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Name: Antonio Banderas

Real name: José Antonio Domínguez Bandera

Birth date: 10 of August 1960 (58 y.o.)

Place of birth: Málaga, Spain

Height: 174 cm Weight: 80 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Rat

Occupation: actor, producer, singer

Photo: Antonio Banderas

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Biography of Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas is a world-class star. The actor, who started shooting in Spain, subsequently moved to Hollywood and achieved colossal success there, although he did not stop working in his homeland, being proud of his origin.
Spanish actor Antonio BanderasSpanish actor Antonio Banderas

Early life

Antonio Banderas was born in Spanish Malaga on August 10, 1960. His full name is Jose Antonio Domínguez Banderas. His mother, Ana was a teacher, and his father, Jose served as an officer in the in the Guards. The family had one more child ‒ the youngest son, Francisco Javier.
Antonio Banderas in childhoodAntonio Banderas in childhood
The future actor did not particularly like to study and all the free time devoted to football. He thought about the career of a professional player, but a broken leg forced to look for other options for the future. Just then the boy watched the performance called «Hair» and was excited by the idea of trying himself on the stage.
Antonio Banderas in his youthAntonio Banderas in his youth
The next step was joining the local theater school at the age of 16, and later he joined the studio run by Ángeles Rubio-Arguelles, the wife of a writer and cinematographer Edgar Neville.

Career of the actor

It was on the stage that Antonio started to really learn the actor’s profession. He toured the country and got into trouble for taking part in the play by Berthold Brecht: it even came to arrest by the police, since the work did not pass censure.
By the age of 19, Banderas no longer saw himself as anyone else ‒ only as an actor. He decided that it was time to «go up». Therefore he moved to Madrid and joined the National Theater of the country.

Antonio transferred to cinematograph largely thanks to Pedro Almodóvar. The appearance of the actor in the «Labyrinth of Passion» (1982) marked the beginning of long-term cooperation and friendship with the director. Throughout the 80’s, Banderas worked at homeland and became very recognizable. All the films of that period formed Antonio’s current image, but it were the joint works with Almodóvar that made it possible to approach the world fame, such as «Matador» (1986), «Law of Desire» (1986), «Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown» (1988), «Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!»(1990).
Antonio Banderas in the movie «Labyrinth of Passion»Antonio Banderas in the movie «Labyrinth of Passion»
Banderas had the opportunity to get closer to Hollywood when he got his first role in the American film called «The Mambo Kings» (1992). Already before the start of its distribution Antonio agreed to star in the «The House of the Spirits» (1993) with Meryl Streep and Glenn Close, as well as in «Philadelphia» ‒ a bold and progressive film for its time. In the last one Banderas got the part of the lover of a mortally sick character of Tom Hanks.
Antonio Banderas in the movie «Interview with the Vampire»Antonio Banderas in the movie «Interview with the Vampire»
After that the Spaniard turned into a ghoul in «Interview with the Vampire» (1994). The film united all the men sex symbols of the time on the set: Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The film called «Desperado» (1995) allowed him only to strengthen the image of the macho, and a year later, during shooting of «Two Much» (1996) Banderas met his future wife.
Antonio Banderas is singing a song in the film «Desperado»
Antonio’s filmography grew rapidly: every year it was replenished, at least with several films. He did not try to make his way only by using his appearance, so he chose roles different from each other, trying new characters. The musical «Evita» (1996), the adventure film «The Mask of Zorro» (1998), the dramatic action film «The 13th Warrior» (1999) were the confirmation of the actor’s desire to change and progress.
Antonio Banderas in the film called «The Mask of Zorro»Antonio Banderas in the film called «The Mask of Zorro»
In the year 2000 Robert Rodriguez assembled a team of actors, having a desire «to act like a hooligan» in «Spy Kids». The success of the film allowed it to grow into a trilogy, and Banderas was an unchanged and weighty part of the project. Antonio also agreed to join Angelina Jolie in «Original Sin» (2001) ‒ an intricate and intriguing drama, in which the anatomy of relations is shown in the smallest detail. The film «Frida» (2002), with Salma Hayek in the role of a famous artist, also came out emotional and Banderas could not give up such a biopic.
Antonio Banderas in the film «Original Sin»Antonio Banderas in the film «Original Sin»
Two years later, the actor joined the already famous team of dubbing and voiced The Puss in Boots in «Shrek 2» (2004). After this, as if by irony of fate, he played in «The Legend of Zorro» (2005) having repeated the image of a skillful and charming swordsman.

