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Name: Tom Holland

Real name: Thomas Stanley Holland

Birth date: 1 of June 1996 (22 y.o.)

Place of birth: Kingston upon Thames, London, England

Height: 173 cm Weight: 64 kg

Birth Sign: Gemini

Chinese zodiac: Rat

Occupation: actor, dancer

Photo: Tom Holland

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Tom Holland`s biography

Thomas Stanley Holland is an English actor that rose to popularity in a very young age. He laid his hands on many prestigious British movie awards when he was but 16 years old and has no plans to slow down.
Young Tom Holland is a new Spider ManYoung Tom Holland is a new Spider Man

Childhood and yearly life

Holland was born in Kingston upon Thames, south London on June 1, 1996. Tom`s urge to be an actor runs in the family: his father, Dominick Anthony Holland, famous British comedian, was a frequent guest in such shows as «Have I Got News for You» and «Never Mind the Buzzcocks», as well as in Brian Conley`s and Des O`Connor`s shows. His mother, Nicole Elisabeth Frost is a famous London photographer. Tom has become a true example to follow for his younger brothers: twins Harry and Sam, and the youngest child in the family – «Paddy», born in 2004.
Young Tom Holland with his mother Nicole FrostYoung Tom Holland with his mother Nicole Frost
Tom had studied in Roman Catholic school at Wimbledon College, in which he was accepted in 2008. Four years after Tom became a student of The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Many British famous singers such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Katie Melua, Leona Lewis and Kate Nash were graduates of this university.
Tom Holland with his father Dominick HollandTom Holland with his father Dominick Holland

Theatre career

In 2006 Tom was a member of dancing crew of YMCA School that preformed on Richmond Dance Festival. There he, 10 year old buy dancing hip hop, was spotted by Lynne Page, an assistant of Peter Darling, famous choreograph. Holland was invited on casting for his new spectacle «Billy Elliot», about a young boy Billy trying his hardest to break into the ballet world.
Tom Holland in «Billy Elliot the Musical»Tom Holland in «Billy Elliot the Musical»
It was a rainy Sunday morning when Tom and his parents appeared in theatre for a casting. Dominick and Nicole realized that their son stand no chance to pass the casting when they saw a long line of children in tights. At that time Tom wasn`t a professional dancer and never even attended dramatic courses. But Stephen Daldry, the director of the musical, realized the potential of young artist and chose him to the next stage of casting. When crew of choreographs expressed their outrage by the fact that young Tom had no idea how to dance on a big stage, Daldry answered: «Well, teach him!»
«Billy Elliot the Musical» with Tom Holland
After two years of training and eight castings Tom finally was accepted into the troupe. He debuted in «Billy Elliot the Musical» as a Michael. Three months later, on September 8, 2008, he made his first performance in the title role and continued to do so for 180 shows straight.
Tom Holland had acted in this role 180 times in 3 yearsTom Holland had acted in this role 180 times in 3 years
Just after his debut as Billy, Tom for the first time appeared on TV. He gave his first interview on FIVE, was invited as a guest on ITV1, and showed up on Myleene Klass Show.

On March 8, 2010 in celebration of the fourth anniversary of «Billy Elliot», all 4 actors that ever starred in musical were invited to meet British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Tom Holland was among them.

Cinema career

Tom Holland has found his way to the big screen through the cartoons. In 2011 he voiced over the Sho – main character of an anime «Arrietty» by Japanese studio «Ghibli».
Tom Holland in «The Impossible»Tom Holland in «The Impossible»
In 2012 Tom Holland finally made his debut on a big screen in «The Impossible» by Juan Antonio Bayona alongside Naomi Watts and Evan McGregor. For his impeccable performance as Lucas Benett young actor was nominated in 18 different nominations, scoring 8 awards. Tom`s father was very proud of his son`s accomplishments: «I`ve tried to conquer the Hollywood for 20 years and finally I`m here, on a red carpet but only as an attendant to the real star. Today my son has more fans than I ever had in my entire life.»
Tom Holland with Evan McGregor and Naomi WattsTom Holland with Evan McGregor and Naomi Watts
Later on Holland starred as Isaac in 2013 war drama «How I Live Now» by Kevin Macdonald.
Tom Holland in «Wolf Hall» seriesTom Holland in «Wolf Hall» series
In 2015 Tom appeared on a big screen starring as a cabin boy Tomas Nickerson in 2015 film «In the Hearth of the Sea» joining Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy. During the same year he performed in 4 episodes of popular British series «Wolf Hall», based on Hillary Mantel`s novel.
Tom Holland in «In the Hearth of the Sea»Tom Holland in «In the Hearth of the Sea»
Tom Holland became a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015 when he changed Andrew Garfield as a new Spider Man. Dominick Holland was the most exited to hear this news: «I had four sons before, now I have three and a real Spider Man. Well, nothing unusual, gotta get used to it!»
Tom Holland with his brothers and motherTom Holland with his brothers and mother
First appearance of Tom Holland wearing Spider Man suit happened in «Captain America: Civil War», blockbuster, premiered on May 6, 2016. He joined an established team of super-actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Actor is contracted as a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe for at least six movies.
Tom Holland learns Spider Man moves
2016 was quite a busy year for a young actor. Fans were able to see Tom starring in multiple bit hitters such as «Pilgrimage» (2016), «Edge of Winter» (2016) and «The Lost City of Z» (2016).
Tom Holland`s popularity grows with every his movieTom Holland`s popularity grows with every his movie

Personal life

During his time in BRIT School Tom met charming blonde Elle Lotherington. Star couple preferred to conceal their relationship from general public: the only thing that Tom shared in multiple interviews that he has a friend and it is a girl. Eventually they were caught on a photo, while being on a vacation together. From this moment they often started to appear on parties, in clubs and premieres of his movies.
Tom Holland and ElleTom Holland and Elle
However, in 2018 autumn Tom was spotted together with Zendaya, American singer and his partner from «Spider Man: Homecoming» movie. Insiders speculate that couple thoroughly hides their romantic relationship, but actors denied these claims.
Tom Holland and Zendaya are rumored to have an affairTom Holland and Zendaya are rumored to have an affair

Tom Holland now

In July, 2017 Marvel released their new Spider Man movie starring Tom Holland, as a part of restarting a franchise. Preparing for this role, Tom thoroughly studied all previous Spidey movies with Tobey Maguire} and Andrew Garfield as leads. “I think this is a time to see a Spider Man as a teenager; we`ve already seen a billionaire, scientist and a soldier» – said Tom during his pre-release interview, making as accent on his character`s age as a driving factor behind his decisions and deeds. – «The most important qualities that separate my Spider Man from the other Marvel characters are his youth and innocence». Main antagonist of the movie, «The Vulture», is portrayed by (Michael Keaton), with Marisa Tomey cast as aunt May.
Tom Holland – new Spider ManTom Holland – new Spider Man
Tom Holland has hand an appearance in the latest Marvel blockbuster «Avengers: Infinity war» (2018) as part of the main crew of superheroes. Second chapter of this epic fantasy movie is set to hit the movie theatres in 2019, with «Spider Man: Far From Home» hitting the screen right after that.
Tom Holland talks about «Avengers: Infinity War»
Young actor was cast to appear in upcoming «The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle» reuniting with his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. and voicing over Jip – the truthful companion of the main character of the film.
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