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Real name:
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Birth date:
(36 y.o.)
Place of birth:
5'9 ft ()
198 lb (90 kg)
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Biography of Adele

Someone says that the world of show business is dog-eat-dog and complicated. And these words, of course, are not meaningless. However, sometimes in this world of insidiousness and intrigue, there are truly fabulous stories. One of them is the creative biography of British singer Adele.
The success of singer Adele surprised the whole world
The success of singer Adele surprised the whole world
Today she is known and loved on all continents, her voice is heard on the radio, and photographs decorate the covers of authoritative music editions like the Rolling Stones with images of her. At the age of 19, she released her first album, which immediately made her a world star, and three years later the next record of Adele won several Grammys and became four times platinum in the UK. How a girl from North London touched such heights and changed the established rules of success in show business, please read below.

Childhood and family

The future star Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on May 5, 1988, in Tottenham – an area in north London, which is known for frequent riots and flourishing organized crime. At least that’s how things were in those years. Only emigrants from Arab countries and the poor lived in this area. The future singer’s family belonged to the second category.
Photo of Adele as a child
Photo of Adele as a child
Parents of Adele, Penny Adkins and Mark Evans met in 1987 in one of the city pubs. She was an 18-year-old student who studied art, and he was a man without a certain occupation, slightly over 20. They began to live together, and soon Penny became pregnant. Choosing between studying at the university and the birth of her daughter, the woman chose the second.
Adele’s father (on the photo) left when she was 3 years old
Adele’s father (on the photo) left when she was 3 years old
The father left the family when the girl was three years old. Only a pile of records of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, as well as a second name – Blue, remained from him to Adele. Having disappeared from his daughter’s life for many years, his father moved to Wales, where he began to drink and no longer took part in the upbringing of his daughter: neither financial nor emotional. But he reappeared in the life of Adele when her success came into the spotlight throughout Britain. It was at this point when the interview of the singer’s father appeared in some English-language media, to which she reacted very violently and ambiguously, noting that "this person has no right to talk about her."
Singer Adele in childhood, adolescence and now
Singer Adele in childhood, adolescence and now
Since childhood, the closest people in the life of the singer Adele were her mom and grandfather. It was they who brought up the love of singing in the girl. To pay for the vocal lessons, Penny worked in three places: she was a massage therapist, a furniture assembler, and also organized training courses for adults. Little Adele adored singing and practicing with the teacher almost every evening.
Adele and her mother
Adele and her mother

The first steps to success

The first public performance for the future star of the British and world stage was the performance of the song "Rise" from the repertoire of singer Gabrielle within the framework of the school production.
School photo of a singer Adele
School photo of a singer Adele
Possessing a strong voice and wide vocal range, the girl amazed everyone with her ability to beautifully sing, sustaining notes simply beyond the bounds. She was admired by her friends and acquaintances, but she did not believe in the possibility of success: her body shape was far from ideal (until 2008 the actress’s weight was about 295 pounds), and she never had wealthy sponsors.
How Adele was changing (2007 - 2017)
And yet, after listening to the opinion of her relatives, Adele went to audition for the famous London School of Performing Arts and Technology, which formerly trained Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, and many other English stars. The audition was successful, and Adele began to study music from the best teachers in Britain.

In 2006, the singer recorded several demos. The songs turned out to be so successful that, without consulting her, Adele’s friends decided to put them on the MySpace social service page. Songs were noticed by prominent British producers from the record company XL Recordings. As the singer herself repeatedly admitted, the call from the record-label office became a pleasant surprise for her. "I took off the phone and at first thought, it was a joke," she recalled.
In 2007, Adele signed a contract with XL Recording label
In 2007, Adele signed a contract with XL Recording label
But suddenly the dream come true was quite real. And soon after this, a long climb of Adele to the heights of the European musical Olympus began. The first single of a singer "Hometown Glory" was released in October 2007 in a very limited edition. But a year later it was re-released, and the song itself was awarded a Grammy nomination.


The first real hit of a singer was the song "Chasing Pavements", which only a couple of weeks after the official release reached the second line of the national charts of Britain.

And the debut album of a singer "19" was released in 14 days. Adele was at this age at the time of its release.

Adele received her first music award before the release of her first album. This was the Brit AwardsCritics’ Choice Award - an award for young singers who have not yet released a full-fledged studio album. However, this success immediately faded before the number of all sorts of awards that fell on the singer after the release of her first record "19". Critics expatiated in praise and nicknamed Adele "queen of soul".
Adele - Cold Shoulder
Already a week after release, the album topped the national British chart. For a month the record was shattered by 500 thousand copies, which brought it the status of "platinum". In total, more than 7 million copies were sold worldwide. After such triumph, a successful tour of the US and Canada followed, as well as the signing of a contract with the American label Columbia Records.


