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Milla Jovovich
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Milla Jovovich’s biography

Milla Jovovich is an American actress with Slavic roots who emigrated with from the Soviet Union to the United States her parents when she was a child. She became recognizable when she was very young, and after starring in such popular films as "The Fifth Element", "Apocalypse", "Ultraviolet" and "Resident Evil", she acquires worldwide fame. Apart from successful actrees' career Jovovich also managed to express her talent as a model and a singer. She has an active lifestyle and stays in demand in Hollywood, starring in new films "The Future World", "Beginners", and "Hellboy." Net worth: $50 million.
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich

Early years

Milla Jovovich (real name - Militsa Bogdanovna Jovovich) was born in 1975 in the Soviet Union, in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Her parents met when her Dad, Bogdan Jovovich, of Serbian origin, studied for a doctor at the program for foreign students in the USSR. Her mother, Galina Loginova, graduated from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, and worked at the Dovzhenko film studio. As a student, she starred in the television version of "Shadows disappear at noon," a popular Soviet-era work by Anatoly Ivanov.
Milla Jovovich as a Child
Milla Jovovich as a Child
Milla's parents' marriage did not work out for her father was forced to leave the country because he could not get a visa. Those days, marriage with a foreigner caused many problems. Milla's mother came under the supervision of the KGB, and she was no longer invited to film. Unable to find a decent job and stay together, the parents decided to emigrate.

Childhood. First challenges

When Milla was 5 years old, her parents moved first to London, and then to America. The family settled in Los Angeles, but their pink dreams of becoming successful collapsed soon. The father did not manage to get a doctor's license, and the mother failed to get filmed because of her accent and tough competition. The situation got worse when Bogdan Jovovich was imprisoned for fraud with medical insurance for a long time.
Milla Jovovich in her youth
Milla Jovovich in her youth
Milla's years in the American school were not great too. Her classmates did not accept her, for people from the USSR were treated with hostility during the Cold War. Without a full family and in an unfriendly school environment, Milla felt vulnerable and lonely.

Being left alone and understanding that the dream is to be achieved only by means of hard work, Milla's mother dedicated all her time and money to the development of her daughter. Milla attended music, ballet, and acting classes. Galina began organizing photo sessions for her daughter. To do this, they had to spend most of the time in the car, traveling to different cities to attend meetings and arrange photo sessions. In the car, the teenage girl had to do homework, sleep and do her first make-ups.
Milla Jovovich with her mother
Milla Jovovich with her mother
Galina tirelessly searched for new opportunities and contracts for her daughter, performing the role of mother, producer, teacher and creative leader at the same time. She changed her daughter's name, adding the second letter "l," so that the name sounded more organic in English.
Speaking once of her half-Russian origin, Milla once told journalists that she takes her will power and stubbornness after her mother while admitting her impulsiveness as not the best part of her character.
Her «difficult» character and hard times with work and study took Milla as a teenager into tough situations. When she started to earn money and became financially independent at the age of sixteen, Milla left home and began to abuse alcohol and marijuana.

Milla's career as a model

Milla's first photo appeared in the Italian fashion magazine "Lei". When the editors got to know that the young beauty was only eleven years old, they refused to print the picture in the first place. However, the photographer Richard Avedon gave them an ultimatum. The sensation around the age of the beautiful girl has contributed to the fact that she became to be was photographed a lot. The first contract with Milla was signed when she was 12 years old, and she began to appear in commercials for Revlon, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein, earning $ 3,000 per day of filming. Jovovich's photos were published in more than one hundred popular fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, The Face, Vogue. For many years she represented the products of fashion and perfume brands and continues to be an exclusive model of L'Oreal.
Commercial with Milla Jovovich

Actor career

On the wave of success in the world of fashion, Jovovich debuted in the movie "Night Train to Kathmandu" (1988) and won the first rays of fame after filming in the romantic "Return to the Blue Lagoon", the follow-up of the famous film starring top model Brooke Shields. After Richard Linklater cut out almost all the scenes with Milla in the film "Under the buzz and confusion" (1993), she decided to take a break with working in the movie and returned after Luc Besson offered her to star in his new fantastical blockbuster "The Fifth Element" (1997) together with the well-known Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.
Milla Jovovich as an alien Lilu in The Fifth Element
Milla Jovovich as an alien Lilu in The Fifth Element
The role of an alien Lilu lifted Jovovich to the top of Hollywood, making her an A-class star. Two years later, she presented the viewers her own interpretation of the image of warrior Jeanne d'Arc in the militant of her then-husband Besson. Milla also played with Mel Gibson in the Wim Wenders's film "The Million Dollar Hotel" (2000), awarded by the jury of the Berlin Film Festival. Later, she starred in various films with actors such as Ben Stiller, Adrian Brody, Robert de Niro, and Edward Norton. Milla's next «lucky ticket» was her role in zombie movie "Resident Evil" by Paul U. Anderson, her current husband, and its five sequels. The image of a warlike and brave girl became one of the major in her acting career. Her filmography also saw less successful projects such as the thrillers ".45" and "The Fourth Kind."
Milla Jovovich on the set of the russian movie «Lucky trouble»
According to, in 2010, Mill was invited to play in Levan Gabriadze's Russian comedy " Lucky trouble," and the next year she played Lady Winter in the Paul Anderson's adaptation "The Musketeers" with Christoph Watlz and Logan Lerman. In 2016, she acted in the final part of the zombie saga "Resident Evil: The Last Chapter" almost immediately after giving birth to her child.

Personal life of Milla Jovovich

At the age of 16, Jovovich fell in love with her partner in filming "Under the buzz and confusion", 21-year-old Sean Andrews, and literally a few days later married him, to the great chagrin of her mother. Thanks to her mother's efforts and the insight of Milla herself ("We were stupid and did not understand what we were doing," she later admitted) their marriage was quickly annulled.
Milla Jovovich and Luke Besson were married
Milla Jovovich and Luke Besson were married
She married the famous French director Luc Besson in 1997. The marriage was happy, but in 1999 the couple divorced.
Milla Jovovich with Paul Anderson and children
Milla Jovovich with Paul Anderson and children
Now Milla is married to the film director Paul Anderson. They met in 2002 on the set of "Resident Evil", and 7 years they got married. Spouses love each other and raise their daughters Ever (born in 2007) and Dashiel (born in 2015). In February 2020, Milla became a mother for the third time.
Milla Jovovich with her family
Milla Jovovich with her family
Milla spends all her free time with her family, considering the upbringing of children her priority. She also reads and does sport a lot. The actress emphasizes that her origin is very important for her, she teaches Russian to her children and introduces them to Russian culture.

Milla Jovovich Now

Milla Jovovich remains a popular Hollywood actress. In 2018, the actress works on three projects - the film "Shock and Awe" with Woody Harrelson, the Chinese action film "The Beginners" and James Franco's adventure film "The World of the Future". Her fans especially looked forward to the release of the follow-up of the famous movie "Hellboy: Revival of the Bloody Queen" in 2019. The movie didn't get eulogistic reviews but Milla was gorgeous as Bloody Queen.
Milla Jovovich in the new «Hellboy» (2019)
Milla Jovovich in the new «Hellboy» (2019)

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  • Year by year Milla Jovovich become more like her mother Galina Loginova :) I found out this while looking at the pictures
    2021-05-10 21:59:35
  • `Resident Evil` is the best role of Milla Jovovich. She is very realistic and dynamic there!
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  • For me Milla Jovovich is only The Fifth Element. This is a masterpiece of a film and she played great in there.
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