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Name: Channing Tatum

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Birth date: (43 y.o.)

Place of birth: Callman, Alabama, USA

Height: 6'1 ft ()

Weight: 183 lb (83 kg)

Relationship: single

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Biography of Channing Tatum

Channing Matthew Tatum is an American actor, producer, and model. He is well-known for his roles in the movies "Step Up" and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", the comedies "Magic Mike" and "21 Jump Street". He has got "MTV Movie Awards", and he is a four-time winner of Teen Choice Awards. Net worth: $80 million.
Hollywood actor Channing Tatum
Hollywood actor Channing Tatum

Childhood and Youth

Channing Tatum was born on April 26 in 1980 in a small town, Cullman, Alabama. His father Glenn Tatum was a builder, and his mother Kay Tatum (Faust) worked at the airline. The actor is quite a private person about his family: according to some sources, he is one of eight children, but we only know about his sister Paige Tatum – a model and an actress, as well as his half-brother Christopher Anderson, an actor, and a singer.
Channing Tatum in childhood
Channing Tatum in childhood
When Channing was 6 years old, his family moved to a suburb of Pascagoula, which is a town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The boy grew up in the rural conditions there. Being a child, he suffered from attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, so it was difficult for him to study at school. To help a child in his learning, the doctor prescribed him medicine that made Channing feel, according to his words, as if he had «no soul».
Like many Hollywood actors, Channing Tatum suffered from dyslexia in childhood
Like many Hollywood actors, Channing Tatum suffered from dyslexia in childhood
To put Channing’s physical hyperactivity in the right direction, his parents encouraged the boy to do different sports: he attended Football, Baseball, Athletics, and Kung Fu Clubs.
Channing was a very sports child
Channing was a very sports child
After a few years, the Tatums moved in the city of Tamp, Florida. Here Channing studied at the local Gaither School, and then his father offered the boy to make a choice: to enroll in a military school or to private high school. Channing chose the private Tampa Catholic High School and successfully graduated from it in 1998, having won the honorary title of the best athlete of the year, and having received a sports scholarship to study in the Glenville State College, West Virginia. However, soon after the start of classes in college Channing was disappointed in his study – he returned home and began trying to find himself, applying for various jobs.
Channing Tatum with his parents
Channing Tatum with his parents
In less than two years, this young man managed to try his hand as a builder-roofer, mortgage manager, assistant of the veterinarian, and seller of clothes, and then he began to work as a stripper at the nightclub, taking the stage nickname Jong Crawford. After that, he tried to start his professional career as a dancer and starred in the video for Ricky‘s song "She Bangs" in 2000.
Channing Tatum worked as a stripper at the nightclub in his youth
Channing Tatum worked as a stripper at the nightclub in his youth

Working as a Model

After his successful shooting in the music video, Channing was noticed and invited to work as a model in fashion shows. His clients became such famous brands as Giorgio Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as the popular magazine Men's Health.
Channing Tatum in the Ricky Martin’s music video
Then he was working in television advertising. A series of commercials for Soft Drinks Mountain Dew and Pepsi brought Tatum the special fame.
Before becoming an actor, Channing Tatum worked as a model
Before becoming an actor, Channing Tatum worked as a model
According to, in 2001, the young man’s name was on the list of 50 most beautiful people in the magazine Tear Sheet. In the period from 2000 until 2005, Channing was involved in many projects including advertising campaigns for Nautica watches, legendary Dolce & Gabbana, clothing brands American Eagle Outfitters, and audacious clothing line Emporio from Armani.
Pepsi Commercial with Channing Tatum

The acting career of Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum’s debut in the movie industry took place in the popular police TV series "CSI: Miami" in 2004, where he starred in the episode. Then he played a few small roles – in the movies "Coach Carter" (2005), "Supercross" (2005), and "Havoc" (2005). At this time, the young man took a great interest in the film industry and decided to leave a career as a model. And supposedly, he has never been disappointed about making that choice. Soon he was invited to star in the teen comedy "She’s the Man" (2006), based on William Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night".

