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Jason Statham
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(56 y.o.)
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Shirebrook, Derbyshire, the UK
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Jason Statham’s Biography

Jason Statham is a star of the Hollywood blockbusters, who is often called «the new Bruce Willis». The joint works with film director Guy Ritchie, who made him the protagonist of many of his films («Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels», «Snatch», «Revolver»), became a bridge to fame for the actor. Later on, Jason Statham also became an inviolable symbol of the blockbusters «Crank» and «The Transporter». His net worth: $90 million.
Jason Statham, the star of thrillers and militants
Jason Statham, the star of thrillers and militants


Jason was the second child in the family of a famous lounge singer and dressmaker, who later evolved into dancers. The father of the future actor was engaged in gymnastics and boxing. So, he brought up his sons as real sportsmen.
Perhaps, this is the most famous Jason Statham’s baby photo
Perhaps, this is the most famous Jason Statham’s baby photo
The boy’s elder brother imbibed his father's love for martial arts and often used the younger one as a punching bag. Jason preferred water sports more, particularly diving. Moreover, in 1988, he joined Great Britain’s team (but he didn't take part in the Olympic Games, it's a myth). Later on, the young man also has mastered kickboxing and Brazilian JIU-jitsu.

The Troubled Past

In his interview, Jason mentioned that he had to earn a living not the most honest way in his youth. He gained his first money by selling counterfeit jewelry and perfume on the streets.
Being young Jason Statham have traded stolen things in the streets
Being young Jason Statham have traded stolen things in the streets
In the mid-90s, the advertising agent drew attention to the Statham. He offered the joint work to the athletically-built guy. So, Jason Statham was in the ad campaign of clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger.
Greetings from Statham’s sporting past
Greetings from Statham’s sporting past
It happened that the head of this fashion house became a producer of the first feature film by young director Guy Ritchie. Mindful of Jason’s illegitimacy past, someone has recommended him to his director as a candidate for the lead role in the film.
Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, and Dexter Fletcher
Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, and Dexter Fletcher
Apparently, the experience of street trading influenced the actor. Jason was offered to sell the director the fake jewelry on casting, and he coped brilliantly. As soon as Richie tried to give the «jewels» back, Statham became steadfast as a rock. Here's how Statham described this casting: «Guy was looking for a genuine character, and it was me because actors can’t learn in art schools those things which he needed and which I could do».
Jason Statham has demonstrated the ability to sell in «Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels»
So, Jason Statham has become one of the four leading characters in the compound crime movie «Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels», full of the first-class black humor. He had to bring together several plot lines and save his friend who passed out in the card from a deadly fate together with Jason Fleming and Dexter Fletcher.

Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie: a brilliant tandem

The film, released in 1998, had a resounding success. Although some critics have accused Guy Ritchie in imitation of Quentin Tarantino, yet the majority perceived the film with enthusiasm. It was a stunning debut for Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, and two years later people saw the following premiere of their tandem result, «Snatch».
«Snatch»: Jason Statham in the role of the Turkish
«Snatch»: Jason Statham in the role of the Turkish
This time the leading role was fully given to Jason Statham only. He turned into a criminal flunky named Turkish, by chance being embroiled in a breathtaking adventure involving a deadly strong Gypsy (Brad Pitt), pugilists, hysterical crime boss, pigs-cannibals, and the hapless robbers of jewelry and dogs.
Long-Haired Jason Statham («Revolver»)
Long-Haired Jason Statham («Revolver»)
Later on, in 2007, the actor appeared in another project, the film «Revolver». His hero, Jack Green, was sentenced due to circumstances and lost seven years in solitary confinement. But these years gave him essential skills that helped him to win in all gambling games. The character of Ray Liotta, the casino owner Dorothy Macha, played the antagonist of Jack in the film.

The Best Films

After the double combo of breakthrough projects, Jason Statham became famous all around the world in the blink of an eye. He immediately took part in the three pictures of action genre: «Turn it Up», «Ghosts of Mars» and «The One». Although the movies have not reached the success of the first movies with Statham, the collaboration with Ice Cube, Jet Li and a string of other notorious actors have contributed much to his acting experience.
Top 10 Times Jason Statham Went Beast Mode
Jason Statham won the title of Hollywood blockbusters’ star after the release of the first episode of «The Transporter», a thriller about the driver who is ready to carry anything anywhere without asking questions. Only once he departed from his principle and looked in the bag, which he was handed over by the customer.
«The Transporter» is one of the brightest moments in Jason Statham’s filmography
«The Transporter» is one of the brightest moments in Jason Statham’s filmography
Unlike many action pictures, this film was met with applause thanks to the unpredictable plot and charismatic Statham’s person. The fee of the actor crossed the symbolic mark of one million dollars, and the continuation of the epic (2005, 2008) has been of no less interest than the first episode.
Top 10 Badass Jason Statham Moments
Since that time Statham entrenched the role of a such «cold-blooded big guy», who can send the opponent in the knockout by one blow and get out untouched from any firefight. Now his filmography is full of such characters as an assassin, super-spy, police, bodyguards, and thieves.
Jason Statham’s figure is perfect for his character roles
Jason Statham’s figure is perfect for his character roles
In 2005, the first episode of the action movie «Crank» was released, where Statham was reincarnated as hit-man Chev Chelios, who must create an incredibly tense situation around himself in order not to die from the deadly poison that activates from the slow pulse.

