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Al Pacino

Name: Al Pacino

Real name: Alfredo James Pacino

Birth date: 25 of April 1940 (79 y.o.)

Place of birth: East Harlem, New York, U.S.

Height: 170 cm Weight: 76 kg

Birth Sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

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Al Pacino’s biography

Al Pacino is an American actor of cinema and theater, who has already earned the rights to be called the living pillar of Hollywood: his filmography includes such iconic images of cinema as Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, Colonel Slade and even devil himself.
Al Pacino – legend of American cinematographyAl Pacino – legend of American cinematography

Al Pacino’s childhood

Alfredo James Pacino was born in the family of insurer Salvatore Pacino and housewife Rose Gerardi. Alfredo’s maternal Grandparents had moved to the States from the Sicilian town of Corleone; the future actor’s father also had Italian roots.
Al Pacino with parentsAl Pacino with parents
Salvatore and Rose had married at a very young age: he was 20 and she was just 17. A year later the baby was born, but that didn’t save the hasty marriage - two-year-old Alfredo had to survive the separation of his parents and move with his mother to her parents on the outskirts of New York, to South Bronx.
Little Alfredo PacinoLittle Alfredo Pacino
Even nowadays the town is associated with screaming poverty, crime and desolation for a typical New Yorker, but the situation was much worse in the early 1940s. So little Alfredo was forbidden to go outside alone until seven years old and the only entertainment for the boy was the local cinema, where he was taken by his mother in the evenings. Languished from boredom during the day, he colorfully retold the stories he had seen to his grandmother who looked after him - so the boy's interest in cinema broke out.
Al Pacino’s passion for cinema appeared in childhoodAl Pacino’s passion for cinema appeared in childhood
But as soon as the boy got the opportunity to "go out into people" himself, he literally "broke off the chain": teachers at school couldn’t cope with his behavior, not talking about academic achievement. At the age of 9 the boy tried his first cigarette, and at the age of 13 began drinking and smoking weed. The death of his two close friends from overdose, kept him away from hard drugs.
Early in life Al Pacino was a “difficult teenager”Early in life Al Pacino was a “difficult teenager”

Al Pacino’s theatrical career

As a teenager Alfredo or Sonny Scott as his first nickname wanted to become a professional baseball player, but later, after watching the staging of Chekhov's “Seagull”, his desire was replaced by the dream of an acting career. Soon the young man entered the famous School of Performing Arts named after Fiorello La Guardia in New York, for which he received the nickname "Actor" from his fellows.
In youth Al Pacino dreamed of becoming a professional sportsmanIn youth Al Pacino dreamed of becoming a professional sportsman
In 1960, the "Actor" became part of the New York theater underground: he acted scenes in public places along with his friend, and then passed a hat for donations. Later he joined the Herbert Berghof Studio (HB Studio), where he met teacher Charlie Laughton, who taught the guy acting skills and later became his best friend.
Al Pacino’s theatrical career began with free performancesAl Pacino’s theatrical career began with free performances
In 1962 43-year-old Rose died of leukemia, and a year later grandfather, who replaced Alfredo his father, passed away. In 1966, after many unsuccessful attempts, Alfredo Pacino auditioned in the Actor's Studio in Manhattan. He studied in the class of Lee Strasberg, who taught the students the system of Stanislavsky.
Al Pacino and Lee Strasberg – the acting skills instructorAl Pacino and Lee Strasberg – the acting skills instructor
In 1967 the first roles in commercial theaters followed. At first he performed in the Boston "Charles Playhouse" theater for more than a modest paycheck - $125 per week. At that time, the actor came up with a sounding nickname for himself by cutting "Alfredo" to the first syllable. At the same time Al Pacino made his Broadway debut in the "Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?" spectacle, for which he received enthusiastic reviews from the audience and the Tony Award (the American analogue of the Golden Mask).
Al Pacino in the Al Pacino in the "Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?" spectacle
In 1968 the actor already played at the New York Astor Place theater: the only role in his repertoire was street punk Murph in the staging of "The Indian Wants the Bronx ", where the actor’s close friend John Cazale also played.