Then Channing played the role of hip-hop dancer in the very popular musical melodrama "Step Up" (2006), which is considered a breakthrough work of Tatum. In this movie, Tatum’s natural charm, his skills as a dancer, and even the romantic feelings to his partner on shooting Jenna Dewan were so pertinent. In the same 2006, the young actor starred in "a serious" movie – the drama "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints", where Robert Downey Jr., Shia LaBeouf, and Dianne Wiest were his partners. This movie was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Special Jury Prize for the best cast.
«Step Up»: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
In addition, Channing got several awards and nominations at various festivals for the best supporting role in this movie. The next successful film featuring Tatum became the sequel "Step Up 2" (2008), but Channing had played only a small role – his character Tyler appeared in the one episode.

Then the actor played one of the leading roles in the movie "Stop-Loss" (2008), but it brought low box-office revenues, despite the positive reviews of critics, who called it "deep and sincere". The dramatic action movie "Fighting" (2009), where Channing also starred, was more successful. After it, the young actor played a supporting character with charismatic Johnny Depp in the lead and with the participation of Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard in the criminal blockbuster "Public Enemies" (2009). The new Channing’s breakthrough was the leading male role in the fantastic action movie "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (2009), where his partner was the famous British actress Sienna Miller. Channing Tatum got Teen Choice Award as the best actor in this action movie for this role. In 2013, the sequel "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" was released, where Tatum’s character became a supporting figure, and Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis starred in the lead. In 2010, the actor played with Amanda Seyfried in the romantic drama "Dear John". This touching story about a young soldier and love that he carried through the years and difficult circumstances found a lively response of the audience and grossed almost $115 million in the box-office.

According to the actor, starring in this movie, he really fell in love with the dramatic acting and began to appreciate it more than dancing, fighting scenes and other "ways of demonstration of his body." At the same time, there were premiered the wonderful romantic drama "10 Years" (2011), in which he again starred with Jenna Dewan, and successful melodrama "The Vow" (2012), where Rachel McAdams became Tatum’s partner. The critics described Tatum’s acting as "very sincere", and the actor was nominated at MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Award and People's Choice Awards.

In his next film – the action movie "21 Jump Street" (2012), for the first time Tatum tried himself in a comedy role (of course, it was the role of "a macho", while Jonah Hill played "a geek") and as a producer. This movie received warm approval of the audience, thanks to that the comedy got $200 million revenue, and the critics highly appreciated "21 Jump Street" as "a smart and entertaining satire with nostalgia for the 1980s and a parody of teen movies".

Being at the top of success, in 2014, it was shot the sequel "22 Jump Street" which earned $331 million. In the journalists’ opinion, the second movie was not "as catchy as the first one, but certainly smarter and more sincere".

In 2012, it was released a comedy about the stripper’s life "Magic Mike" by Steven Soderbergh, which had eventually become Tatum’s true "trademark". Channing successfully demonstrated his acting and dancing skills. Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Cody Horn also starred in this movie that full of humor and seductive pictures of athletic male bodies. This work is especially valuable for Channing because its plot was partially based on the actor’s personal experience when he was working as a dancer at the strip club. The audience appreciated "the sincere direction, fine script, and nice acting", and three years later the sequel "Magic Mike XXL" (2015) was released.
Magic Mike XXL: Trailer
The next years Tatum starred not only in the expensive movies but also in the low-budget serious dramas. They include the Soderbergh’s psychological thriller "Side Effects" (2013) with Rooney Mara and Jude Law and the Coen brothers’ comedy "Hail, Caesar!" (2016) where Tatum played the musicals’ star.

The shooting in the sports drama "Foxcatcher" (2014) had a great impact on his acting career: this movie, based on real events that took place at the training base of American fighters in the 1980s, made a splash with audiences worldwide and got many nominations and awards.
The idol of millions of women
The idol of millions of women
At that time Tatum became involved in voice-over work for the cartoons: the characters of "The Lego Movie" (2014, the role of Superman), "The Lego Batman Movie" (2016) and "The Book of Life" (2014, the role of Joaquin Mondragon) were voiced by him.

