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Rosamund Pike

Name: Rosamund Pike

Real name: Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike

Birth date: 27 of January 1979 (40 y.o.)

Place of birth: Hammersmith, London, England

Height: 174 cm Weight: 79 kg

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Occupation: actress

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Rosamund Pike’s biography

The cold porcelain beauty of this British actress in combination with her temperament and deep dramatic talent has the effect of a bomb. Rosamund Pike has tried images of different characters.
In the photo: Rosamund PikeIn the photo: Rosamund Pike


Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike was born on January 27, 1979. Her parents are famous musicians. Julian is an opera singer, a professor of music and head of operatic studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Mother Caroline is a violinist.

Rosamund received her education in one of the best private schools for girls. Thanks to her parents, the girl grew up in a creative atmosphere: Rosamund learned to play the piano and cello and achieved great success, receiving a diploma of a teaching musician.
Young Rosamund PikeYoung Rosamund Pike
Since childhood the girl was fond of theater and literature. She took part in all school plays and at the age of 16 she shone on the stage of the National Youth Theater.
Rosamund Pike on the theater stageRosamund Pike on the theater stage
After school Rosamund entered the English Literature course at Oxford, where she became friends with Chelsea Clinton. Rosamund's performances in the student theater left no doubt that the girl would become an actress.


Rosamund's first appearance in cinema took place in the 1998 television comedy drama A Rather English Marriage . The rather small role in which the girl appeared, marked the birth of a star. Just a year later Rosamund took part in the Wives and Daughters series and played one of the lead roles in the Love in a Cold Climate multi-part television project. Megan Dodds and John Light worked along with the actress in the project.
Rosamund Pike in the Love in a Cold ClimateRosamund Pike in the Love in a Cold Climate
In 2002 Rosamund put on the image of the girlfriend of agent 007. The role of James Bond in one of the most brilliant parts of the bondian Die Another Day was played by Pierce Brosnan. Many explicit scenes of Brosnan and Pike were cut from the picture, which, however, did not prevent viewers from appreciating the beauty and sexuality of the aspiring actress.
Rosamund Pike and Pierce Brosnan in the Die Another DayRosamund Pike and Pierce Brosnan in the Die Another Day
The Libertine drama, which tells about one of the most odious and contradictory characters in the British historical scene, Lord John Wilmot, was released in 2004. The bisexual loving poet was performed by Johnny Depp, and Rosamund appeared in the image of Elizabeth Malet, who supported Wilmot’s views on free love and later became his wife. Samantha Morton, Kelly Reilly and John Malkovich also appeared in the picture.
Rosamund Pike and Johnny Depp in The LibertineRosamund Pike and Johnny Depp in The Libertine
In 2005 Rosamund took part in two very different pictures. Though Rosamund performed secondary roles in both, she earned the approval of critics and the recognition of the audience. In the Pride and Prejudice traditional Victorian drama considered the best screening of Jane Austen, her partners were Matthew Macfadyen, beautiful Keira Knightley, also Donald Sutherland and legendary Judi Dench. In the Doom fantastic horror film based on the game of the same name, the young actress played Dr. Grimm, and was accompanied by Dwayne Johnson, Ben Daniels and Karl Urban.
Rosamund Pike in the Pride & PrejudiceRosamund Pike in the Pride & Prejudice
Between 2006 and 2010 the actress managed to play in more than ten films, and though her popularity overgrown the limits of her native Britain, she was not offered lead roles. However, as cinema experts noted, Rosamund gave charm to each film she participated in with her delicate play. The Fracture detective psychodrama, where the actress played Nikki, the unfaithful spouse of the character of Anthony Hopkins, and the Fugitive Pieces tragic picture stand out in particular among pictures of the period. The film starred Stephen Dillane and Ayelet Zurer.
Rosamund Pike in the FractureRosamund Pike in the Fracture
Rosamund showed her many-sided talent starring in the Barney's Version tragicomedy, which earned many awards and even an Oscar nomination. The actress appeared in the image of the last wife of Barney, suffering from dementia in the picture. She was accompanied on the set with Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and Scott Speedman.

