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Kristen Stewart

Name: Kristen Stewart

Birth date: 9 of April 1990 (29 y.o.)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, U.S.

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Birth Sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Career: Actors biographies 81th

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Biography of Kristen Stewart

Kristen James Stewart is an American actress who debuted in cinema at the age of eight. During her teenage years, her filmography got many outstanding listings – films of various genres; however, the one that brought her worldwide fame was the role of Bella Swan in the adaptation of the novel "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.
Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart
Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart

Childhood and first roles

Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 9, 1990. Her father, John Stewart, worked first as an assistant director, and then as a producer of entertainment shows on Fox. The mother of the star-to-be, Julia Mann, was a script supervisor on television. Kristen has an elder brother, and after she was born the family also adopted a boy named Taylor of the same age as Kristen.
Little Kristen Stewart with her brothers and father
Little Kristen Stewart with her brothers and father
The Stewart family was always somewhat different - the creative character of parents' work determined their informal style. Kristen's mother, for instance, could easily come to work wearing sneakers and a messy T-shirt, and her father shocked his colleagues with long hair and tattoos. It's no wonder that a girl who grew up in such a liberal atmosphere is not used to limit herself in any way.
Mom Kristen Stewart was the editor of the scenarios on television
Mom Kristen Stewart was the editor of the scenarios on television
Kristen's passion for scenic art occurred when she was still a child. In elementary school, she debuted in a Christmas performance and started to happily attend the youth theater group. Seeing the child's interest in acting, her parents decided to support her and secretly invited a Hollywood agent they knew to one of the performances in which she took part.
Kristen Stewart with her father
Kristen Stewart with her father
The latter was impressed by her mastery of dramatic identification and offered 8-year-old Kristen a role in the Disney children's channel project entitled "The Son of a Mermaid."
Children's series
Children's series "The son of a mermaid" is the first role of Kristen Stewart
A couple of years later the girl got a more serious role of Sam Jennings, the daughter of a single mother from an independent melodrama "The Safety of Objects".
Kristen Stewart in "Safety of Objects," a fragment
As early as in 2002, Kristen got into the cast of a big Hollywood film, David Fincher's "Panic Room." The girl replaced Hayden Panettiere who suddenly refused to film and got along excellently with Jodie Foster. These two have played mother and daughter so convincingly that the film was bound to be successful. Critics have especially appreciated the play the little girl and even compared her to young Jodie Foster.
Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster in the movie
Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster in the movie "Panic Room"
Then there was the role of the daughter Sharon Stone and Dennis Quaid's characters in the thriller "Cold Creek Manor" that unfortunately failed to stand out of numerous similar horror films that were released in 1995.
Kristen Stewart's photo as a child
Kristen Stewart's photo as a child
The next Kristen Stewart's work was the role in a teenage comedy "Catch that kid." Here, the girl first appeared as a key actress of the project. Her character, an alpinist girl who decided to rob the bank to save her seriously ill father, allowed Kristen to show her dramatic and comedic talents to the big audience.
Kristen Stewart at the Jimmy Kimmel show
In 2004, the actress was involved in the filming of the psychological drama "Undertow", as well as in the adaptation of Laurie Hols Anderson's best-seller "Speak." In the latter, the role was quite difficult – her character went totally retired into herself after a severe psychological trauma. Unfortunately, the film did not get into a wide release, and it was TV-screened only in a cut-down version.
In "Speak," Kristen Stewart played a very dramatic role
In high school, Kristen had to leave school because of the busy shooting schedule, which did not give her any chance to share the normal life of her peers. Subsequently, she graduated from school as an extern - teachers sent her homework by e-mail, and she solved the equations and wrote essays right on the set, in between the takes.
School photo of Kristen Stewart
School photo of Kristen Stewart
In 2005, Kristen Stewart debuted in the genre of space fantasy, John Favre's film "Zathura". It seemed that it was impossible to bring in something new into the role of a girl who lied motionless during most of the screen time. But Kristen managed to do it. In this film, she played together with another young actor Josh Hutcherson, the future star of the Hunger Games.
Kristen Stewart in the movie
Kristen Stewart in the movie "Zatur. Space adventure»
The same year, Kristen got the main role in the independent film "Fierce People" by Canadian director Griffin Dann, based on the novel by Dirk Wittenborn. In 2006, she played in the drama "In the Land of Women" starring Meg Ryan and Adam Brodie.
Kristen Stewart in Chanel commercial
In 2007, three full-length films with her participation were released – Sean Penn's road-movie "Into the wild," the horror film "The Messengers," and the drama "The Cake Eaters."
A screenshot from the film
A screenshot from the film "Into the Wild" with Kristen Stewart

