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Name: Dustin Hoffman

Real name: Dustin Lee Hoffman

Birth date: 8 of August 1937 (81 y.o.)

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Height: 165 cm Weight: 71 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Ox

Occupation: actor, director

Photo: Dustin Hoffman

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Dustin Hoffman’s biography

Your appearance is not quite scenic the actor was told, receiving another refusal, but he continued to go towards his dream. He was repeatedly called unpromising and was advised to find another profession. The actor’s name is Dustin Hoffman and today he has more than 60 roles in his background and each of them is the embodiment of his highest skills and unique talent.
In the photo Dustin HoffmanIn the photo Dustin Hoffman

Early years

On August 8, 1939, the second child was born in the family of Lillian Gold and Harry Hoffman. The family lived in Los Angeles; Lillian was a pianist, and Harry worked as a prop supervisor at Columbia Pictures before becoming a furniture salesman and succeeded.
Dustin Hoffman in childhoodDustin Hoffman in childhood
Both Lillian and Harry were descendants of Jewish immigrants, but considered themselves Americans. The boys heard Yiddish only from their grandmother who spoke in it with their mother when she wanted to say something that was not meant for the children. The boys received neither religious nor traditionally Jewish upbringing, their parents raised them as free American citizens, who are free to make their own choices.

The youngest son was given the name Dustin. His older brother was the first student in the class and dreamed of becoming a politician. Both parents and his brother laughed at Dustin, who dreamed of the stage. However, he studied poorly, was a shy shorty and suffered from dyslexia.
Dustin Hoffman in childhood with his motherDustin Hoffman in childhood with his mother
In order for Dustin to realize that his appearance was not suitable for the stage, his father enrolled him in a school for beginning actors, where he was recognized as unpromising by the teachers and was soon expelled.
Dustin Hoffman in youthDustin Hoffman in youth
Mother persuaded regretful Dustin that music is also creation! During a year, the boy regularly attended music classes, but could not stand it, quit the school and left for New York in 1959.

Career. Beginning

There are legends about how Dustin Hoffman made his way to fame in Hollywood. In New York the young man was able to enter Lee Strasberg’s acting class from the fourth attempt and after finishing his studies he began to undergo numerous trials and castings at the studios, but wasn’t able to get a single role for many years. He worked as a waiter, a typewriter in the printing house, and a demonstrator of goods in a department store, a cashier, a night bartender, and even a nurse in an insane asylum to pay for accommodation.
Young Dustin HoffmanYoung Dustin Hoffman
During his years in New York Dustin was able to develop his own style: he began to wear leather jeans, grew his hair and bought a used motorcycle. In 1967, he managed to get a place in a small theater. The debut of the young actor was The Journey of the Fifth Horse staging, and for this role he was awarded the Obie prize, which is drawn annually among actors from off-Broadway theaters. This was followed by his first movie role.

Director Mike Nichols was looking for a twenty-year-old sporty blonde for the role of Ben in his drama The Graduate. It was assumed that Robert Redford, who best fit for the role, would play the main character, a young man named Ben, who started an affair with a lady much older than himself. But when he saw short, almost thirty-year-old Dustin, Nichols realized that he had found his hero.
Dustin Hoffman in The GraduateDustin Hoffman in The Graduate
Faddish and thin, possessing rare charm that attracted the attention of women of any age, Dustin looked unusually sexy on the screen. The role of the mature lady who seduced the son of her friends Ben was played by Anne Bancroft, and Catherine Ross played her daughter, whom Ben fell in love with.

In the era of the starting sexual revolution The Graduate produced the proper effect, and fame fell on Dustin Hoffman. The actor received the Golden Globe, the British BAFTA, and was nominated for the main prize of the film academy for his role.
On the set of The GraduateOn the set of The Graduate
Over the next few years Hoffman took part in several films and each role led him to the top of the Hollywood Olympus.

In the heartfelt drama of 1969 John and Mary the actor played in a duet with Mia Farrow, telling viewers the eternal story about how easy it is to miss fate.
Dustin Hoffman with Mia Farrow in the John and MaryDustin Hoffman with Mia Farrow in the John and Mary
In the Midnight Cowboy social drama Dustin reincarnated into a homeless miser Rico, suffering from tuberculosis. Having decided to become the manager of extremely naive cowboy Joe, played by John Voight, Rico incites him to provide sexual services for money.
The topic of unwanted people who found themselves at the very bottom of life raised in the picture was highly appreciated by critics, and the audience was amazed at Dustin's reincarnation, who realistically coughed and limped, portraying a cripple. For the role of Rico Dustin was again nominated for an Oscar.
Dustin’s next success was his role in the Little Big Man drama western based on the novel by Thomas Berger, telling about the relationship between whites and Indians, about the history of life and all the difficulties that Jack Crabbe had to overcome. The narration is conducted on behalf of the main character, a 120-year old man, to whom Dustin had to reincarnate. The actor, who once again surprised the audience with his unique talent of reincarnation was partnered by Faye Dunaway, Richard Mulligan and real Native American Chief Dan George.
Dustin Hoffman in the Little Big ManDustin Hoffman in the Little Big Man
From 1971 to 1978 Dustin Hoffman, who had already earned a special place among movie stars, due to his skills, not to appearance, played in pictures, each of which entered the golden fund of the art of cinema.

