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Name: Chris Hemsworth

Birth date: 11 of August 1983 (35 y.o.)

Place of birth: Melburn, Australia

Height: 191 cm Weight: 95 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Pig

Occupation: actor

Photo: Chris Hemsworth

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Biography of Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is a famous Hollywood actor of Australian origin who is the best-known for his portrayal of god Thor in the multiple Marvel blockbusters such as «Avengers» and «Thor». He is an older brother of an actor Liam Hemsworth.
Chris Hemsworth is an outstanding actor not only due to Thor's roleChris Hemsworth is an outstanding actor not only due to Thor's role

Childhood and family. The first roles

Chris’ homeland is Australia – he was born in Melburn but had spent his childhood in the station town of Bulman. The middle son of Hemsworth’, he got along with both of the brothers – with an elder Luck and with a younger one, Liam.
Chris Hemsworth in his childhood and nowChris Hemsworth in his childhood and now
Their family was moving from place to place quite often until eventually had settled on the Philipp-Island. Boys had soon found what to do there and started surfing all day long really like true Australians. But Chris had another favorite activity – to stage some little episodes and to perform it to relatives.

Both of his brothers shared his passion to acting. They often were dreaming together of reaching the tops in the movie industry as such Australians like Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts have done.
All of the Hemsworth brothers became actors (Chris is in the middle)All of the Hemsworth brothers became actors (Chris is in the middle)
His debut became a role in the series of the Australian production, called «Neighbors». It had been airing since 1985, and interesting, that all the Hemsworth brothers took part in the filming. The first one was Luck who played Nathan Tyson, then Chris «became» Jamie Cane, and soon after Liam entered the set, having portrayed Josh Tailor.
«Neighbors» series – the debut of Chris Hemsworth«Neighbors» series – the debut of Chris Hemsworth
Aged 21, Chris was searching for his luck while auditioning to the soup-opera «Home and Away». He was aimed to get the role of Robbie Hunter but it occurred to be already given to another actor, so Chris’ character became Kim Hyde.

The series was shot in Sydney, thus Chris was forced to leave his family house and to move to the capital city. It was a reasonable decision, because due to this role Chris had gained his fame at first time and also was awarded as the Breakthrough of the Year by the Australian Film Academy.
Young Chris Hemsworth in the TV-series «Home and Away»
Furthermore, he acquired bunch of useful experience and improved many acting skills while starring in the series. In particular, he learned for that role how to ride a horse.

At the same time he appeared in the episodes of TV-series «The Saddle Club», «Marshall Law», while having been taken part in the 5th season of the Australian version of «Dancing with the Stars», which he left after the 5th week of the contest.
Australian «Dancing with the Stars»: Chris Hemsworth (year 2006)

Acting career in Hollywood

In 2007, Chris suddenly realized that the local TV couldn’t offer him something new and on that reason he had soon moved to USA. There, in Hollywood, the star of the Australian soap-operas was warmly welcomed and soon after he has joined the cast of the high-budget project «Star Track». Chris portrayed George Kirk, a father of the Chris Pine’s character.
Chris Hemsworh played George Kirk in the «Star Track»Chris Hemsworh played George Kirk in the «Star Track»
Soon thereafter he got lucky to play alongside Shawn Bien in the low-budget criminal comedy «Ca$h». His character, an ordinary clerk Sam Fellon, got a great amount of money by the happy chance but the problem is that this sum is belonged to the authoritative criminal.

Despite the fact that the budget of the film was quite limited, it could have been called very memorable. Subsequently Chris’ name was in the titles of the other similar project – «A Perfect Getaway», where he played alongside Milla Jovovich and Steve Zan.

Thor and «Avengers»

The turning point of the Chris Hemsworth’ career was connected with his approval for a superhero blockbuster by Marvel to the role of Thor, legendary Scandinavian god with great power and a magic hummer Mjolnir. Hemsworth was cast among many other candidates, and his rivals were really competitive: Channing Tatum, Alexander Skarsgard, wrestling champion WWE Paul Leveski and even Chris’ younger brother Liam were auditioned for the role.

But Kenneth Brannah preferred Chris to all of them and it was a good fortune for an actor. The choice of Brannah, in fact, not astonishing at all: high and muscled Chris even with no special costume or makeup looks exactly like a legendary thunderer embodied into life. His courageous nordic face is even more impressive than originally Scandinavian look of Swede Skarsgard.
Chris Hemsworth gained popularity thanks to the role of ThorChris Hemsworth gained popularity thanks to the role of Thor
Nevertheless, the actor had to build up more muscles and gain about 20 pounds of the muscle mass even before the filming. Reaching that goal, he had a tight schedule with 4 exercising days in a gym; he also did surfing, boxing or running and had just one day to take a rest.
Chris Hemsworth trained a lot before filming in ThorChris Hemsworth trained a lot before filming in Thor
Just after the release of the blockbuster, where a story about family quarrels of Thor, his cunning brother Loki and their father Odin was told (portrayed by Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins), Chris had realized the greatness of his success. He was immediately not only moved to the very top of Asgard, but gained confidence in his future as an actor.