Another important point in the acting career of Jason Statham is the thriller «The Mechanic». The actor’s character is a hired killer Arthur Bishop, who had received the same nickname for amazing accuracy and precision.
«The Mechanic» Arthur Bishop
«The Mechanic» Arthur Bishop
It should be noted that Jason Statham is one of three favorite actors of the legendary Sylvester Stallone. In 2010, he even suggested his English college the roles in the self-directed movie «The Expendables» along with Mickey Rourke, and Bruce Willis.
A scene from the movie «The Expendables»
A scene from the movie «The Expendables»
Four masters made a splash for fans of action so that the film repeatedly paid for itself at the box offices, and two years later saw the light of the sequel. This time the premier team was enriched by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme. In one scene of the film, Statham’s hero said: «I'm the mechanic-professional», referring the audience to two films with his participation: «The Mechanic» and «Killer Elite» (the actor played the killer with the international name in «Killer Elite», released in 2011).

Surprisingly, but Statham tried his hand at voice acting in cartoons. Tybalt from the animated film «Gnomeo and Juliet» speaks by his voice.
Statham voiced Tybalt in «Gnomeo and Juliet»
Statham voiced Tybalt in «Gnomeo and Juliet»
In 2015, Jason Statham has joined the cast of the series «The Fast and the Furious», appearing in the seventh episode of the film as an anti-hero Deckard Shaw, the older brother of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), starred in the previous episode. By the way, the film release was postponed for 2 years due to the tragic death of Paul Walker. In 2016, the next episode of «The Mechanic» was released. The premiere of the 8th episode of the «The Fast and the Furious» was scheduled. In 2018, the actor promised to appear in the horror film «Meg».

Jason Statham’s Personal Life

Despite his «screen characters», Jason Statham cannot boast a huge number of love affairs. The actor dated his colleague Kelly Brook for seven years (since 1997). The couple seemed beautiful and almost perfect up to the moment when Kelly met actor Billy Zane. The meeting took place in the movie «Three». Brooke left Statham, causing an incurable wound to his heart. Brooke and Billy broke up long ago, but Jason continues to refuse his ex-girlfriend’s attempts to reconcile.
In his youth, Jason Statham as dating Kelly Brook
In his youth, Jason Statham as dating Kelly Brook
After Kelly, Jason Statham tried to build a relationship with singer Sophie Monk. However, their love affair was doomed to fail, hardly having had time to begin. The reason for that was, as claimed by the tabloids, Sophie’s vulgar behavior.

According to Zoomboola.com, in 2006, the actor began dating an art historian Alex Zosman. This event put a lot of negative to the girl from the fans of the Hollywood star. That is why Statham is no longer willing to share the details of his personal life with anyone. So, fans didn’t know at once about their break in 2010.
Alex Zosman, the ex-girlfriend of Jason Statham
Alex Zosman, the ex-girlfriend of Jason Statham
After that the actor was lucky, he attracted the attention to Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Several times they converged, diverged, took a break, lived separately from each other... But in the end, their love affair turned into the wedding. Six years later the beauty’s finger could sport an engagement ring.
In 2016 Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were preparing for the wedding
In 2016 Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were preparing for the wedding
In 2017, the media announced that Statham soon will be a dad for the first time. At first, the actor’s girl fans were puzzled that the Rosie has ceased to post new photos on her social network account. And when the paparazzi caught Rosie and photographed her rounded belly, which model was thoroughly covered by an oversize coat, everything became clear.

On 24 June 2017, Statham became a father for the first time. Rosie gave birth to a cute boy Jack Oscar Statham.
Jason Statham and his son Jack
Jason Statham and his son Jack

Jason Statham Now

Remaining, perhaps one of the most recognizable actors in the genre of thriller, Jason Statham easily pleases his fans by 1-2 new movies every year.
2016: Jason Statham at the 21st annual Critics Choice Awards
2016: Jason Statham at the 21st annual Critics Choice Awards
In 2019 fans saw him in the spinoff of 'Fast and Furious' named 'Hobbs & Shaw'. On the set, he met Dwayne Johnson.
Jason Statham and Dwayne Jonson in «Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw»
Jason Statham and Dwayne Jonson in «Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw»
It's clear, that the actor will play in the sequel of the 'Spy'. At the beginning of 2021, the 'Cash Truck' starring Statham will come on a screen.

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