In the Straw Dogs thriller the actor played an intelligent mathematician who was forced to defend his life with a weapon in his hands. However, after killing one of the local hooligans, provoked by his girlfriend’s too short skirt, David could no longer stop and turned into a beast.
Dustin Hoffman in the Straw DogsDustin Hoffman in the Straw Dogs
In the history of world cinema 1973 is marked as the year of the release of the Papillon drama. In the picture glorifying the victory of spirit over circumstances, Dustin Hoffman had a chance to play with legendary Steve McQueen, for which the role was one of the last.
Papillon - Trailer
In the biographical picture Lenny the actor recreated the image of famous comedian Lenny Bruce, who brought the audience to hysterical laughter with his performances and who died under unclear circumstances. Working on the image of the cult artist of the 70s, Dustin achieved incredible resemblance to his character.
Dustin Hoffman in the LennyDustin Hoffman in the Lenny
In the All the President's Men political thriller based on the investigation of the Watergate scandal, which was followed by the resignation of President Nixon, Dustin played journalist Carl Bernstein. Robert Redford also starred in the picture.
Dustin Hoffman at the Oscar ceremony awards (1980)
In 1979 the deep and piercing picture Kramer vs. Kramer, where the actor played in a duet with Meryl Streep, secured the fame of the best actor of the decade after Dustin Hoffman and earned him an Oscar and Golden Globe for performing the role of a father fighting for his right to raise his son. Jane Alexander, George Coe and Justin Henry also played in the picture.

Best roles

In the 1982 comedy the Tootsie Dustin played an unlucky actor who was forced to put on a woman's dress for the sake of a role. The situation is complicated by the actor's love for his partner, who was played by Jessica Lange. Teri Garr, Bill Murray and Geena Davis, who first appeared on the screen, also played in the comedy, which was popular with the audience and won numerous awards.
I never thought that I would come out to be such an ugly woman the actor joked after the premiere.
The role of Raymond in the drama of 1989 the Rain Man brought Dustin his second Oscar. The unlucky businessman Charlie, who was played by Tom Cruise, learned that his father had left a heritage to autistic Raymond and kidnapped him from the orphanage. During the trip Charlie learns the secrets of the past, what helps him get closer to his brother and help him begin to navigate the world. The subtle picture of self-discovery and the greatness of soul, which can even do the impossible, has earned the status of a cult immediately after it was released.
Rain Man - Trailer
Among the roles played by the genius actor over the next few years, one of the most striking ones is the role of Colonel Daniels in the Outbreak thriller, where the actor starred in the company of Rene Russo and Kevin Spacey, as well as the role of Danny Snyder in the Sleepers thriller, where Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro and Jason Patrick also starred.
Dustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt in the SleepersDustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt in the Sleepers
In the Moonlight Mile melodrama the actor played the father of the deceased girl, who, together with his wife, took her fiancée to his family. In the tender story of mutual support and confronting to blows of fate, the role of Dustin Hoffman’s character’s wife was played by Susan Sarandon, and Jake Gyllenhaal played the failed son-in-law.

The 2000s gave the world a few comic images embodied by the actor in the two parts of the Meet the Fockers, where Dustin joined the stellar team of Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller and Blythe Danner, as well as in the I Heart Huckabees comedy drama, where he played alongside Isabelle Huppert and Jude Lowe.
A shot from the Meet The FockersA shot from the Meet The Fockers
In the 2006 creepy drama Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, the actor embodied the image of Parisian perfumer Baldini, who received hundreds of formulas of refined aromas from his strange servant. British Ben Whishaw played Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, and Alan Rickman also appeared in the film.
Dustin Hoffman in the Perfume: The Story of a MurdererDustin Hoffman in the Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The Last Chance Harvey melodrama, released in late 2008, tells about the late love of a lonely composer. Harvey's sweetheart was played by Emma Thompson.
Last Chance Harvey - Trailer
Between 2010 and 2016 the actor played in the Barney's Version, the Chef and The Cobbler. In addition, Dustin voiced Master Shifu in the Kung Fu Panda cartoon series and rat Roscuro in The Tale of Despereaux.

Dustin Hoffman’s personal life

Among many biographical articles devoted to the creativity and personal life of the famous actor, one can learn that before Dustin Hoffman became a movie star, he was not a success with girls. However, it’s not true and the actor himself said in an interview that it cost him to read a couple of lines from a poem and take the girl by the hand, as she was right away ready to marry him.
Dustin Hoffman is said to have had hypnotic effect on womenDustin Hoffman is said to have had hypnotic effect on women
Confirming this, actors Robert Duval and Gene Hackman, who were Dustin's roommates, say that they were always amazed at the truly hypnotic effect that this short and unsportsmanlike guy had on women.

At the earl of his career, Dustin had a relationship with singer Betty Kelly and model and actress Vera von Lehndorff, but both affairs did not last long.
Dustin Hoffman and Anne Byrne with their daughterDustin Hoffman and Anne Byrne with their daughter
Dustin first got married in 1969 to dancer Anne Byrne, who already had a daughter from her first marriage. A year later, Anne gave birth to Jenna, who became the actor's first child. The marriage lasted until 1980 and fell apart due to the actor's passion to another woman.
Dustin Hoffman with Lisa GottsegenDustin Hoffman with Lisa Gottsegen
A week after his divorce from Anne, he married Lisa Gottsegen. Lisa is a lawyer and a successful entrepreneur, the spouses are together since 1980. Dustin calls the marriage one of his main achievements. Lisa and Dustin have six children, one daughter of which is adopted. Their marriage is considered one of the happiest Hollywood unions.

Dustin Hoffman Nowadays

In 2016 Dustin began working on a role in the Medici: Masters of Florence project, the first season of which was successfully held in America and Europe. The following year the actor played artist Harold, who is the head of an extravagant Jewish family, in The Meyerowitz Stories drama. Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Ben Stiller and Sigourney Weaver also appeared in the picture.
The Meyerowitz Stories - Trailer
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