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Katie Holmes

Name: Katie Holmes

Real name: Kate Noelle Holmes

Birth date: 18 of December 1978 (40 y.o.)

Place of birth: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Height: 175 cm Weight: 55 kg

Birth Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Occupation: actress

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Biography of Katie Holmes

The career of Hollywood starlet Katie Holmes reminds a Roller Coaster ‒ the ups and downs. Having played her first roles, she received the title of the most promising young actress, but later became the owner of the Golden Raspberry several times. In spite of the difficult turns of fate, the actress managed to take a well-deserved place among the stars and gain female happiness.
In the photo: Katie HolmesIn the photo: Katie Holmes


Katie Noelle Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio. She is the fifth child of lawyer Martin Holmes and his wife Kathleen. The family was very religious; all the children of Holmes studied in a Catholic school. Katie went in for sports, was a cheerleader and participated in school theater productions.
In the evenings, the whole family gathered in the living room and watched the evening shows. In one of these evenings, Katie saw an ad of the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) agency, which organized young talent conventions that were held twice a year. Kathy decided to apply for participation in the competition program. But the girl was only 14 years old, and her father advised her to finish high school first. Dad promised to pay her travel and participation in the competitive program if she got high scores on the final exams.
Katie Holmes in childhoodKatie Holmes in childhood
Dreaming of a movie actress career, Katie began to attend the local model school, and in the summer of 1995 she got her chance at the IMTA convention in New York. The girl participated in the competition of free genre actors, and, while the other girls read the dark and romantic poems by Sylvia Platt, she read a monologue from Harper Lee’s political novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The serious expression on the girl’s face that did not match her age and the material she chose amused the commission members, but it worked out as Katie expected. In 1996, she already starred in television shows and soon received her first role in a real film.

Career. Beginning

Katy’s film debut took place in the drama of 1997 about the difficult relationship between neighbors The Ice Storm, where she played a very small role as a teenage girl Libbets. The film starred young Elijah Wood, whose career also began with participation in the IMTA New York convention. In the drama the leading roles were performed by Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline.
Katie Holmes in the film The Ice StormKatie Holmes in the film The Ice Storm
The following year, a nineteen-year-old girl received an invitation to the teen TV series Dawson's Creek in which she was approved for the part of Joey, a girl from a dysfunctional family. Michelle Williams and James Van Der Beek, who played Joe’s beloved, also participated in the project.
Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek in Dawson's Creek TV seriesKatie Holmes and James Van Der Beek in Dawson's Creek TV series
Katie won the love of the audience from the very first episodes; her abilities and delicately felt sexuality were noticed by the producers. For six years of work in the series, the girl starred in more than ten movies and became one of the youngest and brightest Hollywood stars of the early 2000s.

The horror thriller Disturbing Behavior released in 1998, in which Katie played in the company with James Marsden and Nick Stahl, won the hearts of the audience with the audacious youth of the characters, the unpredictable plot and the terrible secret of the town of Cradle Bay, which was to be revealed by young rebels.
Katie Holmes and Nick Stahl in the film Disturbing BehaviorKatie Holmes and Nick Stahl in the film Disturbing Behavior
The 1999 comedy thriller Teaching Mrs. Tingle with Katie in the lead role became a hit of the film season. The clever and excellent student Leigh Ann decides to take a desperate step in order to correct the certificate spoiled by the history teacher, but the events get out of control of the schoolchildren and entail tragic consequences. The part of the hated teacher was performed by Helen Mirren, and the pupils, whom Leigh Ann involved in a dangerous adventure, were played by Liz Stauber, Barry Watson and John Patrick White.
Katie Holmes in the movie Teaching Mrs. TingleKatie Holmes in the movie Teaching Mrs. Tingle
In Curtis Hanson’s film Wonder Boys (2000), the actress performed the part of a strange student, sparkling in the company with Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr.

In the horror drama of the same year called The Gift Katie formed a wonderful ensemble with such recognized and famous actors as Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Hilary Swank and Keanu Reeves. The script for the film nominated for the Saturn Award in five categories was written by Billy Bob Thornton.
Katie Holmes in the film The GiftKatie Holmes in the film The Gift
In the drama of the 2002 Phone Booth with elements of thriller, Katie played a very small but memorable role as the mistress of the lead character, who was stymied by a telephone maniac. The role of the poor fellow was played by Colin Farrell. In addition, Forest Whitaker, Radha Mitchell and the representative of the glorious actor dynasty Kiefer Sutherland also starred in the film.

In the complex detective psychodrama Abandon the actress played the lead role. Since childhood, her character had not stood when she was left and felt keenly the departure of her beloved. But whether the suffering girl was so innocent? The unpredictable plot and beauty of what was happening on the screen fascinated the viewers, never for a moment switching the attention from the play of Katie and Benjamin Bratt performing the part of a detective. Katie’s unfortunate beloved was Hollywood handsome actor Charlie Hunnam.
12 Best Katie Holmes Movies And TV Shows
After the premiere of Abandon, critics in unison called Katie a budding young actress.

Other roles

In the 2004 fairy tale for adults First Daughter directed by Forest Whitaker, who tried himself in directing, Katie played the self-willed daughter of the President of America, who became a student at a very ordinary college. To secure her, the powerful father puts agents to her, and the girl falls in love with one of them. Mark Blukas and Michael Keaton also starred in the light polish comedy.
Katie Holmes in the film First DaughterKatie Holmes in the film First Daughter
The role in superhero movie Batman Begins caused contradictory reviews from critics. Some believed that Rachel’s image was consistent with the concept of the film; others did not like Holmes performance. But having received the Golden Raspberry prize for the role of Batman’s friend, Katie did not retire into herself and did not fall into depression, but continued to work. The part of Bruce, who turned into a superhero to save the world, was performed by Christian Bale. Besides them Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman and Michael Kane also starred in the film.
Katie Holmes in the movie Batman BeginsKatie Holmes in the movie Batman Begins
From 2005 to 2012, Katie tried to repeat the former success, accepting a big variety of offers, and not all of them were successful.

