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Zoe Kravitz

Name: Zoe Kravitz

Birth date: 1 of December 1988 (30 y.o.)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA

Height: 157 cm Weight: 46 kg

Birth Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

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Zoe Kravitz’ Biography

Zoe Kravitz is a promising American singer, actress, and model. She became famous due to the role of the mutant named Angel in the movie «X: First Class». The shooting in the dystopian «Divergent» and the blockbuster «Mad Max» made the considerable part of the girl’s success.
Zoe Isabella KravitzZoe Isabella Kravitz

The Childhood and Family

Zoe Kravitz was born in Los Angeles in the family of a talented musician Lenny Kravitz and a model Lisa Bonet. The girl's family was truly the «star» one in a few generations. Zoe's grandma by father's side, Roxie Roker, was a famous black actress and her husband Seymour Kravitz, an immigrant of Ukrainian Jews, actively produced the popular science films. The grandfather of a future actress on the maternal side, Allen Bonet, was an Opera singer, and only his wife was a modest teacher.
Little Zoe Kravitz with parentsLittle Zoe Kravitz with parents
As it often happens in the star families, Zoe's parents divorced as soon as their daughter was five years old. At first, the girl lived with her mother in Topanga Canyon. But soon after, Lisa Bonet remarried to actor Jason Momoa and Zoe moved to her father in Miami. It was Lenny who became a true example and best friend to his daughter. The 11-years-old girl visited mother only in the summer, so the relationship of the mother and daughter have become quite cool. However, Zoe was glad to have a stepbrother, Nakoa-Wolf, and then sister Lola Iolani.
Zoe Kravitz in childhood and nowZoe Kravitz in childhood and now
Zoe graduated from the middle school in Miami, and she studied in in high school already in New York. As a teenager, the girl has long struggled with a serious disease as bulimia and anorexia.
The girl confessed that she suffered from anorexiaThe girl confessed that she suffered from anorexia
After school, Zoe Kravitz was admitted to the New York Conservatory in the Acting Department, but school was not her priority: she was actively engaged in her career, so she left the Conservatory after a year.

The Career Start

The acting way of Zoe Kravitz has started with the founding of a musical group. At 16 she formed a band «LolaWolf» together with Jimmy Giannopolous, who sat behind the drums, and James Levy, a keyboard player. The band's name was symbolic since it was an abbreviation for the names of Zoe’s half-sisters and brother.
LolaWolf – Wanna Have Fun
The young talents decided to create music in the style of electropop and R&B. It should be noted that the guys weren't newcomers because they played in the band «Reputante» before. They decided to resist depression and Zoe’s eating disorder through music. The first thing they released was the song «Wanna Have Fun».
Zoe Kravitz’ band style is a mixture of electropop and R&BZoe Kravitz’ band style is a mixture of electropop and R&B
The beginning musicians didn’t sign a contract with the major brands but chose an independent way. After painstaking work in the studio, they released their debut album «CalmDown», which had considerable success, and was especially memorable to the audience due to the song «Jimmy Franco» and «Bitch». They were trained by the actress and singer Miley Cyrus, and the rapper A$AP Rocky.
LolaWolf ft. A$AP Rocky – Jimmy Franco
After school, Zoe manifested herself in the modeling business. Her first photo session took place at 18 years old and was intended for the magazine «ELLE». This was followed by several works the world known brands: «Teen Vogue» and «Vanity Fair».
Zoe Kravitz’ photo shoot for Teen VogueZoe Kravitz’ photo shoot for Teen Vogue
In fact, the first professional photos of the girl were made when Kravitz was not even 17 years old. However, the censors didn’t admit these pictures, because under-age Zoe appeared there in a very bad way: with alcohol and cigarettes. In 2009, Zoe introduced a fragrance «Princess» from the bright Vera Wang, and also took part in the advertising campaign of the talented designer Alexander Wang.
Lisa Bonet and Zoe KravitzLisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz in the Cinema

The ambitious girl with great family ties could not help but get into the world of cinema. In 2007, the first film with Zoe Kravitz «No Reservations» was launched. The attractive Aaron Eckhart and glamorous Catherine Zeta-Jones played the leading roles in this melodrama. In the same year, Zoe has starred with the famous actress Jodie Foster in the exciting crime thriller «The Brave One».
Zoe Kravitz’s first role («No Reservations»)Zoe Kravitz’s first role («No Reservations»)
The next year, two movies with the participation of the young star were released. Kravitz was lucky to work with Ben Foster in the funny comedy «Birds of America» and to star with Bruce Willis in the movie «Assassination of a High School President».
Zoe Kravitz in her swimsuit (left)Zoe Kravitz in her swimsuit (left)
Zoe Kravitz was extraordinarily lucky to participate in projects with world stars. It was always a guarantee of viewers’ attention to the projects and an opportunity to gain experience from real professionals. In 2009, the young actress appeared in the drama «The Greatest», which Pierce Brosnan also starred. Next year, Zoe has starred in three films: «Twelve,» «Beware the Gonzo» and «It's Kind of a Funny Story».
Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvatore («X: First class»)Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvatore («X: First class»)
The film career of young Kravitz's was gaining traction. She's been getting the more vivid role, which consistently demonstrated her professional growth. In 2011 there was a release of three movies featuring the talented actress. One of them was «X: First Class» that brought Zoe the worldwide fame and recognition. In this part of the Marvel franchise’s blockbuster Kravitz played the role of attractive mutant Angel Salvador, endowed with supernatural powers – the ability to fly due to the wings of an insect and spitting corrosive acid.

