Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson
Real name:
Nicholas John Robinson
Who is:
Birth date:
(29 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Seattle, Washington, U.S.
6'2 ft ()
181 lb (82 kg)
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Chinese zodiac:

Nick Robinson's biography

Nick Robinson is one of the representatives of young Hollywood actors who became successful before the age of 25. In 2018, this young actor with his alluring and asymmetrical smile played the role of Simon in the drama series Love, Simon, which delves into the subject of teenage identity and homosexuality. Net worth: $4 million.
In the photo: Nick Robinson
In the photo: Nick Robinson


Nicholas John Robinson was born on March 22, 1995, in the largest megapolis in the northwest - Seattle. The acting talent of Michael and Denise's eldest son (out of 5 children) manifested at an early age. Even at the age of 2, he would never just watch the movie - he'd recreate everything the characters did, his mother said.
Nick Robinson in his childhood
Nick Robinson in his childhood
At the age of 10, Nick started attending a drama studio, and for the first time in 2006 he appeared on stage in the adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and when he turned 13 - he started touring around Washington state with a group of actors from the local theater. The acting novice played roles of teenagers in the adaptations of Mame, A Thousand Clowns and To Kill A Mockingbird.
Nick Robinson talking about his school years

First roles

A memorable event in Nick's life was his meeting with a famous Hollywood agent, and namely - Matt Casella. He made him his protege and in 2009, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson signed a contract with the LA agency Savage on behalf of their underage son.
Nick Robinson on stage
Nick Robinson on stage
The same year, the Robinson family relocated to Hollywood, but they had to postpone taking Hollywood by storm, due to the strike of the Screen Actors Guild. Upon the return to their hometown, Nick auditioned and got a role on a TV show, which basically marked the beginning of his career.
Nick Robinson in the TV show Melissa & Joey
Nick Robinson in the TV show Melissa & Joey
Melissa & Joey quickly became a fan favorite and not only in the US, but abroad as well. For years, Nick was playing the role of Mel Ryder's nephew and worked with Melissa Joan Hart. Before the end of the project, the actor received his first dose of fan love, which was not only due to his excellent acting skills but to his physical appearance too.
On the set of Melissa & Joey
On the set of Melissa & Joey
From 2010 to 2012, Nick was mainly working in sitcoms, but that's exactly the reason why Hollywood producers noticed him and the young actor played in the history drama Vatel, where he co-starred with Gerard Depardieu, Tim Roth, Uma Thurman and other famous Hollywood and European actors.

According to, Nicholas's success with the young public reinforced his role as Joe in the drama-comedy The Kings of Summer, where he co-starred with Moises Arias, Thomas Middleditch, and Gabriel Basso.
Nick Robison in The Kings of Summer
Nick Robison in The Kings of Summer
In 2015, Melissa & Joey came to an end, and in less than two years Nick played roles in Jurassic World, The 5th Wave, and in the series Boardwalk Empire. The latter brought him many useful connections and has earned him the experience of working with Chloe Grace Moretz, Liev Schreiber, and Maria Bello.
Maria Bello and Nick Robinson in The 5th Wave
Maria Bello and Nick Robinson in The 5th Wave
Jurassic World, a 2015 sci-fi thriller, packed with special effects, became yet another milestone for Nick in his journey to conquering Hollywood, and already the next year he received the lead role in the drama Everything, Everything, the plot of which was based on Nicola Yoon's novel.
Nick Robinson in Jurassic World
Nick Robinson in Jurassic World
In the touching love story of a girl suffering allergic reactions to literally everything and the boy who moved next door, Nick co-starred with Amandla Stenberg, already well-known to viewers for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games. Similarly to the novel, the movie had resonance and despite the mixed critic reviews, the viewers liked the adapted plot. Anika Noni Rose and Peter Benson also played in this movie.
Everything, Everything - the trailer
The drama Krystal, where the lead role was brilliantly played by Rosario Dawson, was released in 2018. In this movie, Nick played the role of a young man who was in love with Dawson's heroine - an ex-stripper.

Nick Robinson's personal life

Nick is not one to share all details of his private life.
The young actor`s privacy was one reason to suspect that he had an untraditional sexual orientation, however, his female fans hope those allegations are wrong.
After the release of the sci-fi thriller The 5th Wave, social media was bursting with photos of his with Chloe Grace Moretz, which also lead to lots of rumors.
Nick Robinson is not too eager to share details of his personal life
Nick Robinson is not too eager to share details of his personal life
Nick juggled his work on TV shows and movies simultaneously with his studies, and he has successfully graduated from university. Popularity and the media attention, who are following his every step, lead to him dropping off from his social media in 2016.
There's little reason to believe in the authenticity of the information displayed on his Instagram. Nick rarely gives interviews and eludes questions related to his personal life, highlighting the fact that at the moment he prefers to focus all his effort on his work.

Nick Robinson now

The premiere of the drama Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti, famous for such works as Green Lantern and Wrath of the Titans, took place in the spring of 2018. Nicholas played the role of a gay teenager who was forced to hide his sexual orientation. The role of Simon's mother was played by Jennifer Garner, and the protagonist's best friend - Alexandra Shipp. Katherine Langford, Talitha Bateman, and Josh Duhamel also starred in the movie.
Love, Simon - the trailer
The touching plot and the exceptional cast, the highlight of which was Nick, of course, turned the movie into a hit by raising awareness of teenage self-identification and the relationship with their parents.
Nick Robinson in Love, Simon
Nick Robinson in Love, Simon
In 2019, Nick Robinson starred in the TV series "Strange But True". In the same year, the actor could also be seen in "Native Son" with Margaret Qualley. The premiere of the rating series Love, Victor took place in 2020. In the story, an indecisive teenager Victor has just moved to a new city and started going to an unknown school. One of the roles went to Nick Robinson.
Native Son – Official Trailer
Robinson could also be seen in the films Silk Road, Shadow in the Cloud (where he again starred with Chloe Moretz), as well as A Teacher. In 2021, they are preparing for the premiere of 2 projects with the participation of the actor: Maid and The Language of Flowers.

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