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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Birth date: 30 of July 1947 (71 y.o.)

Place of birth: Thal, Styria, Austria

Height: 188 cm Weight: 110 kg

Birth Sign: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Pig

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Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is an American actor of Austrian origin, a famous body-builder and Republican who needs no introduction. He became famous for the title role in the film series «The Terminator» and acting in such pictures as «Conan the Barbarian», «The Running Man», «True Lies», «Twins», «Junior», and more. He is the holder of Mr. Universe (fivefold) and Mr. Olympia (sevenfold) titles. In 2003, he became the 38th Governor of California.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, the LegendArnold Schwarzenegger, the Legend

Childhood and School Years

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, in Thal village near the town of Graz, Austria, in a Catholic family of Gustav Schwarzenegger (1907–1972) and Aurelia Schwarzenegger, her maiden name was Jadrny (1922–1998).
A Childhood Picture of Arnold SchwarzeneggerA Childhood Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger
After Anschluss of Austria in 1938, Gustav Schwarzenegger became a member of the NSDAP, participated in World War II but didn't participate in war crimes, and after the war, he was appointed as the chief of the local police.
A Room Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Spent His Harsh ChildhoodA Room Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Spent His Harsh Childhood
The family was poor, and children were accustomed to plough-tail since childhood: they milked cows, drew water, and chopped firewood. Arnold and his one year older brother Meinhard were raised with a high hand. The beating was practiced.
A School Picture of Arnold SchwarzeneggerA School Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger
When the young boy was 14, his soccer coach brought him to a weight room in Graz. When Arnold lifted the bar for the first time, he changed soccer for bodybuilding right away.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Parents: Gustav and AureliaArnold Schwarzenegger's Parents: Gustav and Aurelia
Arnold started to visit the weight room every day, and on weekends, when it was closed, he broke in through the window and worked even harder. «When I missed practice, I felt sick. And the next day, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror», he confessed later.
The Way Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Changed From the Age of 14 to 67

Early Successes in Bodybuilding

In 1965, 18-year-old Schwarzenegger was draughted into the Austrian army that he joined with pleasure, having a chance to escape from father's house. To Arnie's joy, he was sent to Tank Corps. Those big and powerful vehicles attracted him. Besides, tank drivers were allowed to drive any vehicle types, motorcycles, and even tractors.
Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ArmyArnold Schwarzenegger in the Army
While serving in the military, Arnold participated in the international competition of body-builders (Mister Europe Contest) where he won the first place among juniors. Unfortunately, he had to take hill to participate in that contest, so the young man was incarcerated upon his return. But one week later, when the army leadership received the information about his win, he was discharged and rewarded with a two days' leave.
Young Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Competition of Body-BuildersYoung Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Competition of Body-Builders
After demobilization in 1966, Schwarzenegger decided not to go back to his native village and moved to Munich. There, he continued to practice his favorite sport and worked as an instructor in a fitness club. That same year, Arnold had his first flight by going to London to participate in the Mr. Universe Contest. He expected to take at least the sixth or seventh place, but to his own surprise, he took the second place by only yielding to the famous Chester Yorton.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Idol Reg ParkArnold Schwarzenegger and His Idol Reg Park
Training did its part. Next year, in 1967, Arnold Schwarzenegger earned the Mr. Universe title for the first time, and in his 20s he became the youngest winner in the history of competitions. After the competition, he returned to Munich where he worked in a sports club and attended a business course, and in 1968, he came to London again and won the Mr. Universe title for the second time.
1967: Schwarzenegger Became the Youngest Mr. Universe1967: Schwarzenegger Became the Youngest Mr. Universe

Bodybuilding Carrier in the USA

The young man always wanted to move to the USA, and his bodybuilding carrier gave him this chance. Arnold moved in September 1968, when he was 21 years old. California became his new home.
Arnold With His MotherArnold With His Mother
In 1969, Arnold participated in the Mr. Olympia Contest but yielded to the three-fold champion Sergio Oliva. But the next year, he gained the victory, and in the age of 23, he became the youngest Mr. Olympia in the history of the contest (this record has not been broken to this very day).
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia Contest in 1969 and 1970Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia Contest in 1969 and 1970
In 1975, after another victory at the Mr.Olympia Contest, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced about the end of his professional sporting career.
Mr.Olympia in 1974 and 1975Mr.Olympia in 1974 and 1975

