Taylor Swift is Set to Earn Over $100 Million on Spotify in 2023

Her total income from all streaming services could potentially double.

In 2023, pop star Taylor Swift may earn over $100 million on Spotify, according to Variety, based on calculations from her track listens over the year.

Since the beginning of the year, the singer has accumulated 26.1 billion listens on Spotify. The publication notes that if December's listening figures are similar, Taylor's streaming earnings could reach $130 million by year's end. Representatives from Spotify and the singer have not yet confirmed this information. Billboard estimates that Swift's total revenue from all streaming services could be around $200 million.
Taylor Swift in 2023
Taylor Swift in 2023
The singer's popularity has become phenomenal recently. Harvard University announced a course dedicated to Taylor Swift's work. In October, it was revealed that Swift's net worth exceeded $1 billion following the success of the Eras tour. This music tour is already being called one of the greatest phenomena in music history. The tour's profits made it the highest-grossing in history, surpassing the former record holder Elton John with his Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert series, which ran from 2018 to 2023 and earned the singer $887 million.

The Eras Tour, just beginning, will conclude only at the end of 2024, and that's if the singer, considering the immense demand, doesn't decide to extend it. At each concert of the tour, Taylor performs 44 songs, resulting in a concert duration of approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, featuring several songs from each of her albums, starting from her 2006 debut to last year's Midnights.