purchased by Brad Pitt's studio.

In 2004, he was cast in the film "Green Street Hooligans": Charlie played the tough leader of the West Ham United fan group. The film, co-starring Elijah Wood and Hunnam, was highly rated by critics and audiences, and Charlie started receiving interesting work offers. This was his first major breakthrough in cinema.
Charlie Humman in Green Street Hooligans
Later, Charlie Hunnam's filmography showed a wide range of genres – from charming comedies ("Undeclared," 2001-2003; "Frankie Go Boom," 2011) and incredible love stories ("The Ledge," 2011; "Nicholas Nickleby," 2002) to adventure and fantasy films ("Crimson Peak," 2015; "The Lost City of Z," 2016) and crime stories ("Sons of Anarchy," 2008-2014; "Deadfall," 2011).
Sons of Anarchy Extra: Charlie Hunnam Almost Got One of Jax's Tattoos in Real Life!
In 2013, Universal Pictures cast Hunnam in the leading role for the film adaptation of the controversial novel "Fifty Shades of Grey," but he later declined the project due to scheduling conflicts with other commitments. Hunnam became the third actor to turn down the role of the handsome billionaire Christian Grey, which was ultimately played by Jamie Dornan.

In September 2016, filming began for the remake of "Papillon" starring Hunnam and "Mr. Robot" star Rami Malek. Danish director Michael Noer helmed the project. The film is an adaptation of the autobiographical novel by former prisoner Henri Charrière. Critics praised Hunnam's performance in the lead role, noting that the film was comparable to the great "The Shawshank Redemption."
Charlie Hunnam Starves for PAPILLON, Almost Punches Rami Malek on Set
In May 2017, Guy Ritchie's new film "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword," in which Hunnam played the lead role of Arthur, was releazed. Viewers should not have expected a traditional interpretation of the legend from the director known for "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." Indeed, the film presented Arthur as the leader of a youth gang fighting for power.
Charlie Hunnam Rewatches Sons of Anarchy, The Gentlemen, King Arthur and More
In 2019, Hunnam appeared in the action-packed thriller "Triple Frontier" as William Miller. He was joined by Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac on set. That same year, audiences saw the biographical western "True History of the Kelly Gang," in which Charlie played the role of Sergeant O'Neil. In addition, he played one of the central characters in the boxing drama "Jungleland."
A scene from 'Jungleland'
A scene from 'Jungleland'
A year later, Hunnam starred in another box-office hit. The crime comedy "The Gentlemen" won over audiences not only with its quality screenplay, reminiscent of director Guy Ritchie’s early work, but also thanks to an excellent cast – the film also featured Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant.
The Gentlemen: Charlie Hunnam and Hugh Grant Interview
Subsequently, the actor played leading roles in the film "Last Looks" and the series "Shantaram," based on the plot of the eponymous novel. Both projects were released in 2022.
Charlie Hunnam in the series 'Shantaram'
Charlie Hunnam in the series 'Shantaram'

Charlie Hunnam's Personal Life

In 1999, during the casting for the series "Dawson's Creek," Charlie met actress Katharine Towne. Neither of them got the part, but a spark ignited between them, and less than a month after meeting, the actors married in Las Vegas. Charlie was just 18. The couple divorced in 2002.
...It didn't go very well. I knew the girl for three weeks. We fell madly in love with each other, and it was the first time I had been in love. Three terrible, painful, expensive years. In the end, I got cats, so there was a small victory.
Charlie later had short-lived relationships with Rashida Jones, Georgina Townsley, and Stella Parker. In the mid-2000s, Hunnam began dating jewelry designer Morgana McNelis. The couple settled in the suburbs of Los Angeles, started a small farm with chickens and ducks, and Charlie has often expressed his dislike for clubs and the glamorous Hollywood scene, a sentiment his girlfriend fully shares.
Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis
Charlie Hunnam and Morgana McNelis
Charlie was ranked number five on Elle magazine's list of the sexiest men for June/July 2005.

Charlie is a fan of Eminem and the American rap group Wu-Tang Clan, and among his favorite actors are Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn.

In his free time, Charlie enjoys drawing and photography, but he believes he has no special talents apart from smoking marijuana and a passion for sports.
Charlie Hunnam and Brad Pitt are similar
Charlie Hunnam and Brad Pitt are similar
Hunnam has two cats, George and Mavis. In an interview, Charlie confessed that of all the scents in the world, he likes the smell of his cats' fur the most.
How Charlie Hunnam Really Feels About Being a Sexsymbol + How His Cat and Girlfriend Keep him Grounded
The actor collects Nike sneakers. He has more than 85 pairs from the '90s in his collection. "You know, as a kid, I couldn't afford such shoes and envied my peers who strutted around in 'Nikes.' And you know what now? I can buy every pair in the world!" Charlie once candidly revealed.

Charlie Hunnam Now

In April 2024, the actor was seen in the sci-fi blockbuster "Rebel Moon." He played one of the main characters – a mercenary and smuggler named Kay, who is hired by the rebel Cora (Sofia Boutella) for her team.
Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella ('Rebel Moon')
Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella ('Rebel Moon')

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