Schwarzenegger's Acting Career

In 1970, Arnold Schwarzenegger started to act in films, as many other famous body-builders did before, including his idols Reg Park and Steve Reeves. In the beginning, producers were afraid to invite him. Such problems as the strong accent, swell muscles that looked unnatural on screens, and the «sesquipedalian» last name of the beginning actor terrified them.
A Film Frame from the «Hercules in New York»A Film Frame from the «Hercules in New York»
Arnold's lead in the film «Hercules in New York» (1970) became his film debut. Besides, because of his accent, another actor voiced all character's lines, and the pseudonym of Arnold Strong appeared in credits and on posters. Later, Schwarzenegger called that film his least favorite work in the films.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's training
Success overtook Schwarzenegger actor after the release of the film «Conan the Barbarian» (1982) and its sequel «Conan the Destroyer» (1984). A character of an unconquerable ancient warrior who fights with black wizards, subdues wild animals and wins women's hearts caught the fancy of the audience and Schwarzenegger was finally received as the superstar. And while some critics characterized him as the «boring pile of meat with a sharp sword,» he became the idol for many young people.
Young Arnold SchwarzeneggerYoung Arnold Schwarzenegger
When the fantastic action film «The Terminator» (1984) was released, a bright character of a cyborg killer from the future became so recognizable that the word «Terminator» became common. Schwarzenegger had the line of a laconic strong man, a single hero in action films and fiction. It is these roles that he appeared in before the audience in successful films such as «Commando» (1985), «The Running Man» (1987), «Predator» (1987), «Red Heat» (1988), «Total Recall» (1990).
A Film Frame From the First Film «The Terminator»A Film Frame From the First Film «The Terminator»
However, the character of the laconic pile of meat began to chafe Arnold with time. He wanted to prove that was a complete as an actor and could do much more. To do so, he started to act in comedies and wasn't less organic in it. The film «Twins» (1988) where he played with a brilliant Danny DeVito was the first Arnold Schwarzenegger's comedy. Interestingly, Arnold completely refused to take the fee for this film. That's how big his moral satisfaction of having the possibility to prove himself in a new way was.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito on the Set of «Twins»Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito on the Set of «Twins»
It was followed by another not less successful comedies such as «Kindergarten Cop» (1990), «True Lies» with Jamie Lee Curtis (1994, the film brought the actor two Golden Globe Awards for the best dance and the best kiss), «Junior» with Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson (1995, the film brought nomination for the Golden Globe Award for the best man's role), and «Jingle All the Way» with James Belushi (1996), and in the film «Last Action Hero» (1993), Schwarzenegger brilliantly played himself and made his debut as a producer.
In the Film «Junior», Schwarzenegger's Character Became PregnantIn the Film «Junior», Schwarzenegger's Character Became Pregnant
Schwarzenegger became the absolute favorite of the audience and critics, and newspapers called him the most famous immigrant who could «overcome deep Austrian accent and fell outside the plain limits of bodybuilding to become the brightest star of the global cinematography of the 90s».
The Cool Cyborg Terminator Is the Best Schwarzenegger's RoleThe Cool Cyborg Terminator Is the Best Schwarzenegger's Role
At the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, another few films were released: «End of Days» (1999), «The 6th Day» (2000), and «Collateral Damage» (2002). Even though these films were received a little more discreet, the actor's work was bright and deep. In 2003, the long-expected sequel «Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines» was released. This film broke records of box-office takings. After that, the 56-year old Arnold Schwarzenegger announced about quitting the films and beginning a political career. In the fourth film «Terminator Salvation» (2009), only a digital character of the actor was used, and only occasionally.
»The Expendables»: Schwarzenegger Returned to the Films After the Break»The Expendables»: Schwarzenegger Returned to the Films After the Break
After the end of the gubernatorial term in January 2011, Schwarzenegger was literally overwhelmed with new scenarios and offers, including the request for new «Terminator» and remakes on «The Predator» and «The Running Man». However, the first thing he did was voicing the main character in animated series «The Governator,» and later he played a small role in the action film «The Expendables 2» which first team of the starry cast joined Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Stan Lee from Marvel Wanted to Create a Comic Book about Schwarzenegger Titled «The Governator»Stan Lee from Marvel Wanted to Create a Comic Book about Schwarzenegger Titled «The Governator»
In 2015, the new film «Terminator Genisys» was released. Scenes of the picture shift from one time to another few times and a title character appears before the audience in different ages. So, along with Schwarzenegger himself, an actor Brett Azar played the character of young Terminator in some scenes, over whose face the face of young Arnold was applied using a computer-based method. Emilia Clarke played the character of Sarah Connor.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke at the Premiere of «Terminator 5»Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke at the Premiere of «Terminator 5»
In spring 2017, the premiere of the film «Aftermath» took place during the work on which, Arnold Schwarzenegger cardinally changed his character once again. The film is based on a true story (Vitaly Kaloyev's case) and relates a story about a crash of passenger and cargo airplanes over the Bodensee Lake.
Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Film «Aftermath»Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Film «Aftermath»