The heyday of Stewart's career. Twilight.

In the autumn of 2007, the writer Stephanie Meyer announced the upcoming adaptation of her series of Twilight novels, telling about the power of love that can connect the hearts of two different creatures, a vampire, and a mortal. By that time, the incredibly popular among the teens twilight series included three books, and director Catherine Hardwicke, seeing the impressive prospects of the "vampire" direction, got down to business.
Twilight ": Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's casting
Fans of the book series were wondering for a long time: who the filmmakers and the writer will choose for the key role of Bella Swan – Emily Browning, Alexis Bledel, Daniel Panabaker? First they thought that the actress was supposed to be a natural brunette, to be physically fragile, and to look like a typical "Disney" princess with an angel's face. But Kathryn decided differently and invited Kirsten Stewart, the one she distinguished during the filming of "Into the Wild." Kristen brilliantly coped with the task at the casting and became the new - and only - Bella Swan. However, for the maximum resemblance to the book image, she had to hide her green eyes behind brown-tinted lenses.
After Bella's role, Swan Kristen Stewart became famous all over the world
After Bella's role, Swan Kristen Stewart became famous all over the world
But the actor for the role of the vampire Edward Cullen was chosen not so fast. While writing the novel, Stephanie Meyer imagined Henry Cavill. But by 2007 he had grown from the image of a languid young man. It was decided to make a big casting. All who wanted to become a handsome vampire should have try to play one of the main scenes of the film with Kristen ("... and how long have you been seventeen?"). Finally, the film crew has chosen a British actor Robert Pattinson who played Cedric Diggory in the fourth part of the game two years earlier.
A screenshot from the movie
A screenshot from the movie "Twilight"
Not everyone was happy with the choice of director and producers. Many considered Kristen to be emotionless and even not very cute. But negative opinions turned out to be minor, and Kristen Stewart rapidly rose above many young actors of Hollywood.
In 2008, Kristen Stewart was the most popular young actress in Hollywood
In 2008, Kristen Stewart was the most popular young actress in Hollywood
"Twilight" fame overshadowed the next Kristen's project, the comedy melodrama "Adventureland," narrating about the adventures of the employees of a small amusement park. The cast was very impressive: Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Wiig, Martin Starr ... But the audience waiting for the second part of "Twilight" took the picture exclusively as a "side project of Bella Swan".
Kristen Stewart in the movie
Kristen Stewart in the movie "Adventureland"
The wanted "Twilight: New Moon" was not long in coming and was released in 2009. The plot of the new part got new sharp edges. The relationship between Bella and Edward was intervened by a werewolf Jacob played by a young actor Taylor Lautner. The same year, Kristen Stewart was awarded with two MTV Awards ("Best Actress" and "Best Kiss") for a touching scene with Pattinson.
Screen kisses by Kristen Stewart
In a break between work on the third part of the vampire saga, Kristen Stewart played with the star of the Sopranos Clan, James Gandolfini, in the tragic drama "Welcome to Rileys." (the role of a vulgar prostitute). Also, she took part in the biographical film "The Runaways" playing a rock-singer Joan Jett. In this picture, her partner was Dakota Fanning who played a friend of the scandalous musician, Sherri Carrey.
"The Runaways" - Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
The subsequent three parts of "Twilight" did not cause as much excitement as the previous ones, which Kristen was very happy about: "I like to play, and I'm very grateful for" Twilight "and for the opportunities that they opened for me. But I just do not really like the fact that I'm constantly being persecuted. I can not just stroll along the street or sit in a cafe with friends, without constant precipitation and bullshit around! ", - she told journalists.

