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Taylor Swift
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Name: Taylor Swift

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Birth date: (33 y.o.)

Place of birth: Reading, Pennsylvania, US

Height: 5'10 ft ()

Weight: 132 lb (60 kg)

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Biography of Taylor Swift

Country-pop singer Taylor Swift is one of the brightest musical stars of the "new generation." She is nice, beautiful and talented. The films where she stars are very popular among young people. The singer’s discs are sold out by millions of copies and become platinum over and over again. Net worth: $400 million.
Country pop star Taylor Swift
Country pop star Taylor Swift


The country-pop star to be was born in a small town in Reading, Pennsylvania, but at an early age, she moved to another provincial town Wyomissing. Her father was an eminent financial adviser, and her mother was a household. Since childhood, little Taylor knew that she wanted to become a singer, and her parents in every way contributed to the girl’s creative becoming true. At an early age, she began to take vocal classes.
A video from the family collection of Taylor Swift
As Taylor Swift herself admitted, the real heroes of her childhood were the country singer Lee Ann Raymes and Shania Twain, as well as her own grandmother. In fact, Taylor has inherited her beautiful clear voice from her grandmother. At the age of 10, Taylor Swift began playing the guitar, and then the songs of her own composition appeared in the repertoire of the young singer.
Taylor Swift as a child and now
Taylor Swift as a child and now
The girl was always attracted to the stage and was never afraid of public speaking. As soon as at the age of ten, her innate artistry and charm made the singer a real star in her hometown. Not a single festival, any fair or public competitions held in Wyomissing did happen without her performances. At age 12, she got an ovation by singing the US national anthem at the festive opening ceremony of the 76th Philadelphia Games.
Taylor Swift and her younger brother Austin Swift
Taylor Swift and her younger brother Austin Swift

How Taylor Swift became popular

As a teenager, Taylor Swift moved to one of the suburbs of a large and vibrant Nashville, a city rightly called the capital of country music. Here she began to take private lessons from the songwriter Lil Rose, as well as to sing with the guitar in the streets standing by the windows of one of the local cafes. It was there that producer Scott Borchetta noticed her. The master of the music industry at that time was just starting to promote his label "Big Machine Records." Getting to know the young talented singer was just in time.
Taylor Swift has become popular after she met producer Scott Borchetta
Taylor Swift has become popular after she met producer Scott Borchetta
In 2006, Taylor Swift supported by Borchette recorded her first studio single "Tim McGraw" dedicated to her beloved country performer. Two months later, the debut album of the beginning singer was released. The disc named after Taylor Swift has become very popular. It acquired the status of a five-time platinum album and stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for 234 weeks beating the record of the decade. The audience appreciated the songs, though the themes were quite simple at first glance: first love, teenage experiences, the transformation from girl to woman. But at the same time, the lyrics did not seem banal. On the contrary, it provoked to think about the difficulties of the emotionally tough period of growing up.
Every concert of Taylor Swift sees thousands of fans
Every concert of Taylor Swift sees thousands of fans
Soon, people started talking of Taylor Swift as of a rising star of country style. In the same period, she got the first awards: the famous International Association of Songwriters in Nashville called the girl the best author and performer of the year. How great is that when in the "city of the country music"! Moreover, Taylor Swift was the youngest owner of this award ever.
Taylor Swift is engaged in charity and helps sick children
Taylor Swift is engaged in charity and helps sick children
Shocking everyone with her workability, in November 2008, Swift Taylor presented her second studio album "Fearless." The record quickly reached the first place on the Billboard 200 chart and also broke the previous record as it acquired the status of a six-time platinum album.
Fearless Taylor Swift
Fearless Taylor Swift
The new record brought new awards to Taylor Swift. The Young Hollywood Awards (the "Future Superstar" category), the MTV Video Music Awards (Best Video), the People Choice Awards, the American Music Awards ("The Best Performer of the Year") - the awards came to the singer one by one.
Thousands of Taylor Swift’s awards
Thousands of Taylor Swift’s awards
By this time, the aspiring young performer Taylor Swift turned into one of the most popular stars in the world. Her position on the stage was strengthened by the two new albums - "Speak Now" (2010) and "Red" (2012). Each became platinum four times in the US and made her phenomenally popular in Europe as well. The map of the young singer’s tours stretched from the US to Japan. The girl spent months away from home and came back to the States only to get another reward.
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran – Everything Has Changed
According to Zoomboola.com, in 2014, Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album «1989» was released. According to the singer, it was to be her "first documented official pop album" in a brand new style. The new album was met with enthusiasm: during the first week, US residents bought 1.2 million copies of the album, and the total number of album copies sold approached the mark of 9 million.

In April 2016, Taylor Swift released a new video for the song "New Romantics", that was in fact a live video from the concert.
Taylor Swift – New Romantics
In November of 2016, the girl took first place in the ranking of the highest-paid singers in the world according to the business publication Forbes.