Gradually, the number of A grade films with Antonio’s participation decreased, however, from time to time more modest films were also shot.
Antonio Banderas voiced a cat in a cartoon about ShrekAntonio Banderas voiced a cat in a cartoon about Shrek
In 2011, Almodovar decided that he had not invited the friend to work together for a long time. They shot the film called «The Skin I Live In» (2011), a psychological thriller about relationships and place, and they again hit the ovation. Rodriguez also remembered an old acquaintance. So the actor got into the movie called «Machete Kills» (2013), and a little bit later enlarged the cast, consisting of the stars of the 80’s and 90’s, in the cult action movie «The Expendables 3» (2014).

Business activities

In addition to his acting career, Banderas successively invests the money earned in various projects: beginning from winemaking to the fashion industry. In the territory of Spain he owns vineyards, and the wine produced there is partly released under the name of the actor.
Antonio Banderas is engaged in wine productionAntonio Banderas is engaged in wine production
Banderas has repeatedly acted as the face of world brands, including «Viceroy» and «Orbit». He also released his own perfume, in which the company «Puig» helped him. The brand «Antonio Banderas» has not lost popularity since then and it constantly presents novelties, both for men and women. In 2016, he presented the men’s clothing line together with «Selected», and at the same time the actor personally was responsible for the design.
Eau de toilette «Blue» by Antonio BanderasEau de toilette «Blue» by Antonio Banderas
On the advice of his beloved Nicole, who is versed in finances and profitable investments, Antonio bought the restaurant «El Pimpi» in his native city of Malaga.
Antonio Banderas is dancing tango in the movie «Take the Lead»
Banderas sings beautifully; he performs himself the vocal parts in the films. Now Antonio not only gives concerts, but also has experience of performing at significant events. So, in 2005, at the Oscar ceremony he performed a song from the film «Diarios de Motocicleta» (2004). He was accompanied by guitarist Carlos Santana.

Personal life of Antonio Banderas

In the distant 1988, the actor married the Spanish actress Ana Leza. Marriage seemed strong and happy to others until in 1995 suddenly there were news about the divorce of the couple. The reason was Antonio’s love affair with a colleague in the film «Two Much» Melanie Griffith, who was also not free at the time of the meeting. She was in a relationship with Don Johnson and even gave birth to his daughter Dakota, subsequently ‒ the star of the film called «50 Shades of Grey».
Antonio Banderas and his first wife Ana LezaAntonio Banderas and his first wife Ana Leza
The wedding of Melanie and Antonio took place in 1996; in the same year there was replenishment in the family: Stella del Carmen was born. In 2014, Melanie filed for divorce because of betrayal of her husband with actress Natalie Burn.
Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie GriffithAntonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith
After that rumors about the alleged new mistresses of Banderas constantly appear in the press. If he only appears in the company of a woman, the media immediately makes a bold assumption. Once even Sharon Stone had to give a comment to journalists after the journalists registered her as Antonio’s partner. The actress is a friend of both Griffith and Banderas, so she hurried to come out with a refutation to prevent a conflict.
Antonio Banderas with his wife and childrenAntonio Banderas with his wife and children
Antonio did not stay among the free men for a long time. In 2015, he met the financier Nicole Kempel and won her affection. The new lover is 21 years younger than the actor, but they assure that they do not pay attention to the age difference at all. The couple is not going to formalize relations. According to Banderas, there is no need for this since they already feel married.

Antonio Banderas now

Shortly before the shooting of the series called «Genius» (2017), Banderas had a heart attack. Everything turned out okay, but he reviewed his approach to everyday activities and habits: gave up smoking, completely refused alcohol, started yoga and regular jogging.
Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso in the series «Genius»Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso in the series «Genius»
In 2018 a Russian film «Beyond the Edge» with Antonio’s participation was released. Since the actor takes many roles, his schedule is filled for several years in advance. One of the most anticipated on this list is «Pain and Glory» (2019) by Pedro Almodovar, with Antonio’s friend and the favorite actress of the director Penelope Cruz.
Antonio Banderas in the film «Beyond the Edge»
In 2019, the release of the movie «The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle» is expected, in which Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Thompson will also star.
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