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Lindsay Lohan

Name: Lindsay Lohan

Real name: Lindsay Dee Lohan

Birth date: 2 of July 1986 (32 y.o.)

Place of birth: New York City, U.S.

Height: 165 cm Weight: 48 kg

Birth Sign: Cancer

Chinese zodiac: Tiger

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Lindsay Lohan’s biography

Lindsay Lohan is a scandalously famous actress who made her film debut (The Parent Trap) at the age of 11. The fame that fell upon her at such a young age led to sad consequences: alcohol, drugs, promiscuous relations, fall in professional terms, bankruptcy. The actress and singer, who gave great hopes at one time, has become one of the saddest figures of Hollywood on a par with Britney Spears.
Actress, singer and socialite Lindsay LohanActress, singer and socialite Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s childhood. First roles

Baby Lindsay was born in New York on July 2, 1986. Since childhood, it was obvious that the little girl will never be a mediocre person, leading an uneventful life in a stuffy office for eight hours 5 days a week, and not only because she was an unusually artistic and restless child. Lindsay’s parents were very wealthy people who could afford to fulfill any wish of their beloved daughter.
Little Lindsay Lohan with her MomLittle Lindsay Lohan with her Mom
The actress’s dad, Michael Lohan, was once a big pasta entrepreneur with a criminal past, traded on the stock exchange, but then sold the multi-million business inherited from his father and began to finance independent projects in Hollywood. Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan (now known socialite), tried herself as an actress, but, not having achieved any visible success, decided to realize her dream in little Li-Lo.
Lindsay Lohan From 1 To 30 Years Old
That is why Lindsay became a frequenter of all sorts of castings since early childhood. It should be noted that the golden-red freckled little girl with thick plaits was noticed almost immediately. The first who drew attention to Lindsay’s eccentricity and talent, were the representatives of the model agency Ford. So the little girl appeared on Wendy’s & Jell-O and Pizza Hut commercials. At that time, she was barely three years old.
Lindsay Lohan’s career began with advertisingLindsay Lohan’s career began with advertising
Lindsay Lohan began building movie actress career at the age of 10: in 1996 she was offered to take part in the filming of the TV series Another World as Alli Fowler. She appeared in only a few episodes, but still participation in the series that has been popular for many years gave the result ‒ already in 1998 a film was released on screens where Lindsay Lohan played the lead role.
Lindsay Lohan in childhood and at the age of 25 yearsLindsay Lohan in childhood and at the age of 25 years
In the kind family comedy The Parent Trap the 12-year-old girl had to play as two girls Hallie and Annie who looked like each other like two peas. Despite the external similarity, her characters had completely different dispositions. But Lindsay withstood the first ordeal brilliantly and deservedly enjoyed the first rays of glory already in July 1998. The role brought Lohan many awards such as young actress of the year and breakthrough of the year, as well as a contract with Disney for three films.
In The Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan played two roles at onceIn The Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan played two roles at once
Dina Lohan undertook to coordinate all the working moments associated with her daughter’s rushing up career. Despite the three younger children (Michael, Aliana and Dakota) and the attention they desperately needed, the woman actively promoted the elder Lindsay, although she did it wisely. Dina clearly understood that if she began to mercilessly exploit her daughter, then her screen image would fade, and from a young talent she would turn into a mediocre actress. Therefore, she carefully selected the best of hundreds of offers.
Lindsay Lohan’s parents contributed to their daughter’s careerLindsay Lohan’s parents contributed to their daughter’s career
That’s why Lindsay appeared on the big screen only two years later. The role in the family comedy Life-Size again waited for her. The plot was built on the emotional experiences of teenage girl Casey, who lost her mother. She revived her doll (Tyra Banks) with the help of a magic spell, without even knowing that the dolls can have feelings too.
Shot from the movie Life-SizeShot from the movie Life-Size
A year later, the girl took part in the shooting of the first episodes of the youth series Bette. But the work schedule was so bad that Lindsay refused the role and let another actress have her place.

