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Amanda Seyfried

Name: Amanda Seyfried

Real name: Amanda Michelle Seyfried

Birth date: 3 of December 1985 (33 y.o.)

Place of birth: Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Height: 161 cm Weight: 52 kg

Birth Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese zodiac: Ox

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Amanda Seyfried’s biography

Amanda Seyfried – American actress, jump-started her career in modeling as a young girl. Thanks to her vocal skills, she was able to star in musicals as well.
Actress Amanda SeyfriedActress Amanda Seyfried

Early life

Amanda Seyfried was born on December 3rd, 1985 in Allentown in Eastern Pennsylvania. Her middle name is Michelle. She has an older sister – Jennifer, who has also opted for a career in showbiz: she is a singer in the rock band called «Love City». However, Amanda’s parents have nothing to do with this lifestyle: her mother, Ann – psychotherapist, and her father, Jack, is a pharmacist.
Amanda Seyfried in childhoodAmanda Seyfried in childhood
At just 11, Seyfried made her debut as a model. The professional modeling agency «Image» quickly took her under their wing, earning her a series of photoshoots and commercials for different brands of children’s clothing. As a result, the young model changed managers twice, found herself on the cover of a couple of Francine Pascal’s love stories and closed the modeling chapter of her life for good even before getting her high school diploma. The cause behind this was mostly a shift in priorities and the desire to grow as an actress.
Young Amanda SeyfriedYoung Amanda Seyfried
In 2003, the actress-to-be graduated from high school and relocated to New York, where she enrolled at Fordham University.

Acting career

Amanda’s first role – Lucy from the «As the World Turns» (1999) series. Wrapping up this project, an offer followed pretty quickly for Seyfried, in the soap opera «All my Children»: she appeared in three episodes in 2003.
Amanda Seyfried in «All my Children»Amanda Seyfried in «All my Children»
Then, she appeared in «Law and Order. Special Victims Unit» (2004) and «CSI. Crime Scene Investigation» (2006). Between these two, she managed to get a role in «Veronica Mars» (2004), but Kristen Bell stole the scene in this one; she also managed to make a debut in comedy movies with Lindsay Lohan in «Mean Girls (2004).
Amanda Seyfried in «Mean Girls»Amanda Seyfried in «Mean Girls»
2005 was basically the turning point in her career - several movies had come out where she was no longer a background character: Rodrigo Garcia’s «Nine Lives» and «Alpha Dog» with Justin Timberlake and Sharon Stone. For her performance in the first movie, she received an award at the Locarno Festival, and in the same year, «MTV Movie Awards» celebrated the actresses and their performance in «Mean Girls».
Amanda Seyfried in «Alpha Dog»Amanda Seyfried in «Alpha Dog»
Since 2006, Amanda starred in several seasons of «Big Love». That did not interfere with her work in other movie and TV projects. Her most remarkable role of the period – the musical «Mamma Mia!» (2008) based on the songs of ABBA. Amanda co-starred together with such actors as Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth.
Amanda Seyfried singing for «Mamma Mia!»
Thereon, temporary projects basically disappeared from Amanda’s filmography, but the diversity of genres only grew. Ranging from horror and thrilled, «Jennifer’s Body» (2009) and «Chloe» (2009) to romance «Dear John» (2010) and «Letters to Juliet» (2010).
Amanda Seyfried in «Jennifer’s Body»Amanda Seyfried in «Jennifer’s Body»
Amanda’s return to musicals was marked by «Les Miserables» (2012), where she worked with such starts as Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.
Amanda Seyfried on the set of «Les Miserables»Amanda Seyfried on the set of «Les Miserables»
She didn’t turn down smaller roles either, if she found the movie itself interesting. That’s how Seth MacFarlane’s «A Million Ways to Die in the West» (2014), after which, the director asked her to appear in «Ted 2» (2015).
Amanda Seyfried in «In Time»
Viewers and critics weren’t particularly fond of the adventure film «Pan» that came out the same year. Amanda was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards, a mock award in recognition of the worst in film.

Amanda Seyfried’s personal life

In 2008, on the set of «Mamma Mia!» (2008), Amanda met Dominic Cooper, but their romance lasted only until 2010.
Amanda Seyfried and Dominic CooperAmanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper
For two years, starting with 2013, the actress started dating one of her work colleagues - Justin Long.
Amanda Seyfried and Justin LongAmanda Seyfried and Justin Long
Thomas Sadoski, her co-star in «The Last Word» (2017) became Seyfried’s new love interest. Their engagement took place just a couple of months after their relationship began. They held a secret wedding ceremony in March 2017. In the same period, Amanda gave birth to their daughter, whom they decided to name Nina.
Amanda Seyfried with her husband and daughterAmanda Seyfried with her husband and daughter

Amanda Seyfried in the present

Amanda appeared in the series «Twin Peaks» (2017), and a year after, in the somewhat-experimental «Anon» and in the criminal comedy «Gringo».
Amanda Seyfried in «Twin Peaks»Amanda Seyfried in «Twin Peaks»
In 2017, the actress confessed that she’s suffering from a psychosomatic illness. She believes that had the diagnosis been established sooner, it would have made her life so much more balanced and easier. However, now, knowing the reason behind her phobias and anxiety, Amanda can fully control the situation.
The actress dedicated the summer of 2018 to the premiere of «Mamma Mia! 2» (2018) in different countries, to the promotion of the movie on various shows and the presentation of the musical sequel at many events.
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