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Lili Reinhart
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(27 y.o.)
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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
5'6 ft ()
121 lb (55 kg)
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The Biography Of Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is an American actress, who became famous for the leading role of Elizabeth Cooper (Betty) in the TV-series «Riverdale». Her character is a very smart, adorable girl, perfect daughter, excellent schoolgirl. But one day she fed up with it and asked advice to her friend Veronica. Net worth: $6 million.
The young actress Lili Reinhart
The young actress Lili Reinhart

Childhood and teenage years

Lili Pauline Reinhart (by the way, so melodious surname of the actress is not the alias) was born and raised in Cleveland, the second-largest city in Ohio, spread out majestically in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Erie. Lili and her sisters Tessa and Chloe dreamed of becoming actresses since childhood, but Lili managed to achieve the goal.
Despite the fragile appearance, she was a very persistent and hard-working child and had a clear understanding of how to succeed. In a primary school, the girl felt awakened craving for creativity: she wanted to sing, to dance and to play on stage. Lily started to attend the dance and theater studio, constantly torturing mother with requests to take her to some sort of auditions in New York. When she was eleven, the young actress has already signed her first contract with a theatrical agency, and the next year she appeared on the professional scene for the first time.
Lili Reinhart with her mom in childhood
Lili Reinhart with her mom in childhood

The first roles

Soon she was invited to participate in commercials, and a year later the debut of Lili in the movie took place. Her first cinema experience was a small role in the short film «Not today». In 2011, she again appeared on the screens in the film «The Best in a Girl».

Her first full-length movie was the thriller «Lilith» where she played the ghost of a dead sister of the main character. Next came small roles in the detective series «Law & Order», a fantasy «Scientastic!», the psychological drama «Not Waving but Drowning» and experimental film «The Kings of Summer». By the end of high school, the young actress was able to boast a dozen small but quite successful film credits.

The heyday of the career: "Riverdale"

According to, in 2014, the 18-year-old girl decided to move from Cleveland to Los Angeles, the capital of the American film industry. There she met Dara Gordon, who became her manager. He organized her shooting in several motion-pictures, but these works were again episodic and barely noticeable and could not satisfy ambitious Lili.
Lili Reinhart looks like Brittany Murphy in some way
Lili Reinhart looks like Brittany Murphy in some way
A severe depression came unnoticed for Lili and nearly led her to suicide. The first panic attack happened to the actress in a café where she has hired as a waitress. She even had to breathe into a paper bag, to recover somehow. In the future, her condition was only getting worse, the attacks became more frequent, and Lili realized that she is not able to cope with this problem on her own.
At the beginning of the career Lili Reinhart was suffering from depression
At the beginning of the career Lili Reinhart was suffering from depression
There could be no question about the acting career, this time the girl was afraid even to go outside, and there was no one around just to spill a friendly word to. She broke down and returned to Cleveland, which she left only 5 months ago, and later got a job as a clothes seller. Though shortly thereafter, she listened to the advice of her relatives and appealed for psychological help from professionals.
Lili Reinhart about «Riverdale»
After the six months, the doctors could have restored her interest in life, and Lili decided to try again her luck in Los Angeles. This time she was more fortunate: the actress went into the project, which subsequently made her famous. Having been successfully cast for the role of Betty Cooper in the teen series «Riverdale», based on the Archie comics, Reinhart got her lucky draw ticket. With a head immersed in the shooting, Lili forgot immediately about her insecurities and depression.
Riverdale came into my life when I was going through the worst depression I had ever experienced. And in the end, it completely saved me.
After the successful release on the screens, the series was renewed and the second season of the mystical drama premiered in October 2017. While the CW had been airing this season, the shooting of the next part began, which the fans are waiting for by October 2018.
Lili Reinhart will appear in the movie «Galveston»
Lili Reinhart will appear in the movie «Galveston»
It is also known that Lili will play Tiffany, the younger sister of gangster Roy Cady, in the crime thriller «Galveston» with Ben Foster and Elle Fanning in the lead.

Personal life of Lili Reinhart

Lili is dating her «Riverdale» partner Cole Sprouse. First, the actors had only a friendship, but then the attentive fans began to notice their loving glances and tender gestures to each other. Later, this information was confirmed by some actors from «Riverdale».
Lili Reinhart and her Cole Sprouse
Lili Reinhart and her Cole Sprouse
In 2019 there were rumors about their breaking up, but Lili and Cole still the couple and have very strong feelings for each other.
Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart: cute moments
By the way, the girl keeps warm relationships with all the series of colleagues. Her best girlfriend is Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge in «Riverdale»). Lily is close to Madchen Amick, which plays her mother in the series. It turned out that they have the same tattoos in the form of arrows, located in the same place.

Lili Reinhart now

The actress keeps working on the new series of «Riverdale». Also, in 2019 she appeared in two full-meters projects. First, the remake of ’Charlie’s Angels’, where Lili played a little role of Angel recruit. Second, the ’Hustlers’ drama about the strippers of an elite club visited by Wall-Street brokers.

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    2021-05-09 16:53:18
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    2021-04-09 20:43:12
  • For her age and that kind of emotional work, Lili Reinhart has a weak health, she has anxiety attacks often.
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