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Ariana Grande
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Name: Ariana Grande

Real name: Ariana Grande-Butera

Who is: ,

Birth date: (29 y.o.)

Place of birth: Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.

Height: 5'1 ft ()

Weight: 99 lb (45 kg)

Relationship: married


Birth Sign:

Chinese zodiac:


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Biography of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is an American singer and actress with an unusual timbre of voice. In spite of the young age, she managed to win the hearts of thousands of teenage fans around the world. She began a professional career already in childhood on the channel Nickelodeon, and now records albums, plays in the movies, series, and theater. Net worth: $200 million.
In the photo: Ariana Grande
In the photo: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s childhood

Ariana Grande-Butera was born in a small town Boca Raton on the east coast of Florida on June 26, 1993. Her parents: Joan Grande and Edward Butera from an early age inculcated in children a love for art. Ariana’s elder brother, Frankie, became a successful actor and producer; now he is the agent of his younger sister.
Ariana Grande in childhood
Ariana Grande in childhood
Ariana was not even four years old when her parents took the girl to the musical theater «Little Palm Theater», and already 4 years later she made her debut on television, singing the USA national anthem. During this period, Ariana received her first part in the musical «Annie», and later in the performances «The Wizard of Oz» and «Beauty and the Beast».
At the age of 13, Ariana Grande seriously thought about the music career
At the age of 13, Ariana Grande seriously thought about the music career
At the age of 13, the girl seriously thought about the music career and began to practice vocal at the famous Hollywood vocal coach Eric Vetro, who taught the voice of many American stars ‒ Pink, Katy Perry and Jason Derulo. After the masterclasses, Erik gave a positive testimonial to Ariana, and her elder brother took up her career.

Career start

According to, in 2007, the girl flew to Los Angeles to meet with managers, stating that she wanted to record an R&B album. She was refused, and then Ariana returned to acting classes and in 2008 she successfully passed the casting for the part of Charlotte in Broadway musical called «13» by Jason Robert Brown. Critics highly appreciated Grande’s acting debut and awarded her the prize of the National Youth Theater Association. Participation in the performance did not allow Ariana to continue her education at North Brovard Preparatory school, so the young actress received educational materials at home and worked with tutors.
Ariana Grande in the musical called «13»
Ariana Grande in the musical called «13»
Ariana’s successful debut attracted the attention of directors and casting producers. In 2010, on the channel Nickelodeon, the girl received a part in the television series «Victorious» directed by Dan Schneider. For the role of Cat, Valentine Ariana had to radically change the appearance, and from the pretty brown-haired girl the actress turned into a fiery pretty girl with purple hair color. Then Ariana feared that because of such changes in appearance, fans will turn away from her, but the fans accepted the new image of the actress with a bang.
Ariana Grande in the series «Victorious»
Ariana Grande in the series «Victorious»
In the same year, Ariana began performing with Colleen Ballinger, known on the Internet as a comedic character Miranda Sings, at the Birdland nightclub in New York. In 2011, fans could see Ariana in the Grayson Chance’s clip for the song «Unfriend You», in which Grande played the ex-beloved of the singer according to the story. The music industry had long attracted Ariana, and in the same year the 18-year-old actress released her debut album «Put Your Hearts Up». Within the shortest time, the disc found its audience and became extremely popular among American youth.
Ariana Grande ‒ «Put Your Hearts Up»
The girl simultaneously continued to participate in the work on the series: in the sitcom «Winx Club» Ariana voiced the character of Princess Diaspro. Grande’s doll appearance and the voice attracted directors too ‒ in 2012, the girl got the part of Snow White in a theatre production called «A Snow White Christmas».
Ariana Grande in the performance «A Snow White Christmas»
Ariana Grande in the performance «A Snow White Christmas»
During this period, the series «Victorious» was closed, and Ariana was offered to appear in the sitcom-continuation called «Sam & Cat».
Ariana Grande in the sitcom «Sam & Cat»
Ariana Grande in the sitcom «Sam & Cat»
Music and shooting began to intertwine with each other more and more: in 2013, the girl released two new studio albums at once ‒ «Yours Truly» and «Christmas Kisses». Critics noted that Grande’s voice became deeper and «adult», thanks to which her vocal abilities expanded.
Since 2014, Ariana became an activist of the project «Broadway in South Africa»
Since 2014, Ariana became an activist of the project «Broadway in South Africa»
Since 2014, Ariana became an activist of the project «Broadway in South Africa», under which the artist began to visit South Africa annually, where she gave free masterclasses on singing and choreography to local children.
Ariana Grande ‒ Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj
In early 2015, Ariana left for a world tour in support of the next album «My Everything». Grande earned over 14 million dollars only for the first 25 concerts; such a colossal success forced the organizers to extend performances until the fall. In the summer of 2016, after the tour, Ariana was approved for the part of Penny in the remake of the musical called «Hairspray».
Ariana Grande during the world tour (New York, 2015)
Ariana Grande during the world tour (New York, 2015)
On May 22, 2017, during Ariana’s concert at the stadium in Manchester, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in the foyer, as a result of which 23 people were killed and 122 were wounded. After these events, Ariana visited the injured in hospitals, as well as organized a charity performance to raise funds for the rehabilitation, in which besides her participated also such stars as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, The Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay.
Ariana Grande ‒ «God is a woman»
The year 2018 was quite fruitful for Grande. The girl released the album "Sweetener", and also performed with numerous concerts. In November of the same year, Billboard magazine awarded her the title “Women of the Year”. Then Grande released a new video for the song "Breathin".

Ariana Grande’s personal life

In 2014, the girl was in a relationship with the American rapper Big Sean, but a year later the young people parted. In the summer of 2015, Ariana began an affair with the dancer Ricky Alvarez, but it was also short and lasted a year.
Ariana Grande with Mac Miller
Ariana Grande with Mac Miller
After that, the singer had affairs with the rapper, Mac Miller, for two years. Later, Ariana said that the relationship was abusive, which led to the split.
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
In the spring of 2018, it became known about the romantic affairs between the Grande and the comedian Pete Davidson. After six months of a romantic relationship, Ariana and Pete broke up.
Ariana Grande about the affairs with Pete Davidson
In 2020, Ariana published a joint Stuck with U video with Justin Bieber. In some shots, she appears along with a young man in which fans were able to discern a realtor Dalton Gomez. According to fans and according to rumors, their romance has been going on for quite some time.
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez
In May 2021, Ariana married Dalton Gomez, the real estate agent from Los Angeles.
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez
In spite of the fact that Ariana was brought up in a Catholic family, after the statement of Pope Benedict that all homosexuals (including her brother Frank) are sinners, the girl refused Christianity and began to follow the teachings of Kabbalah.

Ariana Grande now

In 2019, Ariana Grande received her first Grammy statuette for the best vocal album, which became "Sweetener". In the same year, the singer performed at the Coachella festival, performing several compositions with Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber.
In 2020, Grande became involved in a conflict with rapper Josh Stone, who accused her of plagiarizing the composition “7 Rings”. He found her similar to his own song “You Need It, I Got It,” written two years earlier.

During the anti-racist Black Lives Matter rallies in America related to the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Ariana Grande actively participated in protests, going out into the street with a banner.
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