Best roles

Even with her aristocratic beauty and bright dramatic talent Rosamund simply couldn’t become a star of first magnitude. In 2011, selecting actors for his new project Wrath of the Titans, famous Jonathan Liebesman gave the role of Andromeda to the young British actress. Clemence Poesy and Georgina Haig claimed the role, but the director chose Rosamund, for whom the image became the first lead role in her filmography. Based on ancient Greek myths, the drama starred Sam Worthington, Bill Nighy, Sinead Cusack, and Liam Neeson.
Rosamund Pike in the Wrath of the TitansRosamund Pike in the Wrath of the Titans
In 2012 Rosamund played in a duet with Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher action thriller film. Rosamund played the District Attorney Rodin’s daughter Helen in the picture. Richard Jenkins and legendary Robert Duvall also starred in the film based on the works of Lee Child. The film has become one of the most popular films of 2012. However, general success was awaiting Rosamund ahead.
Rosamund Pike and Tom Cruise in the Jack ReacherRosamund Pike and Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher
In 2013 Pike appeared in the role of a fatal beauty in The World's End hooligan comedy from the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, which tells about friends, who avoid death by participating in an alcomarathon. The alcoholic friends were played by Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and Nick Frost.
Rosamund Pike in The World’s EndRosamund Pike in The World’s End
The next undoubted acting success was the actress’s participation in The Devil You Know female detective drama. The actress played a duet with Lina Olin in the intriguing and beautiful picture, where Jennifer Lawrence also starred.

The next film released at the end of 2014 became an event in the world of cinema and brought Rosamund Pike world fame and recognition.
Rosamund has repeatedly noted in interviews that she considers the role of Amy in the Gone Girl psychological thriller to be her main role. This is also the opinion of critics, expressing the hope that there will be many more such roles in the filmography of the brilliant actress.
Many star actresses and even Charlize Theron claimed the role in the new picture by David Fincher. However, Rosamund won the palm by auditioning on Skype. Before shooting Fincher invited Rosamund to a bar, where he asked her to join him and drink whiskey. So the famous director wanted to make sure that the actress would cope with the role and Rosamund really did it.
Gone Girl - Trailer
Subsequently, Rosamund said that she had difficulty playing and she even wanted to leave the project, but her pride would not allow it. The actress finished working on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Rosamund's partner was Ben Affleck, who played her husband. The film entered the top 10 best films of the 2014 film season and was nominated for all the prestigious film industry awards.
Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck in the Gone GirlRosamund Pike and Ben Affleck in the Gone Girl
The Return to Sender 2015 drama confirmed Rosamund’s reputation as one of the most talented actresses of her time. Her character is a nurse, obsessed with justice, on the verge of madness, and as intended, causes neither the sympathy nor the compassion of the audience. The film also starred Nick Nolte and young but already popular Shiloh Fernandez.
Rosamund Pike in the Return to SenderRosamund Pike in the Return to Sender
In 2016 Rosamund performed the lead role in the A United Kingdom biographical sentimental drama, which tells about the touching love of the Prince of Botswana to the London beauty. The history of their relationship and the marriage, for which lovers overcame many obstacles, became popular, and Rosamund proved that she is able to embody romantic images on the screen, and not just exploit the psychopath line.
Hostiles - Trailer
In the Hostiles 2017 western the actress played the role of a woman, in whose eyes the Indians killed her entire family. The film, which deserved only positive reviews, also starred Christian Bale. And though the picture has not received awards, the audience is confident that its time will come.

Rosamund Pike’s personal life

Since mid-1996, the actress dated Simon Woods. After their relationship ended on mutual agreement, Rosamund had a short affair with modernist artist Henry John.
Rosamund Pike and Simon WoodsRosamund Pike and Simon Woods
The set of the Pride and Prejudice gave start to an affair between the actress and Joe Wright. The romance lasted several years but did not lead to marriage, though the couple announced their engagement.
Rosamund Pike and joe WrightRosamund Pike and joe Wright
Since 2009 the actress is in a relationship with Robie Uniacke. The actress’s chosen is an interesting, but closed personality. It is known that Robie is a mathematician who had problems with drug addiction in the past. Robie has five children from previous marriages.
The couple’s first son Solomon was born in 2012, and the second, Atom was born 2 years later. The family lives in London. Rosamund and Robie do not like to talk about details from their life. Rosamund actively opposes mentioning her name and the name of her children in the press, the actress defends the right for privacy of personal information.

Rosamund Pike nowadays

In 2018 premieres of the pictures Beirut and Entebbe took place. In both pictures Pike played the lead roles, and her partners were John Hamm, Daniel Brühl and Eddie Marsan.
Entebbe - Trailer
The Informer picture is expected to be released at the beginning of 2019, where Rosamund will appear in a duet with Joel Kinnaman, the star of The Kiling series.
On the set of The InformerOn the set of The Informer
Since 2018 Pike has been working on the image of Marie Curie in the project by director Marjane Satrapi called Radioactive. It is known that the set takes place in Budapest. The date of the premiere is not mentioned in the press.
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