In 2002, the already 16-year-old Lindsay played curious Lexy in the adventure comedy Get a Clue. But the film about the children investigating the case of the missing teacher did not create a furor among the audience. Perhaps the thing was that the year before there was the premiere of the action-packed film Spy Kids with Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino, and many people unintentionally drew a parallel between these two films ‒ unfortunately, not in favor of the film with Lindsay Lohan.
Get a Clue: Lindsay Lohan as LexyGet a Clue: Lindsay Lohan as Lexy
Despite the fact that Lindsay was always busy on the sets, she brilliantly studied at school, managed to go in for sports and even master other areas of showbiz. For example, in 2002 she signed a contract with music label Estefan Enterprises to record five albums.

Lindsay Lohan: The Path to Success

In 2003, Li-Lo again appeared on the big screens as the lead actress in Mark Waters’ new film. It was Freaky Friday, an instructive comedy about changing mother and daughter’s bodies among themselves, which critics called Lindsay Lohan’s first commercial success. Inimitable Jamie Lee Curtis played the girl’s strict mom. Lindsay’s song Ultimate sounded in this film for the first time. The film brought Lindsay the MTV Award in the Breakthrough of the Year category, and inspired Mark Waters to invite the girl to his next film.
Freaky Friday ‒ one of Lindsay Lohan’s best filmsFreaky Friday ‒ one of Lindsay Lohan’s best films
The classic school comedy Mean Girls told the story of an extraordinary teenage girl Cady, who had studied distance learning all her life. Having finally got into a regular school, she, without even knowing it, falls in love with the boyfriend of the main school wretch performed by Rachel McAdams. The complexity of intrigues and the shocking truth about the backstage of the American school brought the film the love of the audience (mostly schoolgirls), and Lindsay Lohan’s collection of awards was replenished with another statuette from MTV, this time for Best Female Performance.
Mean Girls with Lindsay LohanMean Girls with Lindsay Lohan
In the same 2004, she played in the comedy called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Adam Garcia and Glenne Headly. On the set Lindsay met a beginner actress Megan Fox who took on Carla’s part, the main rival of Lindsay’s character.
Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox starred in one movieLindsay Lohan and Megan Fox starred in one movie
At the same time, the girl continued to study music and she signed a contract with the studio Casablanca Records in the middle of 2004. At the end of the same year, the world saw her debut album Speak. The disc was presented with the single Rumors, and the album itself quickly reached the fourth position in the national charts and received platinum status. Fans admired the versatility of the talents of the actress and predicted her Avril Lavigne’s fame. During this period, rumors were exaggerated in the press that Madonna herself wanted to record a duet with Lindsay.
Lindsay Lohan ‒ Rumors (2004)
And Mattel Inc (the producer of Barbie dolls) produced Li-Lo’s toy copy with the same copper-red shock of hair and freckles, putting the girl on a par with Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell and Marilyn Monroe.
Personal Barbie Lindsay LohanPersonal Barbie Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Drug Addiction. Problems with Law