Al Pacino’s first roles in cinema

Alfredo began to receive his first roles in the first weeks of training at the Actors Studio, though episodic and practically unpaid. In 1968, he made his debut in the "N.Y.P.D." series (Episode: "Deadly Circle of Violence") playing a third-rate character named John James.
Al Pacino’s first role in the “NYPD” seriesAl Pacino’s first role in the “NYPD” series
In 1969, Alfredo received his first role in a full-length film ("Me, Natalie"). The talented play of the actor was noticed by Martin Bregman, one of the best producers of that time, who offered Pacino cooperation. Looking ahead, we note that the partnership turned out to be productive: Bregman produced such films with Al Pacino as the "Serpico", "Scarface" and "Dog Day Afternoon”
Al Pacino’s and Martin Bregman’s friendship lasted for many yearsAl Pacino’s and Martin Bregman’s friendship lasted for many years
In 1971 Al Pacino played drug addict Bobby in “The Panic in Needle Park” by Jerry Schatzberg. The film became the first major work of the actor.
“The Panic in Needle Park”: Al Pacino as drug addict Bobby“The Panic in Needle Park”: Al Pacino as drug addict Bobby

The Godfather

In 1971 director Francis Ford Coppola, who was looking for an actor for the role of Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" project, which, according to the management of the "Paramount" studio, promised to become nothing more than an ordinary gangster drama , was impressed by Al Pacino’s play in "The Panic in Needle Park" and invited him to the casting.
Al Pacino’s casting for the role of Michael Corleone
It must be noted that the role of the son of the godfather of the Mafia was like it had been created for Al Pacino with his Sicilian roots. The characteristic Italian appearance and the hot temper of the actor so impressed Coppola that he decisively rejected the other applicants for the role, among which were Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, what terrified the bosses of Paramount .
Al Pacino on the set of “The Godfather”Al Pacino on the set of “The Godfather”
However, the success surpassed all the expectations: the drama of the family of Vito Corleone, played by great Marlon Brando, gained the popularity of millions of viewers around the world. "The Godfather" was the first film where the mafia was shown from the inside - not just a criminal group concentrating all the significant "strings" in hands: politicians, businessmen, social figures, but as a family living on the principles of honor, let it be peculiar. In the IMDB international film rating "The Godfather" is on the second place, conceding “The Shawshank Redemption”

Michael Corleone has secured for Al Pacino the image of a cruel gangster who does not forgive mistakes: "There are situations when the most extreme measures are justified."
”The Godfather”- the final scene
The sequel of “The Godfather” was only a matter of time, and very soon the studio management gave Copolla a go-ahead for setting the second part. The making of the picture began in 1974, and during the break Al Pacino managed to appear in the "Scarecrow" as swagman-loser Lionel, as well as in the "Serpico" crime drama, where he played a policeman, torn by a dilemma: to remain an honest representative of law and suffer the mock of colleagues or cross his own principles and become a corrupt policeman too. Both pictures were successful and proved that Al Pacino was not going to stay "Michael Corleone" till the end of his acting career.
”Serpico”: Al Pacino playing the straight policeman”Serpico”: Al Pacino playing the straight policeman
The second "Godfather" became a worthy sequel of the first part. The picture consisted of two storylines - the prehistory of the Corleone mafia family and the events following the death of Don Vito. Here Al Pacino first worked with Robert De Niro (young Vito Corleone).
Young Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, 1974Young Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, 1974