In the same year, Zoe played in six episodes of the acclaimed series «Californication», playing uninhibited Pearl.
Lenny Kravitz’ daughter played in «Californication»Lenny Kravitz’ daughter played in «Californication»
In 2013, the young actress played the leading role in the drama «The Boy Who Smells Like Fish». In the same year, the disaster movie «After Earth» was released with Will and Jaden Smith in the leading roles. Zoe played the female role of the second plan (Senshi Rage). During filming, she became friends with Will Smith, the actor previously working with her mother and reacting very well to her. He constantly gave her pieces of advice and kept all on an equal footing, despite the star status.
Zoe Kravitz starred with Will Smith in «After Earth»Zoe Kravitz starred with Will Smith in «After Earth»
2014 brought Zoe Kravitz a new successful project, the movie «Divergent», the bright film-dystopia by Neil Berger. The picture based on the novel by Veronica Roth. In the distant future, the entire population of Earth divided into 5 castes, depending on the prevailing human traits. Beatrice (Shailene Woodley) played the so-called «divergent», a versatile and original thinking person who match for all castes. Zoe was assigned the role of the leading character’s girlfriend, Christine.
«Divergent»: Zoe Kravitz in the role of Christine from the Dauntless cast«Divergent»: Zoe Kravitz in the role of Christine from the Dauntless cast
In the same year, Zoe starred in «The Road Within» with Robert Sheehan and Dev Patel. The role of Marie, who suffers from anorexia, was special for the actress because she herself fought this disease a long time with.
In the «The Road Within» Zoe Kravitz played the anorexic girlIn the «The Road Within» Zoe Kravitz played the anorexic girl
Also in 2015, a new part of the thrilling action movie «Mad Max» was released. Zoe flawlessly played the role of Toast, the wife of the main antagonist of the film, the tyrant Immortal Joe.
Zoe Kravitz in the blockbuster «Mad Max»Zoe Kravitz in the blockbuster «Mad Max»

Zoe Kravitz’ Personal Life

There were a lot of rumors about Zoe’s personal life that was not always true. However, it is known that in 2008, she dated Ben Foster. But a year later, the New York Post published an article in which they say that the girl had a relationship with the leader of the band «MGMT» Andrew Van Wyngarden.
Zoe Kravitz without makeupZoe Kravitz without makeup
In 2010, the press began to talk about the relationship between Kravitz and her colleague in the film «Beware of Gonzo» Ezra Miller.
Zoe Kravitz and Ezra Miller has starred together a lotZoe Kravitz and Ezra Miller has starred together a lot
However, at the end of this year, Zoe showed tender feelings for her partner in the project «X: First Class,» Michael Fassbender.
Michael Fassbender and Zoe KravitzMichael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz
This love affair also turned out to be a passing fad that could not last much longer than joint work. So, in 2011 the couple broke up and the actress fell in love with Penn Badgley (the actor of TV series «Gossip girl»). In late 2013, the young people broke up.
Zoe Kravitz dated the star of «Gossip girl»Zoe Kravitz dated the star of «Gossip girl»
In 2015, Zoe Kravitz started dating musician George Lewis Jr., known as Twin Shadow.
Now Zoe Kravitz has a love affair with George Lewis, Jr.Now Zoe Kravitz has a love affair with George Lewis, Jr.

Zoe Kravitz Today

Today Zoe Kravitz continues to star in the movies, gradually rising to new heights. So, in 2015 and 2016 she appeared in the next episodes of the project «Divergent», which is accordingly called the «Insurgent» and «Allegiant». Moreover, in 2017, was scheduled the premiere of the film «The Divergent Series: Ascendant».
Zoe Kravitz will appear in the 4th part of the «Divergent»Zoe Kravitz will appear in the 4th part of the «Divergent»
In 2016, the release of two premieres with Zoe Kravitz staring was planned, the drama by Gerardo Naranjo«Viena and the Fantomes» and thriller by Gary Michael Schultz «Vincent N Roxxy». Also, she was one of the leading actresses of the new film series on Harry Potter’s universe like «Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them» with Eddie Redmayne. Although, her heroine has quite a bit of screen time in the first part of the sequel. Furthermore, her character will play a much more important role.
In 2016 Zoe Kravitz dyed her hair blondeIn 2016 Zoe Kravitz dyed her hair blonde
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