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Ricky Whittle
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(42 y.o.)
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Oldham, England, U.K.
6'2 ft ()
212 lb (96 kg)
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Biography of Ricky Whittle

Ricky Whittle is a British actor and model who gained fame in his home country for his roles in the TV series "Dream Team" and "Hollyoaks". He became internationally known after the premiere of the hit fantasy series "American Gods", which was released in 2017.
Actor Ricky Whittle
Actor Ricky Whittle

Childhood and Family

Ricky Whittle was born on December 31, 1981, in Oldham, United Kingdom. The son of Harry Whittle, a former Royal Air Force serviceman of Jamaican descent, and British Maggie Goodwin, Ricky traveled extensively with his family around the world, but sometimes felt uncomfortable at home.

The actor shared that his family was one of the few Black families in the area, and he was the only Black child in his school, so the askance looks and whispers behind his back were just a small part of what Ricky had to endure in his childhood.
Ricky Whittle could have pursued a sports career
Ricky Whittle could have pursued a sports career
As a teenager, Ricky was seriously into sports, representing England and Great Britain in youth competitions in football, rugby, and athletics. Whittle had a chance to join the football clubs Arsenal and Celtic, but a sustained injury forced him to give up a career in sports.

Instead, Whittle enrolled in the Criminology department at Southampton Solent University in England, where he continued to play football and rugby for the university teams. Ricky did not finish university, dedicating himself entirely to acting. Nevertheless, in his free time, Will spent time on the football field, playing as a running back for the American football team Manchester Titans.

Acting Career

In 2000, while still a university student, Ricky Whittle became the face of the Reebok campaign. After that, casting agents from the British entertainment channel Sky1 took notice of Ricky while they were searching for young talent for the TV series "Dream Team" – about events on and off the field of the fictional football club "Harchester United." Ultimately, the actor was cast as the athlete Ryan Naysmith.
Ricky Whittle began his career as a model
Ricky Whittle began his career as a model
Whittle dropped out of university to participate in the series. While filming the third season, Whittle broke his leg in seven places – the show's writers then incorporated Ricky's character Naysmith's leg problems into the storyline, allowing the actor to continue with the project.

In 2006, after a controversial guest role in the series "Holby City," Whittle was cast in the popular British soap opera "Hollyoaks." The role of the enigmatic Calvin Valentine became a significant milestone in the young actor's career, but in 2009, Whittle announced his departure from the show. Ricky's character was decided to be "killed off," and in May 2010, the actor completed his work on "Hollyoaks."

In 2012, Ricky appeared in eight episodes of the successful series "Single Ladies," and a year later, he landed his first, albeit small, role in an American project – a minor role in the series about the adventures of a team of professional special agents "NCIS: Los Angeles."
Ricky Whittle and Marie Avgeropoulos in the TV series 'The 100'
Ricky Whittle and Marie Avgeropoulos in the TV series 'The 100'
After that, Ricky continued to act in the US: from 2014-2016, he took part in the filming of the science fiction series "The 100." The role of Lincoln, the savior and lover of Octavia, brought the actor popularity among fans around the world.
Ricky Whittle in Mistresses (2014-2016)
Whittle captured the hearts of the female population across the globe with his impeccable performance in the series "Mistresses," introducing viewers to the attractive undercover police officer Daniel Zamora.

In 2016, Ricky was offered the lead role in the American fantasy series "American Gods," the first episode of which premiered on the HBO channel on April 30, 2017. The adaptation of Neil Gaiman's most "adult" novel became one of the most anticipated premieres of the year.
Ricky Whittle On American Gods, Talks About Being Bi-Racial
Whittle landed the main role – a former convict named Shadow Moon who unexpectedly becomes part of a supernatural world of dreams. Alongside him, stars of global stature were featured: Gillian Anderson, Emily Browning, Ian McShane, Peter Stormare, Jeremy Davies, and others.

Whittle also starred with actors Maxim Roy and Simona-Elise Girard in the art-house film "Succulent & Savory," directed, written by, and starring Jasmine O'Donnell.

On Television

In January 2008, Ricky Whittle appeared on the famous TV show "The Weakest Link," reaching the final but losing to British "Crimewatch" star Rav Wilding.
Ricky Whittle in the show 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Ricky Whittle in the show 'Strictly Come Dancing'
In August 2009, Whittle participated in the British dance show "Strictly Come Dancing," performing alongside Australian professional dancer Natalie Lowe. One of Whittle's competitors was Ali Bastian, with whom he had previously acted in the series "Hollyoaks." Whittle and Lowe reached the finals, surpassing Rav Wilding once again, but the main prize went to TV presenter Chris Hollins and his partner Ola Jordan. Whittle and Lowe finished in second place.

Ricky Whittle's Personal Life

In 2007, Whittle started dating American actress Carley Stenson, his colleague from the "Hollyoaks" series. The relationship lasted for over three years. In 2011, the couple broke up when Whittle grew close to his dance show partner Natalie Lowe.
Ricky Whittle dated Rumer Willis
Ricky Whittle dated Rumer Willis
At the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2012, the actor met American actress Jessica Szohr, the star of the series "Gossip Girl". The actors began a passionate affair, but a year later, they split up.

In 2014, Whittle dated actress Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, for three months. According to The Sun newspaper, the break-up was due to the actor's busy schedule – at that time, Ricky was working 12-15 hours a day on the set of the TV show "The 100".
Ricky Whittle is not married yet
Ricky Whittle is not married yet
Immediately after his breakup with Rumer Willis, Whittle started a relationship with model Christina Colonna. However, the relationship did not last long, and since then the actor has kept his new romances private.

Ricky Whittle Now

At the beginning of 2024, Ricky Whittle appeared in the feature-length action movie "Land of Bad" as Sergeant Bishop.
A scene from the movie 'Territory of Evil'
A scene from the movie 'Territory of Evil'

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    2021-04-10 19:34:00
  • He is so attractive :) Sad that he is not often on the screens.
    2021-04-07 09:15:30
  • Ricky Whittle is that actor from `The 100`. Cool actor, he played well. Sad that he needed to leave the project.
    2021-03-31 12:06:32
  • I remember Whittle with his excellent work in my favorite TV series Mistresses.
    2021-03-08 21:36:29
  • Ricky Whittle... Who is it? He has many roles? A few Oscars? I don`t understand why people are talking about him.
    2021-01-19 22:23:03