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Kim Kardashian

Name: Kim Kardashian

Birth date: 21 of October 1980 (38 y.o.)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA

Height: 157 cm Weight: 53 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Occupation: actress, model

Social media:


Biography of Kim Kardashian

American model and actress Kimberly «Kim» Noel Kardashian is the star of the popular American reality show («Keeping Up with the Kardashians», «Dancing with the Stars»), co-owner of a chain of fashion boutiques, and she is a wife of rapper Kanye West.
Kim Kardashian is a beauty with Armenian rootsKim Kardashian is a beauty with Armenian roots

Childhood and family

Kim Kardashian was born in California, Los Angeles, on October 21, 1980. A beautiful woman has the Armenian blood (from the dad's side), as well as Dutch and Scottish from the mother's side. The girl herself says that she is half Armenian (a quarter Russian and a quarter Turkish Armenian), and a quarter Dutch and a quarter Scottish.
 Kim Kardashian in her childhood Kim Kardashian in her childhood
The future celebrity's childhood passed in the fashionable Beverly Hills. Kim's father is a well-known lawyer Robert Kardashian, who defended the actor and football player O'J Simpson, who was accused of murdering an ex-wife and her lover. There was quite a lot evidence against the man. However, O'Jei Simpson has acquitted largely thanks to Kardashian. Kim's father passed away in 2003.
Kim Kardashian's parents in their youthKim Kardashian's parents in their youth
Kim Kardashian’s mom is socialite Chris Jenner, and now is her daughter's manager. The parents of the future model divorced when the girl was only 9 years old. Two years later her mother remarried and her chosen one was the former well-known athlete Bruce Jenner.
Kim Kardashian's mother with her second husband, Bruce JennerKim Kardashian's mother with her second husband, Bruce Jenner
Kim Kardashian has 9 brothers and sisters. Two siblings are Courtney and Chloe, as well as own brother Rob. After the advent of the new dad, the girl got stepbrothers Barton, Brandon and Brodie Jenner. Also, Kim has a stepsister Casey Jenner and two mother’s side sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.
Kim Kardashian's familyKim Kardashian's family
Up to 18 years, wealthy parents were giving Kim all the freedom. On the 16th anniversary, she was presented with a classy car. However, as soon as the girl celebrated her majority, parents sharply reduced the amount of money for her because they want Kim to earn her own money. Then the Kardashian sisters opened their own boutique of fashionable clothes, whose clients were famous friends and friends of the Kardashian family.
Kardashian SistersKardashian Sisters
Kim Kardashian became famous when the whole Kardashian family took part in the reality show «Keeping Up with the Kardashians», which appeared on American television in October 2007. Since then, their name has become an integral part of the tabloids. Kim and her sisters became regular of social Hollywood hangout along with Nicky and Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.
The history of the Kardashians

Scandals with Kim Kardashian

The first loud scandal involving Kim Kardashian broke out in 2006. The model gained wide publicity thanks to homemade porn just like her friend Paris Hilton. The unknown stole from Kim a video of her intimate games with her boyfriend, singer Ray J. The recording quickly spread across the Web.
Kim Kardashian’s booty became a real phenomenonKim Kardashian’s booty became a real phenomenon
Kim tried to renounce her participation in the video and claimed that it was mounted by her detractors. However, when the girl suing a company that planned to distribute a porn-DVD, she indirectly admitted in her heroic deeds. However, many people assume that the scandal was made by Kim herself in order to raise her popularity. By the way, Kim took away the lawsuit against the company that owned the video, having received a compensation of 5 million dollars.
10 Embarrassing Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Moments
Nevertheless, after the sex scandal, Kim began to actively expose in front of the camera for men's magazines.

Kim Kardashian: from TV-star to businesswoman

In 2008, Kim took part in the program «Dancing with the Stars», where she was paired with professional dancer Mark Ballas. The pair was kicked out of the show three weeks after the start of the project. After the failure, Kim ran away in tears behind the scenes, where the whole family calmed her down. In August 2010, the model became the producer of the reality show «The Spin Crowd». The project was about the life of two PR-agents, Simon Hack and Jonathan Ceban.
Kim Kardashian in swimsuitKim Kardashian in swimsuit
In parallel, Kim built a career in the modeling business. In 2007 she posed nude in the December issue of the popular male magazine Playboy. After a couple of months, Bongo Jeans announced the girl as its spokesmodel.
Kim Kardashian without makeupKim Kardashian without makeup
Kim Kardashian played the first notable role in the TV series «Beyond the Break». And then, in 2008, appeared on the screen in the role of Lisa in the parody film «Disaster Movie», which brought her a nomination for the anti-prize «Golden Raspberry». Then she got the episodic role in the series «How I Met Your Mother».

