`Fast and Furious` Star Vin Diesel Accused of Sexual Harassment

Asta Jonasson reported an incident from 23 years ago. Vin Diesel has denied the woman's allegations.

Vin Diesel's former assistant has sued the 56-year-old actor. She claims he harassed her during the filming of "Fast Five" in 2010. According to Asta Jonasson, One Race Films hired her as Diesel's assistant when he was shooting the film in Georgia. She asserted she was in Diesel's room at the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta while he "entertained several women."

Asta recounted that after the last girl left, she was tasked with escorting Diesel out of the hotel to avoid paparazzi. She alleges the actor forcibly grabbed her, groped her breast, and kissed her in the room. Jonasson struggled to break free, but the actor reportedly continued.

Diesel then lifted her dress and tried to pull off her underwear. The father of three pinned her against the wall, grabbed her hand, and placed it on his erect genitalia. Diesel was also in his underwear after removing his cargo shorts.
Vin DIesel in 'Fast Five'
Vin DIesel in 'Fast Five'
According to Asta, Vin masturbated while leaning against her. She claims she kept her eyes closed to "dissociate." After he finished, he put his shorts back on and said, "No one can say anything bad about Asta." Diesel then left the room. A few hours later, Diesel's sister and the president of One Race, Samantha Vincent, called her and fired her, saying, "they no longer needed her assistance."
Asta Jonasson
Asta Jonasson
Jonasson's lawsuit states she believes she was fired for resisting Diesel during the assault. She kept silent "out of fear of Diesel's power in Hollywood" and because of her green card immigration status.

Now inspired by the #MeToo movement, Asta refers to the California Right of Publicity Law, which allows victims to file claims of sexual violence regarding alleged incidents that occurred in 2009. Jonasson noted she is suing Diesel, his sister, and One Race Films for sexual battery, wrongful termination, and a hostile work environment.

Vin categorically denies the allegations. "This is the first time he's hearing about this more than 13-year-old claim, made by an alleged nine-day employee," said Diesel's lawyer Bryan Friedman. The lawyer also stated that clear evidence completely refutes the plaintiff's "outlandish accusations," as reported by Daily Mail.
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