And it was only the beginning – it has been already known that Thor is a constant figure of seemingly never-ending Marvel Universe franchise. Just in a year he appeared on the screen as one of the teammates of other Marvel superheroes like Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and other fighters of evil.
In 2012 Thor joined Avengers' crewIn 2012 Thor joined Avengers' crew
Originally the Asgard’s king had his personal purpose in his arrival to Earth. He was intended to bring back home his brother Loki who betrayed his people and stole mysterious weapon of ultra destructive power in order to attack Earth. To prevent the catastrophe, a leader of the secret organization of S.C.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury (brilliantly played by Samuel Lee Jackson) gathered all Marvel superheroes already known by the audience from the previous screen versions.

If Thor was forced to confront with Avengers portrayed by Robert Downey-Jr., Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo in the beginning, he became the important part of their crew after their reconciliation and even had a crush on Black Widow Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).
Chris Hemsworth and his superhero colleaguesChris Hemsworth and his superhero colleagues
Soon later the audience could have seen Hemsworth in the grotesque horror film «The Cabin in the Woods». He portrayed a peculiar character of a candid athlete Kurt Vaughan. Chris got a chance to open up his yet unknown comedy side and to demonstrate courage and self-irony. It is noteworthy, that actor was not recognized without his famous Thor’s beard by the spectators.
Chris Hemsworth filmed in «The Cabin in the Woods» before «Avengers»Chris Hemsworth filmed in «The Cabin in the Woods» before «Avengers»
The other one Chris’ significant work of that time is the portrayal of the hunter in the «Snow White and the Huntsman» by Rupert Sanders. During the shooting he had genuinely enjoyed the co-working with Kristen Stewart despite the fact that the actress accidentally put a bruise on his face. He also made friends with Charlize Theron on the set, who played a character from the dark side that time.

In 2013, the young man starred biopic «Rush» the plot of which was dedicated to the real story of the racer of FIA Formula One World Championship, James Hunt. The success of the film made by Ron Howard, was an evidence that Chris Hemsworth is able not only to act as Thor with a few facial expressions and taking a stand always ready to beat, but might have been called a talented actor by right.
Chris Hemsworth at the Jimmy Fellon ShowChris Hemsworth at the Jimmy Fellon Show
Same year the next solo film about Thor was premiered, and in 2015 Chris returned to his famous character in the blockbuster «Avengers: The Age of Altron».

In year 2016, Hemsworth appeared in the «female» remake of the «Ghostbusters». He played a secretary of the charming women who were in a hunt for the paranormal.
«Ghostbusters»: Chris Hemsworth as a secretary«Ghostbusters»: Chris Hemsworth as a secretary
The premiere of the third and the last part dedicated to the adventurous life of the Asgard’s King took place in 2017 by the title «Thor: Ragnarok».

Personal life of Chris Hemsworth

Despite the image of a beautiful heartbreaker, Chris Hemsworth can be rightfully considered an honest family man – only with exception of his marriage with an actress Isabel Lucas (who was Chris’ partner on the set of «Home and Away»), which was concluded as hasty as it was collapsed.
Chris Hemsworth was married to Isabel Lucas not for a long time in 2006Chris Hemsworth was married to Isabel Lucas not for a long time in 2006
In 2010 Chris met Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky, the future star of the «Fast and the Furious» franchise. Hemsworth behaved as a true Thor – so decisively and almost with lightning speed, that in 3 months the couple had already been engaged.
Chris Hemsworth with his wife, Elsa PatakyChris Hemsworth with his wife, Elsa Pataky
Their wedding ceremony was held at Christmas in a Chris’ hometown. Despite the age difference – Elsa is older him for 6 years, the genuine harmony reigns in their house. Their fans are admiring the couple that seemed to be perfect from their images at the red carpet to their views on how children should be brought up.
Chris is a model husband and fatherChris is a model husband and father
The first-born of Hemsworth’ entered this world at spring of year 2012. The spouses gave birth to a charming baby called India Rose Hemsworth. After her birth both of them had forgotten about their careers and began to spend together as much time as possible. When a little India joyfully shouted «Daddy!», Chris was ready to cry tears of happiness. He couldn’t restrain himself from tears in 2014, when his and Elsa twins, Tristan and Sasha, were born.
Chris Hemsworth with his wife and childrenChris Hemsworth with his wife and children

Chris Hemsworth Today

Chris Hemsworth continues playing Thor in the Marvel blockbusters. In «Avengers: Infinity War» his character was forced to save the world with the Guardians of the Galaxy, which were as usual played by Chris Pratt, Zoey Saldana and others. The epic story will be continued in 2019, in the fourth part of the popular franchise.
A shapshot from «Avengers: Infinity War»A shapshot from «Avengers: Infinity War»
Chris also played alongside Tessa Thompson and Liam Nison in the «Men in Black»’ reboot, which premiere is scheduled for 2019.
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