In November 2017, Taylor Swift presented the sixth studio album "Reputation" to the audience. The disc included 15 tracks with the title track "Look What You Made Me Do." During the first week of sales, 1,216 million copies of the album were bought in the US alone.

The actress

Taylor’s career as an actor started with the episode in the series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene". A few months later, in the fall of 2009, she appeared in a full-length tape about Hannah Montana with a cameo. Her role was small but during the shooting Taylor made friends with the singer and the actress who played Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus.
«Hannah Montana»: Taylor Swift played in the film with a cameo
Somewhat more noticeable was her role in the romantic comedy "Valentine’s Day" released in 2010. Later the American singer played in the little-known movie "Todd vs. High School", as well as in one of the episodes of the TV series comedy "New Girl". Her success as a singer and the beginning of an actor’s career marked a new stage in the singer’s work and drew even more attention to her personality. For example, in 2011, Maxim magazine put Taylor Swift on the 20th place in the ranking of the most desired women on the planet.

The conflict with Kanye West

In 2009, Taylor Swift had a conflict with rapper Kanye West. The girl won the MTV award in the category "Best Female Video." She climbed onto the stage and began to say words of gratitude when suddenly the rapper snatched the microphone from her and said that the video Beyonce, represented in the same nomination, was the best video of all time. Of course, Beyonce who was sitting there was impressed, but Taylor fell upset immediately.
Kanye West and Taylor Swift at MTV VMA-2009
Seven years later, the conflict continued: Kanye West released the single "Famous." There was such a line: "I feel like Taylor and I might still have sex. Why? I made that famous bitch." Of course, the singer sued West, but the rapper’s wife, a socialite Kim Kardashian, claimed that Taylor gave her permission for those lines during a phone conversation with Kanye, which was apparently recorded.
The bouquet that Taylor Swift got from Kanye West
The bouquet that Taylor Swift got from Kanye West
Indeed, during that phone conversation, Swift gave her permission for those provocative lyrics and even told that it was a compliment to her. "I could not even think that you would mention my name in your songs. By the way, thanks for the bouquet that you sent me. I published it on Instagram, and this photo scored an incredibly large number of likes! ".

Taylor Swift’s personal life

Taylor Swift’s love affairs have always been at the center of attention of the Western press. In 2008, the artist started an affair with the musician Joe Jonas, one of the members of the Jonas Brothers band. However, the relationship with the giddy handsome guy lasted only three months and a half.
Joe Jonas, the first boyfriend of Taylor Swift
Joe Jonas, the first boyfriend of Taylor Swift
In 2009, Taylor dated the famous werewolf from "Twilight," Taylor Lautner. She played in the movie "Valentine’s Day" with him. Some people think that Taylor’s popular song "Back to December" is based on the relationship with the actor. After the breakup with Lautner, Taylor dated Connor Kennedy (John F. Kennedy’s grandson), a member of the band One Direction Harry Styles, and an actor Jake Gyllenhaal. However, all these love stories lasted no more than 3-4 months.
Taylor Swift dated the grandson of President Kennedy
Taylor Swift dated the grandson of President Kennedy
In March 2015, the singer began to date the popular Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Forbes magazine recognized them as the highest paid couple of 2015. The total sum of their earnings for this period was $ 146 million. In June 2016, Swift and Harris announced their breakup.
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were a perfect couple
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were a perfect couple
Only three weeks later, Taylor showed up in public ... with the British actor Tom Hiddleston, the star of "Torah" and "The Avengers". Many fans of both Taylor and Tom were convinced that the affair was nothing more than a PR move – for Taylor was recording the sixth studio album, and Hiddleston starred in one of her videos. Moreover, all of the couple’s photos looked too artful. The public was particularly outraged with Tom Hiddleston’s T-shirt printed "I Love T.S" (T.S. - Taylor Swift).
Paparazzi spotted Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift on the beach
Paparazzi spotted Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift on the beach
In August 2016, there appeared rumors in the press saying that the affair of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston was coming to naught. According to the media, the reason for their breakup was the conflict of interests. Taylor wanted to get married whereas the actor was not going to give up his bachelor’s status. At the end of August, the rumors were finally confirmed when Taylor Swift unfriended Tom Hiddleston on Facebook. The same day Taylor was seen accompanied by an unknown young man. Taylor has been dating actor Joe Alwyn (the star of ’Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’) from September 2016. Their first met was on Met Gala 2016. Both used to keep their relationship in private, but word always gets out.
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn
Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift Now

In August 2019, Taylor Swift presented the new studio album ’Lover’. It consists of 18 tracks including the lead-single ’ME!’ (recorded together with Brandon Uri from Panic! At The Disco).
Taylor Swift – ME!
At the beginning of 2020, Taylor signed a contract with Universal Music after her agreement with Sony Music had expired.
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