The busy schedule (only in 2005, Lindsey had to play in five films and release a new album) and the stress led the actress to sad consequences. High life truly accompanying glory fell onto the young actress ‒ she had just turned 18 years old. Lindsay became a frequenter of endless Hollywood parties, and soon the tabloids were interspersed with unsightly photos: Lindsay with a bottle, drunk Lindsay at the wheel, terribly gaunt Lindsay...
Lindsay Lohan started having problems with alcohol at the age of 18Lindsay Lohan started having problems with alcohol at the age of 18
Much later, the star’s father, Michael Lohan, told the press that it was in 2005 that his daughter first tried drugs. The first time was followed by another one and another... During the filming of the comedy Herbie: Fully Loaded Lindsay’s worried agent phoned Michael and said that the girl almost died from an overdose of cocaine. The press was explained that the hospitalization was because of inflammation of the kidneys due to stress caused by problems on the personal life.
Herbie: Fully Loaded failed at the box officeHerbie: Fully Loaded failed at the box office
Herbie: Fully Loaded was declared as a failure, and Lindsay for a while disappeared from the view of fans. She underwent a rehabilitation course within a month. Her relatives and doctors helped her to return to normal life and shooting. After treatment the girl made an attempt to recover in the genre of family comedy and starred in the film Just My Luck. Her character, an unusually lucky beauty, accidentally kisses a regular loser and her luck transfers to the guy along with a kiss. Unfortunately, the film failed, and Lindsay even won the anti-award from Golden Raspberry Awards as Worst actress of the year.
Shot from the movie Just My LuckShot from the movie Just My Luck
At this time, an absolute dissension began between Lindsay Lohan’s parents. Her father often behaved inadequately, often accused his wife of the fact that it was she who derailed Lyndsay’s life. Soon the couple signed an agreement on separation. The young actress felt like the only link between her parents, and often blamed herself for not being able to keep their relationship.
In the photo: Lindsay Lohan and her fatherIn the photo: Lindsay Lohan and her father
People began to see her again in nightclubs ‒ the scandalous star openly sniffed cocaine, drank strong alcohol in liters, after which she arranged rousing intimate dances on the bar counter. Trying to keep drunken rows in secret from her parents, she often asked her friends to pay for her drink so that alcohol would not appear in her credit card bills. The actress always carried a bottle of water with her, and only her closest friends knew that in fact there wasn’t water inside, but vodka mixed with soda.
There were legends about Lindsay Lohan drunken adventuresThere were legends about Lindsay Lohan drunken adventures
As for Lindsay’s film career, here, it seemed, things were going uphill. Audience and critics highly appreciated two of her diverse works ‒ in the historical drama Bobby about the murder of Robert Kennedy and in the psychological thriller Chapter 27 with Jared Leto, in which she played as John Lennon’s fan, who made friends with his killer. Both Sharon Stone, and Meryl Streep spoke well of acting with her, confirming that the girl literally lives in front of the camera. And only the members of the film crew knew how hard the work with Lindsay was, with the girl who was always late and upset the schedule.
Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto in the film Chapter 27Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto in the film Chapter 27
In May 2006, Lindsay Lohan started having problems with the law. The police detained her for driving while intoxicated, and when they made a search in her car, they found a substance very similar to cocaine. After that, under pressure from relatives, Lohan again underwent a course of drug rehabilitation at the Promises centers in Malibu. The girl was there for a month, then went with her lawyer to the police station and left fingerprints.
Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton: scandalous friendsLindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton: scandalous friends
A few days after this, the actress began to pursue the mother of her personal assistant. The actress, who was shouting and waving hands at the woman, was seen on one of the parking lots in Santa Monica, where the law enforcement officers arrived after the victim’s call. Lindsay was sent to the police station where she underwent blood test. It turned out that the actress drank a large amount of alcohol. In addition, cocaine was found in the pocket of the girl.
Lindsay Lohan and the police: the eternal relationshipLindsay Lohan and the police: the eternal relationship
Lindsay Lohan was again accused of drunk driving and drug possession. The actress was released from under the arrest on bail after being charged 25 thousand dollars. After the incident, the girl again was at the clinic. However, the court still punished her ‒ Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to one day in prison, ten days of community service, a fine and a three-year probation. Lindsay was not able to avoid community service, but she was released from prison in two hours because of overcrowded cells as it was explained by the police.
Lindsay Lohan was in prison for two hoursLindsay Lohan was in prison for two hours

Georgia Rule ‒ a new round of glory?

In 2007, people who had watched the drama Georgia Rule just released were sure that Lindsay Lohan had finally successfully realized herself in the world of serious cinema. Approving the actress for the lead role was obvious ‒ spoiled, depraved boor Rachel was like two peas in a pod like the real Lindsay.
Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan and Jane Fonda. Trailer
Work on the film lasted two difficult months. Shooting was repeatedly interrupted, and it was Li-Lo who was always the cause of it: late arrivals, absence from work, severe hang-over ... Her partner Jane Fonda, who played as Rachel’s strict grandmother, said that in her entire career she had never met such a slapdash, unprofessional attitude to one’s work. One day Lindsay was hospitalized right from the set due to sunstroke and dehydration but the reason, of course, was in the other thing ‒ the actress again went on the spree.
After all the scandals Lindsay Lohan finally fell to the bottomAfter all the scandals Lindsay Lohan finally fell to the bottom
Alas, there was no new breakthrough: over the next three years, Lindsay appeared only in the quite mediocre thriller I Know Who Killed Me, the comedy Labor Pains and the brutal action movie Machete. By this time, it was no longer possible to find in her anything from the former charming red-haired girl.
In 2013, Lindsay Lohan again had a drug overdoseIn 2013, Lindsay Lohan again had a drug overdose

Lindsay Lohan’s personal life

Lindsay Lohan has always been one of the most talked about people of American showbiz. The personal life of the outrageous diva caused no less interest than her drunken adventures or problems with drugs.

