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Josh Brolin

Name: Josh Brolin

Birth date: 12 of February 1968 (51 y.o.)

Place of birth: Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Height: 179 cm Weight: 83 kg

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Occupation: actor

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Josh Brolin Biography

Josh Brolin is an American actor, known for his starring role in the Coen brothers' thriller No Country for Old Men. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (for his role in the film Harvey Milk). He also played two Marvel characters: Thanos in The Avengers: Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2.
The photo of Josh BrolinThe photo of Josh Brolin

Childhood and adolescence

Josh is the eldest son of the famous American actor James Brolin (Catch Me If You Can, Traffic) and his wife Jane Cameron Agee. His parents divorced when the boy was sixteen years old, and in 1998 his father married Barbra Streisand. He has a younger brother, Jess and a stepsister Molly.
A childhood photo of Josh Brolin with his parentsA childhood photo of Josh Brolin with his parents
The future actor spent his childhood on the mother's ranch in California. Jane was an active defender of wild animals and often sheltered monkeys, hyenas and wolves taken from the poachers. Josh and his younger brother had to take care of the wild creatures, as evidenced by the numerous bite marks on his body. But the friends liked this improvised zoo, and they eagerly popped up at the ranch.
At school, Josh could not boast of high grades and obedient behavior, often got involved in fights, occasionally shoplifted, hijacked cars. As a teenager, he unexpectedly became interested in theater (apparently, he was influenced by the father's genes) and spent all his spare time at rehearsals, taking part in school plays.
Josh Brolin with his fatherJosh Brolin with his father
This occupation fascinated him to such an extent that he entered the acting studio of Stella Adler and Sandra Socket and began to play in the movies.

Acting career

His debut was the role in the film The Goonies in 1985, followed by another role in the film Collision. During the next ten years, Josh was filmed mainly in TV series, mastering his skills and gained acting experience.
The debut role of Josh Brolin(The Goonies)The debut role of Josh Brolin(The Goonies)
He should be given credit to for not taking advantage of the big name and influence of his father and achieved success on his own.
Josh Brolin in the movie The Young RidersJosh Brolin in the movie The Young Riders
The first main role went to him in the movie the Young Riders, but it was not the role, which made him famous. In 2000, he played one of their key characters in the Paul Verhoeven film The Invisible Man, but the reaction of the viewers did not live up to the expectations, and in comparison with Kevin Bacon, Josh remained almost unnoticed.
A shot from the movie Invisible ManA shot from the movie Invisible Man
In 2003, Brolin played an honest senator in the TV series Mr. Sterling, but this project did not impress the viewers.
Josh Brolin in the thriller No Country for Old Men trailer
Josh owes his fame and world fame to the Coen brothers, who gave him the lead role in the thriller No Country for Old Men (2007). Brolin played excellently the role of the brutal veteran of the Vietnam War, Llewelyn Moss, who was a witness of the gangster clashes and took the suitcase with the money ; for this role he was nominated for the Sputnik prize, and movie was deservedly rewarded with three Oscars and two Golden Globes .
Josh Brolin in the movie Men In Black 3Josh Brolin in the movie Men In Black 3
The next big success in Josh's acting career was starring in the third part of Men in Black. The actor played the main character and joined the the list of highly paid and one of the most demanded Hollywood actors.
Josh Brolin in the movie Harvey MilkJosh Brolin in the movie Harvey Milk
In 2008, the biography movie Harvey Milk was released with the starring actors Sean Penn, who played the first openly gay official in the United States. John Brolin also played the role of the Harvey Milk's killer- Dan White. For this role, the actor was nominated for an Oscar as the best supporting actor, but the award went to Heath Ledger for playing Joker.
Josh Brolin in the role of Eddie Menics (Hail, Caesar!)Josh Brolin in the role of Eddie Menics (Hail, Caesar!)
He played a major role in the continuation of the cult movie City of Sin of Rodriguez; in 2015, he excelled at the adventure drama Everest, and a year later he appeared again in the new film of the Coen brothers Hail, Caesar! By the age of 55, the actor had done many achievements which included around fifty successful roles and grandiose plans for the future.
Josh Brolin in the role of Thanos in the movie The AvengersJosh Brolin in the role of Thanos in the movie The Avengers

Personal life of Josh Brolin

At the age of twenty, Josh got married for the first time with the actress Alice Eder, who gave birth to a son Trevor and a daughter Eden. The actor was not playing actively at that time,therefore, in order to provide for his family he did all possible jobs. He worked as a gardener for half a year, then he organized with a friend their own brokerage firm.
Josh Brolin with his wife Alice EderJosh Brolin with his wife Alice Eder
Despite his efforts, the spouses failed to save the family, and after four years they split up. The second wife of Brolin was the actress Diane Lane, with whom he lived for nine years.
Josh Brolin and Diane LaneJosh Brolin and Diane Lane
In 2015, the actor married his personal assistant, the former model Kathryn Boyd, with whom he reached family happiness and understanding.
Josh Brolin and his third wife Kathryn BoydJosh Brolin and his third wife Kathryn Boyd
In 2014, the actor younger brother Jess became homeless. He packed his belongings and left the mansion of his father and stepmother for reasons that remained a secret. Subsequently, he returned to his parents, and in early 2018, the journalists shared his terrifying photos : he was diagnosed with a disease that could lead to the amputation of his legs.
Jessi -the troublesome brother of Josh BrolinJessi -the troublesome brother of Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin nowadays

In the spring of 2018, two Marvel films were released with the starring Josh Brolin. He played the villain Thanos in the blockbuster The Avengers:Infinity War and he performed the role of Cable in the Deadpool 2. It is known that Brolin has signed a contract for 4 films, where he will star as Cable.
Josh Brolin working out in the preparation for the role of Cable in The Deadpool 2
When asked who he liked to play more, Brolin replied with no hesitation, that he enjoyed more than others his role of Thanos. Before the shooting, he had a long conversation with Mark Ruffalo (starring actor of the Hulk role), who was familiar with the specific of playing such characters, but was still impressed with the complexity of the role.

Imagine, I saw myself on the screen. I looked into every grimace, every eyelid movement. I looked into my eyes. It was not a drawn character, it was all about my playing.

In June 2018, the movie Sicario: day of the soldado was released with the starring cast of Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro.
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