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Josephine Langford
Real name:
Josephine Eliza Langford
Who is:
Birth date:
(26 y.o.)
Place of birth:
Perth, Australia
5'6 ft ()
121 lb (55 kg)
Birth Sign:
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Biography of Josephine Langford

Josephine Langford is an Australian actress who gained popularity for her role as Darcy Chapman in the film "Wish Upon" (2017). She played the lead role in the drama "After" (2019) and the subsequent four parts of the franchise, which gained worldwide popularity.
Australian actress Josephine Langford
Australian actress Josephine Langford

Childhood and Youth

Josephine Langford was born on August 18, 1997, in Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. Her mother, Elizabeth Langford (née Green), works as a pediatrician. Her father, Stephen Langford, is a medic for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (an aviation network that provides medical aid to residents of remote areas of the continent). "My parents treat village people, for instance, if they are bitten by a snake, and the nearest hospital is very far away," the actress shared.
Josephine Langford was born into a medical family from Australia
Josephine Langford was born into a medical family from Australia
Josephine is the younger sister of Katherine Langford (born 1996), the star of the popular Netflix series "13 Reasons Why". Despite the arguments of journalists and haters, there is no feud between the two sisters. The cause of disagreements were videos edited in such a way that fans began to doubt their relationship. "When there is little information, people just start interpreting words in any way convenient for them," the actress shared her thoughts. In reality, Katherine simply refused to discuss her family with journalists.
Katherine Langford and Josephine Langford are sisters
Katherine Langford and Josephine Langford are sisters

First Roles

Josephine Langford made her film debut at the age of 16, landing the lead role in the short film "Sex Ed" by Australian director Rob Wini. On the set of her second film, the short film "Gypsy Blood", she once again worked with young Australian actress Isabella Birighitti. This time, the cast of the film was significantly larger, allowing Langford to meet a number of aspiring and already experienced actors.
Josephine Langford in the short film 'Sex Ed'
Three years later, she was offered a role in her first feature film. In the sci-fi drama "Pulse" (2017), the story revolves around a disabled teenager (Daniel Monks) who finds himself in the body of a beautiful grown woman and finally feels acceptance and love.
Josephine Langford's height is 167 cm, weight is 55 kg
Josephine Langford's height is 167 cm, weight is 55 kg
In 2017, young Josephine set off to conquer Hollywood. She was cast in one of the main roles in the fantasy horror "Wish Upon". The film tells the story of a teenage girl who finds a magical box, the use of which comes at a too high price. The film was directed by John R. Leonetti, creator of the hit film "Annabelle" (2014).
Josephine Langford as Darcie Chapman ('Wish Upon')
Josephine Langford as Darcie Chapman ('Wish Upon')
The main role of the unlucky Clare was played by young actress Joey King. Langford, on the other hand, landed the role of Clare's nemesis, the haughty and self-confident schoolgirl Darcie Chapman, who experiences all the horrors of the fulfilled curses from her classmate. The film also features Ryan Phillippe, Ki Hong Lee, and other famous actors.
The film received average ratings and several negative reviews. 'The film is neither scary nor original, but it's perfectly suitable for a midnight viewing at a summer camp,' one critic commented.
After trying her hand at American cinema, Josephine returned to her homeland, where she appeared in two episodes of the horror series "Wolf Creek". With increasing popularity, Langford started to draw the attention of famous publications – she appeared in a spread of Harper’s Bazaar Australia and a number of other popular magazines.
A scene from the TV series 'Wolf Creek'
A scene from the TV series 'Wolf Creek'

"After" and the Blossoming of a Career

The teen drama "After" directed by Jenny Gage, based on Anna Todd's bestseller of the same name, was premiered in 2019. The film tells the story of two young people, diligent student Tessa (Josephine Langford) and rebel with a troubled past Hardin (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin), who are swept up in intense romantic feelings. Their unexpected encounter splits their lives into before and after.
Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'
After the author published the first chapters of her novel on the online community Wattpad, the book instantly gained popularity. Readers around the world were so eager to read the novel that they crashed the site. It's no surprise that fans of the book awaited the casting as fervently as they once awaited the choice of actresses for Bella in "Twilight" and Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games".
Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin
Interesting fact: "After" was originally a fan fiction about musician Harry Styles, the lead singer of One Direction. Eventually, Todd changed the name of the main character from Harry Styles to Hardin Scott.
In one interview, Langford confessed: 'I am so glad that I am filming in 'After' and that I was able to bring Tessa's character to life. People have been so patient to see this story on screen, and I am happy to be a part of it.'
Critics received the film cooly – the number of positive reviews for "After" made up less than 20% of the total. But viewers, on the other hand, highly rated the film, so the question of shooting a sequel wasn't even in question.
We see how Tessa grows from a young girl who has not yet faced certain life challenges. She moves from a small town to college, becomes a woman in a relationship with complex circumstances, with a job that is not what she imagined. This is a journey from an eighteen-year-old person to a thirty-year-old.
Josephine about working on the role of Tessa
In May 2019, Josephine could be seen in one of the episodes of the American horror series "Into the Dark". All episodes of the series are tied to holidays celebrated in a particular month. The episode in which Langford played the lead role was titled "They Come Knocking".
A shot from the TV series 'Into the Dark'
A shot from the TV series 'Into the Dark'
In 2020, the second part of "After" was released, in which Langford's character has a new suitor (Dylan Sprouse), but there is no chemistry between them, and Hardin doesn't let go of Tessa.
Josephine Langford in the movie 'After We Collided'
Josephine Langford in the movie 'After We Collided'
In the third chapter of "After" (2021), Josephine's character has to make several important decisions. Does her father really want to mend relations with her or is he using her? Accept a lucrative job offer in another city or stay with the person she loves?

The fourth part "After Ever Happy" (2022) and the fifth, final, "After Everything" (2023) marked the end of Tessa and Hardin's story. By this point, the audience's interest in the franchise had noticeably declined. The main complaint from viewers was that all the movies were made "to a formula". And if a couple of years before the release of the final part, a prequel and another part devoted to the story of the main characters' children were planned, after the release of "After Forever", work on them was not carried out.

Josephine Langford's Personal Life

Little is known about Josephine Langford's personal life. Fans are left guessing - either the actress is very good at hiding her significant other from the public, or her heart is truly unoccupied.
Of course, after the premiere of "After", she was often rumored to be in a relationship with Hero Fiennes Tiffin. However, outside the shooting location, their relationship was purely platonic.

Josephine barely uses social media. She considers herself a private and introverted person, and she greatly respects personal boundaries.

Josephine Langford Now

In 2023, besides the final part of "After", Josephine Langford could be seen in the romantic comedy "The Other Zoey". Her character is a smart, cynical girl who is absolutely uninterested in romance, a stark contrast to Tessa Young from "After". However, her attitude changes after meeting Zack (Drew Starkey).
A scene from the movie 'The Other Zoey'
A scene from the movie 'The Other Zoey'

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