The first official boyfriend of the 16-year-old actress was the singer Aaron Carter, who simultaneously made love to two star beauties ‒ Lindsay and Hilary Duff. Upon learning of unfaithfulness, the actress left Aaron without hesitation.
Lindsay Lohan and Aaron CarterLindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter
Dina Lohan said that Wilmer Valderrama, the star of That '70s Show, was the first true love of her daughter. After a loud love affair with Lindsay, he instantly became a sought-after actor and one of the most famous Hollywood divas lover. Many people believe that it was he who discovered for the girl all the vicious delights of the nightlife of Los Angeles, after which her life derailed.
Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer ValderramaLindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama
During the shooting of Chapter 27, the actress became close to Jared Leto, but the relationship did not continue. Then Lindsay won away the boyfriend from her once best friend Paris Hilton; in 2006, she switched to the eminent restaurateur Harry Morton, and after a rehabilitation course, she began dating with TV star Calm Best.
Lindsay Lohan and Calm BestLindsay Lohan and Calm Best
For three years Lindsay Lohan was dating with a girl ‒ DJ Samantha Ronson. Their love affair, which began in 2008, was accompanied by eventful showdowns of relations, public partings and equally showy passion.
Lindsay Lohan and Samantha RonsonLindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson
In 2014, the list of all Lindsay Lohan’s men appeared on the Internet, and the list included such famous personalities as Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, Benicio del Toro, Colin Farrell, Zac Efron, Heath Ledger, Lukas Haas, Jamie Dornan and many others ‒ 36 people in total.
Lindsay Lohan made the list of her lovers herselfLindsay Lohan made the list of her lovers herself
In October 2015, Lindsay Lohan suddenly began love affair with a 22-year-old Egor Tarabasov. Despite the seven years age gap, the couple almost immediately declared themselves as a bride and a groom.
Lindsay Lohan and Egor TarabasovLindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov
Tarabasov had his own real estate business and could easily afford providing even such a spoiled girl with everything she wanted, especially since the actress declared herself bankrupt and moved to her mother two years before their meeting. They sunbathed together on the beaches of Costa Rica, skied in the Alps. Lohan even introduced her beloved to her parents, which she had never done before.
Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov: a love story
But the idyll did not last long ‒ already in the summer of 2016, Lindsay began to provoke the guy to a quarrel. It came to a public fight on the beach in Greece. Shortly after this, the media reported on their break.

Apperently the actress has found a new boyfriend to replace Tarabasov just there, in Greece. Immediately after the break, she began to publish photos with the new boyfriend ‒ the Greek businessman Dennis Papageorgiou.

Lindsay Lohan now

In the recent years, Lindsay Lohan has very rarely appeared in the films. The latest films with her participation include the black comedy Scary Movie 5, in which she appeared with a small cameo for a fee of 200 thousand dollars, as well as a low-budget drama The Canyons, which collected 56 thousand dollars at the box office ‒ five times less than the amount spent on shooting. For each shooting day, Lindsay was paid only $ 100 but she was ready to work for such an amount of money and even agreed to a very frank scene.
At the age of 29 Lindsay Lohan looked worse than many women of 40At the age of 29 Lindsay Lohan looked worse than many women of 40
Even here, Lindsay was constantly balancing on the verge of being fired due to breaking the work schedule. After that, the New York Times published a biting article This is what happens when you take Lindsay Lohan to star in a movie.
Now Lindsay Lohan still leads an active party lifestyleNow Lindsay Lohan still leads an active party lifestyle
In 2018, a low-budget Mexican-made horror movie Among the Shadows starring Lindsay Lohan was to appear on the screens.

In 2016, the actress began to appear at public events in the hijab. Fans were puzzled: Did mischievous Lindsay Lohan really adopt Islam? It cannot be true! However, the rumors were confirmed: Lohan stated that she had decided to change the religion and even reset her Instagram page, deciding to begin it again. The first picture of the new life was the photo with the family of the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan. In March 2017, the girl said that she was preparing to start a fashionable Muslim clothing line.
Lindsay Lohan became MuslimLindsay Lohan became Muslim
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