Tom Cruise banned Nicole Kidman from coming to their son`s wedding

After divorcing Kidman, cruise was the only guardian of their common foster children, and now has banned his ex-wife to come to the wedding of their 24-year-old son.

The star couple, married for 11 years, has two adopted children – Connor and Isabella. After the divorce in 2001, the right to guardianship passed to the actor. Both children, growing up, adopted the religious views of the father, also becoming members of the Church of Scientology. Cruise came to this religion in 1990, when it helped him cope with dyslexia, which he suffered from since childhood.

Nicole Kidman is not popular with followers of this religion due to the fact that her father, a psychologist, influenced the views of Tom during his marriage to Nicole. While the actor himself has always been friends with the leader of Scientologists David Mickiewicz.
Tom Cruise with his son
Tom Cruise with his son
Tom Cruise's future daughter-in-law is also a devoted follower of Scientology, and in her community is nicknamed "the Scientology Princess." notes that many stars made serious decisions based on religious beliefs. Madonna because of their Kabbalistic views divorced Guy Ritchie, and John Travolta some time adjusted its schedule under horoscope predictions.