For example, in the 2008 criminal comedy Mad Money, the actress played with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah. Typically feminine and naive story about how to steal money and at the same time not to rob anyone became the worst film of the year. All the three actresses received negative feedbacks, their work was not perceived as an actor ensemble, and each of them seemed to exist in a separate space.
Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah and Diane KeatonKatie Holmes, Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton
The intricate comedy The Extra Man also did not become a breakthrough for Katie, who was already over thirty years by that time. The tabloids showed up with headlines that Katie looked ridiculous, and that the further fate of the actress would be periodical roles in television series. The situation intensified by the fact that the other actors starring in the film, Kevin Kline and the young Paul Dano, received complimentary feedbacks from both viewers and film critics.

An exception to the works of the actress of this period is the role of Kim in the atmospheric horror drama Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Katy’s partner was Guy Pearce, and in a duet with him her talent that was so unfairly humiliated by film critics, again shone with its facets. The tragic denouement of the plot and the self-sacrifice of Katie’s character for the sake of saving the adoptive daughter were a successful attempt to restore the reputation of the actress.
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark ‒ Trailer
However, the police drama The Son of No One, released after it, did not add the new portion of honey in Katie’s career. The picture received low rating, which could not be raised even by presence of such an actor as Channing Tatum, as well as Al Pacino and Juliette Binoche.
Katie Holmes in the movie The Son of No OneKatie Holmes in the movie The Son of No One
Giving way to the influence of the press and the offers of producers, Katie returned to work in serial projects. In 2011, she agreed to play the role of the legendary Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys project. On the set, the actress collaborated with Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson and Barry Pepper. The series was a great success in America and Canada, deserving the love of viewers who liked to follow the turns of the destinies of the highest strata of American society.
Katie Holmes in the series The KennedysKatie Holmes in the series The Kennedys
Several films in which the actress starred after completion of the filming of The Kennedys first season did not gain much popularity, but they also did not cause any obvious rejection. In the melodramatic movie about the love of two not quite mentally healthy people Touched with Fire, the actress played in a duet with Luke Kirby. The problems of loneliness and social adaptation of special people, raised in the film, were emphasized by Katie Holmes moving play.
Katie Holmes on the set of the film Touched with FireKatie Holmes on the set of the film Touched with Fire
In 2015, the actress took part in the drama Woman in Gold, in which Helen Mirren and Daniel Brühl played, and in the science fiction film The Giver, in which she made a company to Brandon Twaites and Meryl Streep.

Deserved success came to Katie in 2016, when she presented the film All We Had, her first work as a film director. In a frighteningly realistic drama about the life of a family from the lower stratum of society, Kathy played the part of a tired woman who barely preserved traces of her former attractiveness. In order to somehow get out of poverty and despair, she decided to find a man who would be able to help her and her daughter. The film also starred Eve Lindley and Marc Consuelos. The social problems of society revealed in the film, the loneliness and lack of demand for women over forty, the ingenious dramatic character of Katie’s play became her triumph both as a director and as an actress.
All We Had ‒ Trailer
Accepting congratulations after the premiere, Holmes said that now she would no longer try to prove anything to anyone.

Katie Holmes personal life

At various times, Kathy’s admirers were actors Joshua Jackson and Chris Klein, but love-affairs with partners in the shooting area did not last long.
Katie Holmes and Chris KleinKatie Holmes and Chris Klein
Kathy began dating Tom Cruise in 2004. In 2005, she gave birth to a daughter, Suri, and in 2006, Katie married Tom.
Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise
The famous actor is an adherent of the Church of Scientology. In 1990, Tom was drawn into the Hubbard teachings by Mimi Rogers, who was his wife at that time.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s wedding photoKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s wedding photo
At the insistence of her husband Katie went through the initiation procedure, the so-called practice of auditing, and she quickly realized that her new religion was a totalitarian sect. Her decision to return to the Catholic religion and educate Suri as a Catholic caused a negative reaction in Cruise, as a result of which the star couple broke up in 2012.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise broke up in 2012Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise broke up in 2012
The divorce was loud; Cruise’s lawyers behaved aggressively, but delicate Katie managed to defend her right to educate her daughter in the Catholic faith. According to the court decision, Cruise has no right to take part in bringing up her daughter due to his negative impact on the girl.

Shortly after the divorce, Katie officially changed her daughter’s name. Now the girl’s name is Scout ‒ in honor of the character of Holmes favorite book called To Kill a Mockingbird.
Katie Holmes and her daughterKatie Holmes and her daughter
Since 2013, Kathy has been dating Jamie Foxx; they are often seen at various events and on walks along the California coast.
Katie Holmes and Jamie FoxxKatie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
Katie and the Django Unchained star’s wedding is scheduled for early 2019. It became known that their wedding will take place in the capital of all lovers ‒ Paris.

Katie Holmes now

In 2017, the actress accepted an offer to participate in the sequel of The Kennedys project, which will mainly be devoted to the fate of Jackie and her marriage to Greek Aristotle Onassis. Matthew Perry and Alexander Siddig also participate in the project.
In 2018, Katie announced her decision to seriously start directing and even take a course. The star prefers not to expatiate about her future projects.
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