Another memorable actor’s work was the fantastic action movie "Jupiter Ascending" (2015) by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, in which Channing Tatum starred with charming Mila Kunis. The critics appreciated this space opera not too high, but the younger generation liked the flying handsome hero with pointed ears portrayed by Channing. In December 2015, Quentin Tarantino’s western detective "The Hateful Eight" came out, where Channing alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell. The actor had been trying to get this role for a month: he wrote Tarantino threatening to beat every actor who would be taken to play the role. Quentin joked that soon he will lock Tatum and other contenders in one room, and someone who comes out alive will be approved for the role.

This movie got the greatest number of prestigious awards, including Oscar and the Golden Globe for the Best soundtrack, written by the famous composer Enrico Morricone. Tatum undoubtedly succeeded in taking part in the spy action movie "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" (2017), where he joined a great cast with such stars as Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, and Jeff Bridges. The movie grossed over $400 million, and the critics praised it even more than the first part of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" (2015).

Personal Life of Channing Tatum

On the set of the most important movie for his career, "Step Up", Channing Tatum began to date his partner Jenna Dewan. At the dawn of their romance, Channing told her that he did not intend to have the serious relationship, and Jenna answered: "If you want to date other women and be free, I do not mind, but then we will not spend time together, watch a movie and so on". Three days later Channing came back to her and admitted: "You know, I have tried to be free, but I have been thinking about you all the time."
Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan
Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan
On July 11, 2009, after three years of relationship, the lovers celebrated a wonderful wedding in Malibu. On May 31, 2013, their daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum was born.
Everly is a daughter of Channing and Jenna
Everly is a daughter of Channing and Jenna
In the summer of 2017, one of the journalists asked Channing, what the secret of love and faithfulness of his marriage was, and he replied, "Relationship changes all the time... One year you need one thing, and then the next year you need another... not everything is always perfect, but you have to want to solve this equation all the time".

In April 2018, the couple of Tatum announced their divorce. The fans had noticed the disunion in their family even earlier when Jenna began to attend public events alone. The actors did not comment on the reasons for their sudden breakup.
There were not any quarrels or indecent incidents between us. We have no secrets. Just two best friends have realized that it is the time to help each other to live the most joyous and fulfilled lives as possible
After a half year after the divorce, Channing began to date Jessie J, the singer. Their relationships escalated quickly, the actor introduced her new lover with his daughter, and they managed. In the middle of 2019, they broke up. Both had very busy schedules. Moreover, Channing couldn't leave Lo Angeles where his daughter lives, while Jessie doesn't enjoy sunny California, preferring the rainy London. Obviously, their relationship is very complicated. They are spotted together serially.

Channing Tatum Now

The actor continues starring at the cinema. In 2018, the third part of the comedy "21 Jump Street" will be released and many people are waiting for the premiere. That same year, the animated movie "Smallfoot" will be produced. Channing voiced the main character – a snowman named Migo there.
A little later, in 2019, it will be shown "Gambit" – a superhero blockbuster based on the Marvel Comics about X-Men, where Channing will play a lead role of the mutant gambler named Gambit. Tatum has also been working on the Chinese project "Zombie Brother" based on popular comics in Asia as a producer. Last time, you can see the actor on the screen much less often. He wants to become a filmmaker, because of the 'action films star' is not the role he wants to go down in cinema history.
  • In the late 1980`s I worked with an actor, named Jeff Tatum, who looks SO much like Channing that I have to think they are related. I cannot find my old friend Jeff. Does anyone know anything about a possible relationship between them?
    2022-03-01 19:35:23
  • In my opinion Channing Tatum played all his main roles and now it`s time to wait for some director works
    2021-04-15 09:05:44
  • Movies with Channing Tatum I like. But it`s difficult to say the same about `The Hateful Eight`, In my opinion he failed in this movie.
    2021-03-29 09:04:19
  • Mediocre actor. I think Tatum looks cool mostly because of the special computer effects, because of his face and a partner (like in Jupiter Ascending).
    2021-03-19 08:26:11
  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is the best movie with Channing Tatum In my opinion. Maybe that is the reason he had so temperamental partner but actor played his role excellent!
    2021-03-14 13:58:55
  • I love Channing Tatum! I guess that any role what he is taking, its always successful.
    2021-03-12 19:48:23
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