Political Cereer of Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the member of the Republican Party of the USA that is not typical for actors who mostly support Democrats. At the same time, his views can be considered centrist, for they are more liberal on many issues than views of «classical» republicans. In particular, he stands against the prohibition of abortion and doesn't support the war in Iraq. Moreover, Schwarzenegger is the consistent supporter of the Kyoto Protocol concerning the control of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and he also supports independent researches of stem cell application.
Schwarzenegger Has Conservative ViewsSchwarzenegger Has Conservative Views
In 2003, the actor was elected for the Governor of California and became the first Governor of American state who was born outside the USA since 1862. From among the many candidates for this position, he was surely the most famous figure, but on the other hand, he didn't have any experience in public affairs.
Schwarzenegger Makes Oath as the New Governor of CaliforniaSchwarzenegger Makes Oath as the New Governor of California
Five days before voting, competitors have opened dark PR campaign against Schwarzenegger, and immediately six women announced about sexual harassment by him. 24 hours before voting, there were fifteen such women, and the candidate's rating significantly dropped. Candidate's former film partners, in particular, Linda Hamilton and Jamie Lee Curtis spoke in support of his moral, and people believed in the innocence of the «Iron Arni». After his appointment, he hired a private detective to investigate those fake charges.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Wife Celebrate His Electoral VictoryArnold Schwarzenegger and His Wife Celebrate His Electoral Victory
Schwarzenegger assumed his duties of the Governor of California after the recall of the former Governor Gray Davis during the rule of which the state experienced financial and energy crisis. He immediately put his efforts into the reduction of spending and, in particular, refused to receive a governor salary of 175 thousand dollars per year. In 2006, he was reelected for this position.
In the Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald TrumpIn the Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump
During the pre-election campaign of the president of the USA in 2016, he supported the candidacy of the Republican John Kasich. However, when another Republican, Donald Trump, reached the final of the presidential election instead of Kasich, Schwarzenegger refused to vote in his favor. That was the first and last time when he didn't support the Republican candidate after he received American citizenship since 1983.

Private Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger

In 1969, he met his first love, a teacher Barbara Outland Baker. This relationship lasted until 1974, but then the couple had to break up. Barbara wanted to build a «normal and close-knit family,» but Arnold wasn't ready for that.
Barbara Baker - the First Arnold Schwarzenegger’s LoveBarbara Baker - the First Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love
In 1975, he started dating a hairdresser Sue Moray which he met on a beach. According to her, they had an «open» relationship, «We were faithful when we were both in Los Angeles... but when he was out of town, we were free to do whatever we wanted.»

In August 1977, while he was still with Moray, Schwarzenegger started dating Maria Shriver, a television journalist who was a niece of the killed President John Kennedy. His final choice between two women he made only a year later after Sue delivered an ultimatum and made him choose, and he chose Maria.
Schwarzenegger and Shriver's WeddingSchwarzenegger and Shriver's Wedding
Despite that, Arnold continued dating other women for a while, in particular, an actress Brigitte Nielsen and his partner in the film «Red Sonja.»
The Actor Dated Brigitte NielsenThe Actor Dated Brigitte Nielsen
Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger married on April 25, 1986. It is possible that family relations with one of the most influential families in politics determined the further interest of the actor in the political career.
In the Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger with His Wife Maria ShriverIn the Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger with His Wife Maria Shriver
They had four children. The oldest daughter - Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger (December 13, 1989). On July 23, 1991, Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger was born. Two years later, on September 18, 1993, the actor had his first son Patrick Schwarzenegger. And their younger child is Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger (date of birth: September 27, 1997).
Katherine Schwarzenegger, the Oldest Daughter of Arnold SchwarzeneggerKatherine Schwarzenegger, the Oldest Daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Until the end of the gubernatorial term in 2011, he was a perfect husband and father in the eyes of the people, but after the couple celebrated its silver wedding all of a sudden a beautiful picture was ruined.
Patrick SchwarzeneggerPatrick Schwarzenegger
First, Maria took all four children from the spouse's house and moved to Kennedy's private residence, and two days later, Arnold officially announced their decision to break up.
Christopher SchwarzeneggerChristopher Schwarzenegger
Furthermore, as it turned out, the actor had a 10-year old base son (at that time) Joseph Baena who was born by a housemaid Mildred Baena on October 2, 1997. She worked in Schwarzenegger and Shriver's house for 20 years, and at least 14 of those years was his lover.
Joseph Baena, a Base Son of Arnold SchwarzeneggerJoseph Baena, a Base Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger
In July 2015, Schwarzenegger started dating a doctor in sports medicine Heather Milligan who was 27 years his junior. Maria Shriver also settled her private life, but officially the couple didn't complete their divorce procedure.
Arnold and His New Beloved WomanArnold and His New Beloved Woman
Warm and friendly relationship put between ex-husband and his ex-wife, and questionable 400 million dollars that they couldn't share are still in their sharing use. Ex-couple and its children consider themselves as one family, but Arnold and Maria have a separate love life.
Ex-Couple Still Has Warm RelationshipEx-Couple Still Has Warm Relationship

Arnold Schwarzenegger Now

In 2018, the comedy «Triplets,» the sequel of the picture «Twins,» should be released. This time, Eddie Murphy who will play the third different twin brother will join Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: then and nowArnold Schwarzenegger: then and now
There are rumors that Arnold Schwarzenegger may run for president of the USA. Currently, this is impossible, for according to the U.S. Constitution only a person who was born on its territory can be its president. Nevertheless, the Senate does not exclude the possibility to reconsider this regulation. There is a discussion on the possible requirement in 20 or 35 years of American citizenship.
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