Emma Myers

Emma Myers
Emma Myers
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(22 y.o.)
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Orlando, Florida, U.S.
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Biography of Emma Myers

Emma Myers is a young American actress who gained fame for her role as Enid Sinclair in the TV series "Wednesday". She played the roommate of the main character, trying her best to befriend the gloomy Wednesday Addams. In 2023, Emma was offered the lead role in the drama series "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder."
Actress Emma Myers
Actress Emma Myers

Childhood, Youth, Family

Emma was born in the spring of 2002 to Jeremy Myers and Nicole Cassimatis in Orlando, Florida. She has Greek roots on her mother's side. Besides her, the parents raised three more daughters – Avery, Olivia, and Isabel. Later, the whole family moved to Atlanta.

Emma received her primary education at home and, according to her, turned into a "nerd and introvert". She had an overactive imagination and spent her free time on the computer, loved "The Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars" and computer games about orcs, titans, and superheroes.
Emma Myers in childhood
Emma Myers in childhood
In middle school, Emma became interested in emo culture and bands like Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. On YouTube, Myers could spend hours listening to Dan and Phil's show and when she first saw them live at a concert, she bought various merch with their images. But when she wore a t-shirt with portraits of her idols to dance class rehearsal, the other kids, to put it mildly, did not share Emma's enthusiasm. She later recalled:
I was kind of an outsider because I was more passionate about things than the average kid. And I was bullied for it. Some people can't let go of the fact that people like things that make them happy.
Despite being involved in choreography and participating in school productions, she preferred solitude to socializing with her peers. After school, Myers earned a Master of Arts degree in acting from Brooklyn College and McGill University.

Acting Career

Emma landed her first minor roles in 2010, in the movies "Crooked" and "Letters to God," as well as in the TV series "The Glades."
Emma Myers: Don’t Mess with Werewolves
It wasn't until 2019 that Myers was back on set, when she was offered a small role as Stephanie in the dramedy "The Baker and the Beauty," starring Nathalie Kelley. That same year, she also appeared in the short film "Love. Innocence."
Emma Myers in the short film 'Immortal'
Emma Myers in the short film 'Immortal'
The following year, the young actress's filmography expanded with roles in the TV series "Dead of Night" (as the "Magnolia" girl), the television movie "A Taste of Christmas" (as Bibi Jordan), and the short film "Immortal" (as Mavis Nebic).
Emma Myers in the movie 'A Taste of Christmas'
Emma Myers in the movie 'A Taste of Christmas'
A notable experience for Emma was filming the thriller "Girl in the Basement," where she played one of the central roles - Marie Cody. The film, based on true events, tells the story of young Sara, who was held captive in a basement by her tyrannical father for over twenty years.
Emma Myers in the movie 'Girl in the Basement'
Emma Myers in the movie 'Girl in the Basement'
Emma Myers' breakthrough came in 2022. Learning that her beloved Tim Burton was planning to shoot a Netflix series about the Addams family, she auditioned. After several Zoom calls, including a script reading with Jenna Ortega, who was cast as Wednesday and who Myers thought had become angry with her ("I literally hung up and started crying," she recalls), Emma found out she had been cast as Enid.
I answered the call, and my representative said, 'Hold on, there's something wrong with my phone, so I'll call you back in a second.' She calls me back and asks, 'Do you think you'll have this problem when you're in Romania?' I remember a wave of excitement washing over me, I ran out of the room and screamed, 'Mom, I did it!'
The series, titled "Wednesday," was released at the end of 2022. The plot centers around Wednesday Addams, who is sent to a boarding school for children with "specialties" as a punishment. Enid Sinclair - her roommate and the total opposite of the gloomy and introverted Wednesday. Werewolf Enid is optimistic, sweet, bright, with bubbling energy. Emma invented a more colorful style for her character, painting her nails and hair in different colors.
Emma Myers in the series 'Wednesday'
Emma Myers in the series 'Wednesday'
On set, Myers worked with Georgie Farmer, who played her love interest Ajax, and was very nervous when filming scenes with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christina Ricci. But the famous colleagues were attentive and helped Emma cope with her on-camera jitters.
Emma Myers and Jenna Ortega
Emma Myers and Jenna Ortega
Unnoticed, the young actress befriended Jenna, as well as Percy Hynes White and Jonna Dia Watson. Off-camera, the group would throw parties, play video games, and celebrate birthdays together.
Jenna Ortega & Emma Myers on 'Wednesday and Expanding' 'The Addams Family' Universe
The series was incredibly successful, and in 2023, Myers starred in two main roles in the comedy "Family Switcj" (as CC Walker) and the biographical drama "Southern Gospel" (as Angie Blackburn). Reflecting on how busy she was, to the point that she didn't realize how popular "Wednesday" had become, Emma said:
...I only really realized how well it was doing some time later, because not even a week after 'Wednesday' came out, I was already flying to Los Angeles to film, and I was just swamped with material. So, I didn't really keep track of how well it was all going. By the Christmas holidays, when I was able to come home and see my family and all that, it hit me: 'Oh, wow. In just a month, it has become the top show on Netflix.' It was madness.

Personal Life of Emma Myers

The young actress is private about her relationships, but she eagerly shares photos from her trips. Iceland particularly left a profound impression on Emma. She is also a fan of K-pop music, especially the work of the South Korean band Seventeen.
Emma Myers on Preparing to be a Werewolf in Wednesday and Her SEVENTEEN Obsession
Emma is very attached to her parents and sisters, and when sending them messages, she never forgets to include heartwarming emojis.
Emma Myers with her sister and the band Seventeen
Emma Myers with her sister and the band Seventeen

Emma Myers Now

The year 2024 promised to be a busy season for the actress. She was offered the lead role of Pippa Fitz-Amobi in the series "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder". In this detective thriller, Myers's character is a seventeen-year-old girl who has taken on the investigation of a five-year-old murder. Pippa believes that the true killer has not been found, even though a young man was accused of the tragedy, and his brother named Ravi helps the girl find the murderer.
Emma Myers on the set of the TV series 'A Good Girl's Guide to Murder'
Emma Myers on the set of the TV series 'A Good Girl's Guide to Murder'
In addition to this, Emma excitedly announced that she would appear in the second season of "Wednesday", although she has no idea what the new episodes will be like:
They wrote to my email, and I was like, 'Oh, cool'... I felt that it would happen. I think everyone felt that it would happen. I thought about it even before we finished filming, simply because of the material we were shooting. I knew it would be grand, but I didn’t know it would be on such a scale. I was sure that there must be more, because we all liked every bit of it, and we really felt that people like it too.

Interesting Facts

  • When asked which characters she would like to play in which films, Emma Myers said she would love to try on the role of Catwoman in new variations of Batman. She then remembered Oscar Isaac and Christopher Nolan, with whom she is ready to work, and also stated that she dreams of a screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book "Neverwhere". In this story, there is a girl named Door and the actress would fight for such a role, according to her, very hard.

  • Myers' favorite horror movies are "Train to Busan" and "A Quiet Place". She really likes the zombie theme. The actress also recommends everyone who loves crime series to watch the Chinese series "Being a Hero" (2022) with Wang Yibo in the lead role. She called it "incredible".

  • In her correspondence, Emma always uses emojis. When asked by journalists which ones the girl uses most often, Myers answered: "A red heart, but only because I use it every time my family members write to me. My most frequently used emoji is the dude with a small monocle, who says: 'Hmm?' I always send this to my friends, like: 'Hmm, this is a bit suspicious'."