Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford
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Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Katherine Langford Biography

Actress Katherine Langford became well-known after the release of the first few episodes of the drama series "13 Reasons Why", which served as a star-making role for the young Australian.
Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford

Early Years

Katherine Langford, born on April 29, 1996 in Perth, Australia, is the eldest daughter of Elizabeth and Stephen Langford. Both of Katherine's parents are medical professionals: Elizabeth is a pediatrician and Stephen is the director of the "Flying Doctor" medical aviation service.
Katherine Langford was born in Australia
Katherine Langford was born in Australia
Katherine grew up with her younger sister Josephine in the suburb of Applecross, Perth. From an early age, she was passionate about drama and took vocal lessons. She was the captain of her school's swimming team, and after attending a Lady Gaga concert as part of her international tour in 2012, she decided to learn to play the piano.
Katherine Langford before she became famous
Initially, Katherine viewed her passion for art as a hobby, planning to dedicate herself to medicine like her parents. However, her love for the arts and the success she achieved in various theater and music competitions gradually led her to choose acting.
Katherine viewed her passion for art as a hobby
Katherine viewed her passion for art as a hobby
In high school, Katherine stopped playing sports and started attending a theater studio for teenagers. She dreamed of continuing her studies in drama, but she couldn't immediately get into acting school. Throughout 2013, Katherine took courses at theater studios and worked to pay for them herself.

In 2014, she was able to enroll in the Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts, where she performed in several plays and was recognized in the lead role in the student production of "Evita". Katherine's beauty, youthful enthusiasm, and undeniable talent were finally noticed, and she was offered a grant to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. However, to the surprise of her family and friends, she declined.

Early Roles

Catherine's ascent to cinematic Olympus began in 2015 when she hired an agent and landed a role in the short film "Story of Miss Oxygen". The film was showcased at the Australian Independent Film Festival, drawing attention to the young actress.
Story of miss Oxygen ft. Kate Rain & Katherine Langford
In 2016, Langford appeared in the short film "Imperfect Quadrant" and played the lead role in the short feature "Daughter", which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

That same year, Catherine auditioned for a television project dedicated to the early life of William Shakespeare, but she didn't get the part. Catherine had experienced rejection before and wasn't disheartened. Instead, she began preparing with renewed hope for her next audition for a new Netflix series, which turned out to be her golden ticket to Hollywood.

13 Reasons Why

As we know, people are judged by their appearance, and a series - by the first episodes, and "13 Reasons Why", intriguing the audience not with the first episodes, but with the first shots, lived up to the expectations of the creators, earning the highest marks from leading film critics in America and Europe.
Katherine Langford on 13 Reasons Why, Australia & Doctor Parents
Katherine, who played a high school girl who committed suicide, got this role after auditioning via Skype. In the dark and atmospheric psychological story, based on Jay Asher's bestseller, the young Australian was able to convey the emotional state of her character, who decided on drastic measures for very substantial thirteen reasons.
Actress Katherine Langford
Actress Katherine Langford
The second main character of the drama is Clay, who is one of the reasons for Hannah's suicide, a homosexual, which also contributed to the fuss around the series, in a somewhat grotesque manner revealing the vices of society and the difficulties that every teenager experiences during the period of self-identification and maturation.

Two seasons of the project, called the masterpiece of masterpieces, were released from 2017 to 2018, and at the end of the second season, the creators decided to extend it for another season, the filming of which began in the fall of 2018. Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Ross Butler, Derek Luke, and other young actors also starred in the series.
Katherine Langford on the red carpet
Katherine Langford on the red carpet
The series became the most popular television project of 2017, and the Australian newcomer was nominated for prestigious awards such as the "Golden Globe" and "Satellite".

Further Career

By 2018, Katherine's filmography included the Australian romantic comedy "The Misguided" and the drama "Love, Simon", in which she starred alongside Talitha Bateman, Jennifer Garner, Nick Robinson, Alexandra Shipp and Josh Duhamel.
Katherine Langford in Love, Simon
In 2019, fans saw their favorite actress in Brian Duffield's comedic horror film "Spontaneous", where she played the lead role alongside Charlie Plummer. In the school where her character studies, strange events begin to happen: students start to explode without reason. Critics highly praised her performance.
A scene from the movie 'Spontaneous'
A scene from the movie 'Spontaneous'
In the same year, Langford appeared in the mystery film "Knives Out", playing Meg, the granddaughter of the mysteriously deceased writer Trombri, whose inheritance triggers a serious fight. Her character has a low opinion of her greedy and quarrelsome family, especially her brother with his conservative political views, but she eventually succumbs to family pressure.
Katherine Langford and Ana de Armas in the movie 'Knives Out'
Katherine Langford and Ana de Armas in the movie 'Knives Out'
Katherine also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Morgan Stark, Tony Stark's grown-up daughter, whom he sees after Thanos' snap in "Avengers: Endgame". However, her scenes were cut during the final edit. We realized we had no emotional connection to Tony's grown-up daughter. It just didn't feel right and didn't resonate with us on an emotional level, explained Robert Downey Jr..

In 2020, Katherine also played one of the leading roles - Nimue, a character from ancient English folklore - in the Netflix series "Cursed".
Katherine Langford in the series 'Cursed'
Katherine Langford in the series 'Cursed'

Personal Life of Katherine Langford

Named the discovery of the 2017-2018 movie season, the actress has admitted that she is still getting used to the intense media attention and fans who hound her on social media.
The heart of the young actress is free
The heart of the young actress is free
Little is known about Katherine's personal life, except that she has yet to meet a young man with whom she would decide to start a romantic relationship. The rumored relationship with Dylan Minnette, her co-star in "13 Reasons Why," turned out to be nothing more than gossip. The young actors share a friendship.

In her free time, the Australian starlet indulges in music, enjoys shopping, and spending time with her family who remain in Australia and whom she misses greatly.
Katherine loves shopping
Katherine loves shopping
Katherine's younger sister decided to follow in her footsteps and also became an actress. In 2018, audiences saw Josephine Langford in the horror-drama "Wish Upon."
Josephine, Katherine Langford's sister, also became an actress
Josephine, Katherine Langford's sister, also became an actress

Katherine Langford Now

In 2022, Katherine Langford played the lead role in the Australian miniseries "Savage River". The actress was very happy to return to her homeland: "I've been wanting to tell stories at home for so long. I love coming back home, plus we have such a talented team of creatives".
Katherine Langford on the set of 'Savage River'
Katherine Langford on the set of 'Savage River'
Her character, Miki, went to jail at the age of 16 and experienced a lot before returning to her hometown and becoming the main murder suspect. Preparing for the role, Katherine watched documentaries about life in prison and juvenile criminals.
Katherine Langford in Savage River
The actress plans to work with director Darren Aronofsky, whose work she has admired for a long time.

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