In the fall of 2009, Kardashian announced that she and her sisters were going to become a fashion designer for the fashion brand Bebe, and in developing a line of jewelry for the famous brand Virgin Saints and Angels.
Ким Кардашян – Jam
Collection of clothes from Kim Kardashian appeared in the shops in February 2010. The girls combined cotton with leather in clothes. Feminine-sexual models predominated in the collection similar to those that sisters wear daily. In the summer of 2010, Sisters Kardashian said that they plan to launch a new line called K-Dash.
2016: Kim Kardashian lost weight after second birth2016: Kim Kardashian lost weight after second birth
Also in 2010, Kim released her own perfume, Kim Kardashian. In the same year, girl created a sunscreen «Kardashian Glamor Tan», which had arrived in the chain of cosmetics stores «Sephora».

In July 2010, the wax figure of Kim Kardashian appeared in the Madame Tussauds in New York.
Real Kim Kardashian and the wax oneReal Kim Kardashian and the wax one
In November 2010, there was information that Kim Kardashian planned to record a music album. The girl is already working with the producer The-Dream. He was nominated for the Grammy Award for the best song of the year. It was the Rihanna’s single «Umbrella».

Kim has already managed to describe her life path, successes, defeats, and experiences in the book. «The funny facts of their childhood, the secrets of their beauty and style, the wisdom that they learned from their father, and the street laws of the mother that always support them in life and business» are told in the autobiography of the Kardashian sisters «Kardashian Konfidential».
The book of the Kardashian sisters is still blowing right off the standsThe book of the Kardashian sisters is still blowing right off the stands

Personal life of Kim Kardashian

Like any socialite, Kim Kardashian enthusiastically makes her personal life public.

In early 2000, 19-year-old Kim Kardashian became the wife of musical producer Damon Thomas. However, the marriage did not last long. In 2004, relations ended in divorce. The reason for the collapse of the family girl called home violence. However, the former husband invariably denied this fact and added that he himself initiated the divorce because he could not accept Kim’s compulsive cheat.
Damon Thomas, first husband of Kim KardashianDamon Thomas, first husband of Kim Kardashian
In 2007, the girl began a relationship with the NFL star Reggie Bush. However, long and strong relations did not follow. The couple broke up in July 2009. Then, in a couple of months, the young people renewed their relationship, and in March 2010 they finally broke up.
Kim Kardashian and Reggie BushKim Kardashian and Reggie Bush
On April 2010, Kim Kardashian was spotted on a date with the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, and three months later the girl was a little fascinated by the Dallas Cowboys receiver, Miles Austin, and met him for the next three months. After that, Kim took a great interest in Chris Humphries, the power forward of the basketball team New Jersey Nets.
The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries turned out to be a PRThe wedding of Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries turned out to be a PR
In 2011, the couple got married. Kim invited more than five hundred guests at the wedding, including Hollywood celebrities. Kardashian spent about 75 thousand dollars for a wedding dress, and the amount spent on an expensive wedding, in general, exceeded $10 million. However, soon it turned out that the marriage from the very beginning was nothing more than a pre-planned PR action designed to raise the ratings of the show «Kardashian Family». After 72 days Kardashian and Humphries divorced.

A few days after the divorce, Kim announced that she was in a relationship with rapper Kanye West. Later, she shared with the press that their romance began two years before.
Wedding photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestWedding photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
The couple quickly focused on continue the bloodline, and in June 2013, the Kim gave birth to a girl North West. Kim gave birth to five weeks earlier. Immediately after the birth of the daughter, Kanye asked the beloved to become his wife.

The wedding of Kim and Kanye is the third one on the account of Kim Kardashian. It took place on May 24, 2014. The festivities were truly grandiose: the couple was married in Paris, then a string of private planes brought the newlyweds and guests to Florence to the medieval fortress of Fort di Belvedere. During the ceremony, Kim changed four outfits; The most luxurious of them was a wedding dress from Givenchy. At the pre-wedding party, guests were entertained by Lana Del Rey, whose performance cost the newlyweds nearly three million dollars.
Kim Kardashian with her husband and childrenKim Kardashian with her husband and children
In December 2015, Kim gave birth to a boy who was decided to call Saint.

Kim Kardashian is now

After the birth of the second child, the star actively tried to lose weight, because for the second pregnancy she gained more than 15 kilograms of excess weight. She regularly pleases her fans with photos on Instagram, where she shares cute moments from her life. Her account is one of the most popular on the scale of the entire social network; we can safely say that Kim Kardashian invariably sets fashion trends for millions of women around the world.
Kim Kardashian loves making selfie and she is an inveterate Instagram fanKim Kardashian loves making selfie and she is an inveterate Instagram fan
She also continues to appear in glossy magazines, among which are the most popular Harper's Bazaar and Playboy. A lot of noise on the web was done by a photo of Kim Kardashian with champagne. The girl put a glass on her impressive booty and caught in it a spray of champagne from the bottle, which she held in her hands.
That photo of Kim Kardashian with champagneThat photo of Kim Kardashian with champagne
In April 2017, a photo of Kim Kardashian without photoshop leaked to the Web, provoking outrage of her fans, indignant that Kim continues to post retouched photos. In a few days, about 100,000 users have unsubscribed from her Instagram.
Photo of Kim Kardashian without photoshop has leaked into the WebPhoto of Kim Kardashian without photoshop has leaked into the Web
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