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Luke Evans
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(45 y.o.)
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Pontypool, Wales, U.K.
6'0 ft ()
174 lb (79 kg)
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Biography of Luke Evans

Luke Evans is a British theater and film actor, who brightly revealed his talent in such films as "The Hobbit. Smaug’s Heath", " Fast and Furious," "Dracula" and the musical "Beauty and the Beast." He openly talks about his homosexuality and supports the LGBT community. Net worth: $10 million.
The theater and cinema actor Luke Evans
The theater and cinema actor Luke Evans

Childhood and Teenage Years

Luke Evans was born in the city of Pontypool in the southeast of Wales, in an unwealthy family of a builder and a cleaner. Luke’s parents were members of the religious organization "Jehovah’s Witnesses" and raised their son according to the strict principles of their faith. Despite all their efforts, the boy did not share their religious views, and by the age of 16 became an atheist.
Luke Evans’ childhood was spent in the city of Pontipool
Luke Evans’ childhood was spent in the city of Pontipool
As early as in his teenage, he decided to get seriously engaged in vocals and began to work with a professional teacher. To pay for these lessons, the young man had to work with his father at the construction site and sell shoes in the store after school.
In the photo: Luke Evans with his father
In the photo: Luke Evans with his father
After graduating from high school, he moved to the capital to get a theater education. In 1997, thanks to the support of his vocal teacher Louise Ryan, he won a scholarship from the London Studio Center). There he was polishing his vocal and dramatic skills during the next three years.
School photos of Luke Evans
School photos of Luke Evans
After graduating from the studio, he successfully took part in productions of London theaters for eight years, having established himself as a talented and profound dramatic artist. But while his career in theatre was developing steadily, he was not taken to the movie. At that time, cute boys were in fashion whereas Evans never considered himself handsome. However, by the age of thirty, the situation had changed, and his hour of triumph had finally come.
Luke Evans began his acting career in the theater
Luke Evans began his acting career in the theater

Film career

During one of the performances, a representative of a British film studio paid attention to him and offered a small role of Clive Richards in the film "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" about musician Ian Dury.
Luke Evans’ first role in the movie
Luke Evans’ first role in the movie
Then followed the role of the sheriff in the adventure film "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe in the title role. In the next film, the militant "Clash of the Titans", the novice actor played the god Apollo. After that, bright roles started to fall on Evans fast and furious: he played Zeus in the film "Immortals" and Aramis in the new adaptation of the "The Three Musketeers."
Luke Evans as Musketeer Aramis
Luke Evans as Musketeer Aramis
Eminent Hollywood filmmakers got interested in the young actor, and in 2012 he got an invitation to the film "Fast and Furious." Prior to that, Evans did not even know how to drive, but during a year he got so skilled that most of the tricks were performed on his own. But the real gift of fate for him was the role of Bard in the fantasy film "The Hobbit. The Desolation of Smaug" which made him famous throughout the world. On the set, Luke met great actors such as Martin Freeman, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett. A year later, another part of the "Hobbit" with the participation of Evans was released, and in 2015 the actor appeared in the follow-up of "Fast and Furious".

Now Luke is overloaded with interesting offers from eminent film directors. The actor admits that he dreams about flying away to visit his parents for a week, to simply sit at a table with them in a rural setting without the Internet and mobile communications.

According, in Spring 2017, there was the premiere of the musical "Beauty and the Beast," a Hollywood adaptation of a Disney fairy tale loved by millions. The film stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans playing Gaston, the main anti-hero of the story.
Luke Evans and Hugh Jackman’s Gaston Sing Off
In addition, Luke Evans promised to appear on the screens at least 4 times in 2018. He played the main roles in the thriller "10X10", the drama "State Like Sleep," the TV series "The Alienist" with Dakota Fanning and Luc Besson’s thriller "Anna."
Luke Evans played the anti-hero Gaston
Luke Evans played the anti-hero Gaston

The personal life of Luke Evans

Despite the fact that he is very handsome and in great physical shape, despite his heroic image formed by his films, Luke Evans is not married and does not date girls. The reason is that he is openly gay and does not consider necessary to hide this fact. He announced that at the very beginning of his career. This does not prevent the actor from passionately kissing women on the screen and playing roles of courageous heterosexual men.
Luke Evans is a gay
Luke Evans is a gay
In 2010, the gay actor was caught in a relationship with a woman, his PR manager Holly Goodchild. After that, he said in an interview to Cosmo: "You can have many friends while not sleeping with them. Some of Luke’s fans still believe that his non-traditional orientation was a kind of PR move for a novice actor.
Luke Evans and his boyfriend John Cortacharena
Luke Evans and his boyfriend John Cortacharena
In 2014-2015, the actor dated John Cortaharen, a Spanish model. The name of the current Luke’s beloved is carefully concealed from the press.

Approximately, in May 2018, Luke began to date Victor Turpin. They were an adorable couple.
Luke Evans and Victor Turpin singing
In February 2020, there were rumors about a new Luke’s boyfriend. The actor’s fans recognized him as Rafael Olarra, an art-director from Miami.
Luke Evans and Rafael Olarra
Luke Evans and Rafael Olarra

Luke Evans Now

Luke Evans is trying himself in music. So, in October 2019, he released the debut song ’Love Is A Battlefield’, which was included in Luke’s first studio album ’At Last’ with 22 pop songs.
Luke Evans – Love is a Battlefield

  • I want to wish more new good and interesting roles to Luke Evans and also to find his love.
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  • It doesn`t matter what preference the man has! I like Luke Evans as an actor and as a human.
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  • I think with a long hair Luke Evans looks better then with a short hair (like in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug).
    2021-02-25 08:38:34
  • I have mixed feeling to Luke Evans. From one hand he is a talented actor and from the other hand it`s not necessary to say everyone about your orientation.
    2021-02-13 08:56:08