Three years later, the impressive success of the first studio album surpassed Adele’s second album, entitled "21". The singer started working on the material for the album in 2009, which coincided with the quarrel in the relationship with her partner. Many of the songs from her second album were inspired by their feelings. For example, the emotional "Take It All" Adele wrote at the time of a serious quarrel with her beloved, gloomy "Rolling in the Deep" – an answer to the mocking remarks of her boyfriend, who believed that the girl’s life would be worthless without him, and "Rumour Has It" – a taunt directed to gossip friends.
Adele’s second album became even more successful than debut one
Adele’s second album became even more successful than debut one
The album was produced by Rick Rubin, who, according to the singer, pulled her out of the comfort zone, because of which work on the album was not easy for her. In particular, he was against the use of electronic instruments and samples, while Adele wanted to make a more modern and dance album. Under his guidance, the singer recorded the songs "Lovesong" (cover for the song of The Cure), " Don’t You Remember", "He Won’t Go", "One and Only", "I Found a Boy". In total, the tracklist of the album included 11 songs.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Initially, Adele wanted to release a CD under the name "Rolling in the Deep", but eventually stopped at the name "21": it reflected her inner age and creative evolution.
Adele before and after losing weight
Adele before and after losing weight
In February 2012, "21" brought Adele 6 "Grammy" statuettes. So the British repeated the record Beyonce by the number of awards at one ceremony. Adele won the most prestigious nominations: "Album of the Year", "Song of the Year", "Pop Album of the Year", "Record of the Year", "Best Video" and "Best Solo Pop Performance".


After the release of the second album, Adele found happiness in her personal life (for more details, see below): she had a husband and a child, and this is the reason for the long break between the 2nd and 3rd albums. "The next album will be released in two years, I want to live for myself," Adele admitted in 2012.

As soon as the son of the singer turned 18 months old, Adele returned to the recording studio, full of ideas for new creativity. His leitmotif was the happiness of motherhood. However, the first attempts were unsuccessful: the resulting music seemed to the singer boring. Instead of the promised 2014, the album was released in November 2015.
Adele - Skyfall
Many world stars postponed releases of their records, frightened by competition, even the teen idol Justin Bieber and the boys band One Direction. Maybe it was right: for the first week, "25" was bought by more than seven million people. Over the next six months, this figure increased to 20 million.

Personal life of Adele

As we have already mentioned above, the album "21" is inspired by experiences after parting with a man. But Adele, a rather private person, does not advertise the name of the "culprit". The fans could only guess – who is this man who broke the heart of the people’s favorite?
73* Questions With Adele | Vogue
First, a handsome Slinky Sunbeam came under suspicion, a singer with whom Adele was credited with a love affair in 2008. But the singer herself marked a decisive end to these rumors: "Those who say that do not know anything me and Slinky. He is not even my style".
Adele was credited with a love affair with a singer Slinky Sunbeam (on the photo)
Adele was credited with a love affair with a singer Slinky Sunbeam (on the photo)
The candidates also included producer Mark Ronson, who worked on Adele’s first album; comedian James Corden, a good friend of the singer; frontman of the Klaxons group Jamie Reynolds. But all the guesswork was in vain. Neither the powerful fan club, nor the journalists, nor the paparazzi, opened the veil of secrecy over the name of the anonymous boyfriend. Fans of the singer nicknamed him "Mr. 21".

In 2011, Adele found true love. Simon Konecki, the owner of a large investment holding, became the man-boy of actress’s choice. Simon is older than Adele for 14 years, but this fact did not interfere with lovers. By the way, the song "Someone Like You" from the same album "21" is dedicated to him.
Adele and her husband Simon Konecki
Adele and her husband Simon Konecki
On October 19, 2012, the couple had a son, who was named Angelo James. After the birth of their child, the news about the allegedly preparing wedding of happy parents began to appear with enviable constancy in the American and British press. Finally, during the concert in 2017, Adele made a statement about her marriage, after which the audience burst into applause.
The son of Adele and Simon Konecki was born in 2012
The son of Adele and Simon Konecki was born in 2012
In September 2019, Adele told the community about her impending divorce after 3 years of marriage. A month after this news, rumors appeared in the Internet community that the singer was dating rapper Skepta, but they did not receive official confirmation.

In April 2020, Adele fans were extremely surprised by her new appearance: the singer, beloved by millions, lost more than 40 kilograms. Many fans noted that they loved the singer in the same form, but Adele herself did not like her previous appearance. That is why she subjected herself to a rigid diet and shock training.

Adele Now

According to, Adele released the new album named "30" in November 2021. The new songs are still as sincere as usual. Adele invites her listeners to talk about maternity (My Little Love), broken heart and divorce (Easy On Me).
Adele – Easy On Me
The "30"’s concept is a conversation with her 9 years old son. Therefore, Adele asked her fans to listen the album in order, as it was planned. The singer asked Spotify to make a an exception for her album and turn off the shuffle as default, and her request was pleased.

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