The fifth part of "Twilight" was released in 2012, but by that time the audience no longer perceived Kristen exclusively as Bella Swan. Shortly before that, they saw her in two big roles in a row – Snow White in a free interpretation of the fairy tale about Snow White ("Snow White and the Huntsman") with Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, and Mary Lou in the adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel" On the Road. "
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
2014 brought the actress very interesting roles as well. One was the main female character in the picture about the love story of the prisoner and the soldier "Camp X-ray;" Sofia in the independent drama "Anesthesia" about the tragic fate of the teacher at Columbia University, and Lydia Holland in "Still Alice", forced to watch her mother with progressing Alzheimer's disease.
Shot from the movie
Shot from the movie "Camp X-Ray "
In 2015, Kristen again worked with Jesse Eisenberg on the set of the action comedy "American Ultra" that failed at the box office due to the screenwriters. A little later, the actress tried herself in the genre of dystopia playing in a fantastic film "Equals" with Nicholas Holt.

Personal life of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart's first serious relationship was with Michael Angarano. The actor with whom the girl worked on the psychological drama "Speak", held Kristen's heart for almost five years.
Kristen Stewart and Michael Anagarno dated for 5 years
Kristen Stewart and Michael Anagarno dated for 5 years
It is rumored that it was Robert Pattinson who became the reason of the lovers' breakup. That was the rare case when the fictional love story became reality, to the burning envy of many Pattinson's fans.
The romantic tale came to life
The romantic tale came to life
While Edward and Bella were making a family, Kristen and Robert were doing the same. It was obvious that it was coming to a wedding. But life took it different way: on the set of "Snow White and the Hunter" Stewart did not resist the producer of the project, Rupert Sanders (who was married, by the way). And although their romance was exclusively "official", Pattinson did not forgive his beloved. In the fall of 2012, their romantic fairy tale came to an end, reinforced by the fact that the final part of "Twilight" was just released.
Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders had a passing novel
Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders had a passing novel
In 2013, the media published shocking many fans to watch the life of the stars news – Kristen Stewart started to date her former assistant Alicia Caregle. The paparazzi took the picture of them holding hands while walking. The actress did not deny the news and confirmed: "Yes, I am bisexual!".
Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargill
Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargill
Two years later Alicia and Kristen broke up. The reason was the lifestyle of the actress, who became addicted to noisy parties and alcohol after worldwide recognition.
Kristen Stewart without makeup
Kristen Stewart without makeup
In March 2016, the actress found another female lover, a French singer Soko. They had several fights followed by peace, and in August 2016 Kristen happily announced that they were preparing for the wedding with might and main.
Kristen Stewart and her ex-girlfriend Soko
Kristen Stewart and her ex-girlfriend Soko
However, after a couple of months, the actress was caught in the arms of American singer Annie Erin Clark, performing under the pseudonym St. Vincent, who had previously dated the model Cara Delevingne. This relationship lasted several months, and at the end of 2016 they broke up. After that, Stewart had an affair with aNew Zealand model Stella Maxwell. In August 2017, Kristen said that she was ready to date men again.

Kristen Stewart now

In 2016, Woody Allen presented another masterpiece called "Cafe Society". The prolific director invited Kristen Stewart to take part in his film for the first time. The premiere took place at the Film Festival in Cannes.
In 2016, Kristen Stewart turned into a blonde
In 2016, Kristen Stewart turned into a blonde
The same year, the film with the participation of Kristen Stewart and Lars Eidinger "Personal Shopper" won the prize of the Cannes Film Festival for the best direction.
A screenshot from the movie
A screenshot from the movie "Personal Shopper "
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