Al Pacino’s further career

In 1977, Al Pacino was given the role of racer Bobby Deerfield in the "Bobby Deerfield". The film was welcomed lightly, unlike Al Pacino’s next job – the "...And Justice for All" drama, where he appeared in a contradictory image of an honest lawyer. The film brought him to Oscar nomination in the category of "Best Actor", but eventually the award went to Dustin Hoffman for his role in the "Kramer vs. Kramer" By the way, initially Al Pacino was to play alongside Meryl Streep in the "Kramer vs. Kramer" but he refused.
In 1979 Al Pacino played an honest lawyerIn 1979 Al Pacino played an honest lawyer
The 80's started with a fall in career for Al Pacino: the participation in the project "Cruising " brought upon him the anger of the gay community, and the next film, a sweet family comedy "Author! Author! " was criticized hard at its release.
”Cruising”: Al Pacino’s character pretended to be gay”Cruising”: Al Pacino’s character pretended to be gay
In 1983, director Brian De Palma invited Al Pacino to play in the "Scarface". The film, which told the story of Cuban exile Tony Montana, who passed the way from the criminal "six" to the owner of а cocaine empire, collected a good cashier and, though criticized after the premiere for the topical character of the subject and the large amount of cruelty, over the years it acquired the status of a cult. The partner of Al Pacino became Michelle Pfeiffer, an 80’s sex symbol.
A shot from the “Scarface” with Al Pacino
The next picture the "Revolution" with Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland was lightly welcomed by public, so the film didn’t excuse itself from the commercial point of view. The producers accused Al Pacino of failing, and the actor, who was touched, left cinema for 4 years, returning to the theatrical stage.
Al Pacino in the “Revolution”Al Pacino in the “Revolution”
The actor again appeared on the big screen only in 1989 in the "Sea of Love". A year later he returned to the image of a gangster in the picture "Dick Tracy" about the adventures of a brave detective. The role brought Al Pacino to his second “Oscar” nomination for “Best Supporting Actor”, but the statuette went to Joe Pesci for taking part in the "Goodfellas".
”Dick Tracey”: Al Pacino in the role of the villain named ”Dick Tracey”: Al Pacino in the role of the villain named "Big Boy" Caprice
The same year Al Pacino appeared in the image of aged Michael Corleone in the third part of “The Godfather”. The story told about his controversial character trying to legalize his business and solve the problems of his children, who were played by Franc D'Ambrosio and Sofia Coppola, the daughter of the legendary director.
”The Godfather part III”: Michael Corleone 20 years later”The Godfather part III”: Michael Corleone 20 years later
In 1991, he again met Michelle Pfeiffer in the "Frankie and Johnny" film. Then came the role of the brilliant salesman Ricky Roma in the picture “Glengarry Glenn Ross” (also known as “The Americans”), which brought Al Pacino to his third “Oscar” nomination.
Al Pacino and Michelle PfeifferAl Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer
In 1993, the long-awaited American Academy Award went to Al Pacino for the "Scent of a Woman" film in the category of "Best Actor". The dramatic picture about the relationship of young student Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) and Frank Slade, a retired cynical colonel completely deprived of sight and dreaming of suicide, produced the effect of a bomb exploding.
Al Pacino, tango from the “Scent of a woman”
The same year, the actor returned to the image of a drug dealer in the "Carlito's Way" film, the plot of which seemed to represent an alternative ending for the story about Tony Montana. The main hero, drug dealer Carlito Brigante, went out of prison and craved to quit his past, starting a new, honest life with his beloved.
about the “Carlito’s Way”
In 1995, the premiere of the “Heat” crime drama took place, where viewers witnessed the conflict between the characters of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, and also appreciated the acting skills of Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo.
A shot from the “Heat”, 1995A shot from the “Heat”, 1995
Тhe audience also remarked the tandem by Al Pacino and Johnny Depp in the picture "Donnie Brasco" where young Depp played an FBI agent under cover, and Pacino appeared in the image of an elderly gangster in need of a partner.
Al Pacino and Johnny Depp played alongside in “Donnie Brasco”Al Pacino and Johnny Depp played alongside in “Donnie Brasco”
In 1997 in the opinion of many critics one of the best films of Al Pacino - "The Devil's Advocate" appeared on the screens. According to the story, an unusually successful young lawyer (Keanu Reeves) received an excellent offer from a large legal corporation. Alongside his wife Mary Anne (Charlize Theron), he moves to a classy apartment in New York and gets acquainted with the head of the company - impressive John Milton, whose role brought Al Pacino the title of "Best villain" according to MTV . "Al Pacino played the Devil with pleasure bordering on glee," - critics stated.
”The Devil’s Advocate”: the dialog between Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves

In 2002, the actor appeared on the set of the "Insomnia" thriller by Christopher Nolan and played Detective Will Dormer. The same year, Al Pacino performed one of his most beloved images in the "Simone" science fiction film, which, however, couldn’t boast of a phenomenal number of tickets sold. Here he played a director who had received at the disposal of artificial intelligence, masterfully imitating any actor.
Al Pacino in the “Insomnia”Al Pacino in the “Insomnia”
Then followed roles in low-budget films the "Recruit" with Colin Farrell, the "Gigli" with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, “The Merchant of Venice” with Jeremy Irons, and also in the "Angels in America" series.
”Angels in America”: the first series with Al Pacino in the lead role”Angels in America”: the first series with Al Pacino in the lead role
The 2007 passed for Al Pacino under the auspices of “Ocean's Thirteen” by Steven Soderbergh, where the actor played the role of "bad guy" Willie Bank, the owner of the casino, who crossed George Clooney and his faithful team.
In 2007 Al Pacino crossed Danny OceanIn 2007 Al Pacino crossed Danny Ocean
In 2010, Al Pacino starred in the biographical picture "You Don't Know Jack" playing Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who defended the human right for euthanasia. The role filled the actor’s collection with "Emmy" and "Golden Globe" awards. Present at the premiere Kevorkian highly appreciated Al Pacino’s play.
Real Jack Kevorkian and Al Pacino in his imageReal Jack Kevorkian and Al Pacino in his image
In 2011 Al Pacino performed in unusual for him comedy genre with a cameo in the picture “Jack and Jill” with Adam Sandler. The experience was unsuccessful - the actor received an anti-award "Golden Raspberry" in the nomination for "The worst male role of second plan."
Al Pacino’s and Johnny Depp’s Cameo “Jack and Jill”Al Pacino’s and Johnny Depp’s Cameo “Jack and Jill”

Al Pacino’s personal life

Al Pacino never liked to advertise his personal life, though it was very, very rich. At the dawn of his movie career, he met another starting actress, Jill Clayburgh.
Al Pacino’s first lady Jill ClayburghAl Pacino’s first lady Jill Clayburgh
Their romantic relationship lasted five years, but in 1971, on the set of the first part of “The Godfather”, Al Pacino twisted the affair with his colleague on the set Diane Keaton, who played the girlfriend of Michael Corleone. In 1974, after the premiere of the second part their romantic relationship ended.
Al Pacino and Diane KeatonAl Pacino and Diane Keaton
In 1977, Al Pacino dated Marthe Keller, who played his partner Lillian in the film "Bobby Deerfield" The romance didn’t last long, but the actors stayed friends.
Al Pacino and Marthe KellerAl Pacino and Marthe Keller
In 1989, Al Pacino's daughter Julie Marie was born from teacher of acting Jan Tarrant.
Al Pacino’s elder daughterAl Pacino’s elder daughter
In 1996, Al Pacino was in close relationship with the star of the "National Lampoon's Vacation " Beverly D'Angelo, who gave birth to his twin Anton James and Olivia Rose in 2001. Despite common children, the actors stopped communicating in 2003.
Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo with children Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo with children
Al Pacino has repeatedly stated that being a father is the best thing that happened in his life. He always made up his working schedule in a way to spend time with children as much as possible.
Al Pacino and his children, twins Anton and OliviaAl Pacino and his children, twins Anton and Olivia
Even in old age Al Pacino continued maintaining the image of a handsome lovelace. So in 2013 he shocked fans with a romance with 33-year-old Latin American model Lucila Solá.
Al Pacino and Lucila SolaAl Pacino and Lucila Sola

Al Pacino nowadays

Among the latest successful films starring Al Pacino are the touching and sad pictures "Danny Collins" and "Manglehorn", which were released in 2014.
Al Pacino in the “ManglehornAl Pacino in the “Manglehorn
In 2016, the premiere of the thriller by Japanese director Shintaro Shimosawa "Misconduct" took place, where the main roles were also played by Anthony Hopkins and Josh Duhamel.
The old guard of Hollywood: Al Pacino and Anthony HopkinsThe old guard of Hollywood: Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins
In 2019 Quentin Tarantino's thriller "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is expected to be released, which brought together stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. Al Pacino played a supporting role. In addition, the same year the premiere of Martin Scorsese’s “Irishman” is planned, where the actor has already taken one of the main roles along with Robert De Niro.
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