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Alec Baldwin

Name: Alec Baldwin

Real name: Alexander Rae Baldwin

Birth date: 3 of April 1958 (61 y.o.)

Place of birth: Amityville, New York, U.S.

Height: 183 cm Weight: 78 kg

Birth Sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Occupation: actor, comedian, producer

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Alec Baldwin biography

One of the most nice-looking actors in the modern movie industry, Alec Baldwin is proud recipient of numerous prestigious and intolerable temper. Throughout his long career he appeared in many movies, but most of his fans will always remember his romantic performance in The Marrying Man and portrayal of charismatic psychopath in The Juror.
Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin

Early life and childhood

Alexander Rae Baldwin III was born on April 3, 1958 on Long Island shore town Amityville, New York. Fifteen years later this town was shook by the tragic mass murder episode, committed Ronald DeFeo Jr., local citizen who brutally killed whole his family, giving the birth to infamous Amityville Horror story. During Alec’s childhood it was but a small rural town with population of 6 thousand people.

Baldwin is of Irish and French heritage. He was named in honor of his father, Alexander Rae Baldwin II, who used to work as a history teacher. Alec’s mother, Carol (nee Martineau), was also a teacher by trait, but had to abandon her job and fully dedicate herself to upbringing of her children.
Alec Baldwin as a childAlec Baldwin as a child
Alec grew up alongside his two sisters and two younger brothers. Despite the fact that he clearly was the most handsome boy in whole school and was perfectly aware of it, he never wanted to be an actor, striving to pursue his future in a world of politics.

In 1976 Baldwin enrolled into palynology department of George Washington University. Study itself never truly presented enough challenge for Alec, and big city allured him with many temptations. In order to satisfy his many needs and get by financially, he was eager for any work he could get. Alec used to word as a barkeep, an industrial goods warehouse driver, and even man’s clothing shop salesman.
Young Alec BaldwinYoung Alec Baldwin
Once he responded on an advert for a TV studio that was looking for people to fill the crowd. For a small pay he had to just be a part of an audience. He, tall young man with piercing blue eyes, was immediately noticed by producers of the show, who gave him an advice to think about taking some acting lessons.

In 1979 Baldwin moved over to New Your City, where he started to attend Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and just a year after that got his first role in TV series The Doctors, appearing in two whole seasons of a show.

Acting career

Actor made his first appearance on a big screen taking the role of badass detective in 1987 crime comedy movie Forever, Lulu. He was accompanied by German beauty Hanna Schygulla and punk-rock icon Deborah Harry, appearing as mysterious Lulu.
Alec Baldwin in Forever, LuluAlec Baldwin in Forever, Lulu
Next movies featuring young actor brought him to the level of the most revered and successful actors of that era. For example, in Tim Burton’s black comedy masterpiece Beetlejuice he paired up with Geena Davis; together they appeared as a married couple that later became ghosts.
Alec Baldwin in BeetlejuiceAlec Baldwin in Beetlejuice
In crime comedy movie Married to the Mob Alec portrayed a hapless gangster Frank The Cucumber de Marco, joining the cast of Joan Cusack, Oliver Platt, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Modine.

In black comedy thriller Miami Blues actor appeared as Fred J. Frenger Jr., barely released from the prison and going straight to Miami, to pillage and murder people at day, while spending nights with a dimwitted prostitute, who has no idea what she got herself into. Obviously movie got no happy ending, nor it really needed one; despite the overwhelming amount of blood, gore and violence, movie was an astounding success. Most renowned Hollywood critic Leonard Maltin especially noticed the artistic mastery, possessed by the actor, who was accompanied by such big names as Fred Ward, Charles Napier and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Alec Baldwin in Miami BluesAlec Baldwin in Miami Blues
In 1990 Alec appeared in Woody Allen’s drama film Alice, paired up with Mia Farrow, and in an action movie The Hunt for the Red October, appearing as talented young CIA agent.

Best movies

1991 comedy movie The Marrying Man, where Baldwin’s character meets astonishing blonde Vicky and leaves his wealthy bride for his newfound love, is often considered to be one of the most defining works of the actor. Surprisingly enough, movie received quite cold reception from movie critics, with some of the panning down trivial and uninspired script while others criticized dull and bland jokes, but ultimately even the most rigid haters had to admit that Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was a treat to look upon.
The Marrying Man - Trailer
Alec continued his streak of romantic characters with his appearance in fantasy film Prelude to a Kiss, joining marvelous Meg Ryan.

Thriller film Malice became the most successful box office hit of 1993. In the movie Alec appeared as Dr. Jed Hill, although he, as well as the character of Bill Pullman, wasn’t fortunate enough to meet sweet Tracey Safian, portrayed by Nicole Kidman.
Alec Baldwin in MaliceAlec Baldwin in Malice
His role in fantasy film The Shadow turned out to be yet another success; actor approached maturity as man and actor – his mastery and professionalism impressed with its depth, adding up to his attractive appearance. Loved by millions of fans across the globe, movie also featured such actors as John Lone, Ian McKellen and Penelope Ann Miller.
Alec Baldwin in The ShadowAlec Baldwin in The Shadow
In psychological crime drama The Juror Alec took on a role of psychopath mob runner who was tasked with influencing the decision of the juror panel. Alec Baldwin’s diabolic charisma, viciously contrasted with his striking appearance produced truly terrifying effect on the viewers. The juror character was portrayed by charming Demi Moore, with James Gandolfini and Anne Heche finishing the star cast.
The Juror - Trailer
Original psychological drama Heaven’s Prisoners brought actor even more popularity, cementing his status of impersonation master. Former police detective Dave Robicheaux, tired of his mundane life alcoholic, trying his hardest to start anew, was entirely new type of character for an actor, unlike his previous glossy roles.
Alec Baldwin in Heaven’s PrisonersAlec Baldwin in Heaven’s Prisoners
In drama movie, dedicated to especially complex problem of racism, Ghosts of Mississippi actor appeared as an assistant District Attorney uncovering the intricacies of old murder case. Critics dubbed Alec Baldwin as an embodiment of American Justice System, however nomination for an Academy Award and Golden Globe was received by James Woods who portrayed white supremacist murderer.
Alec Baldwin in Ghosts of MississippiAlec Baldwin in Ghosts of Mississippi
Excellent 1997 drama movie, produced in a spirit of true Hollywood movie, The Edge, in which Alec Baldwin starred against renowned Anthony Hopkins, is generally considered to be one of the best works of an actor. Baldwin masterfully portrayed a photographer, suffering with extreme jealousy towards a millionaire Charles Morse, while trying to survive away from the civilization.
The Edge - Trailer
2000 was marked by the release of TV drama Nuremberg, where Alec Baldwin not only starred as Supreme Court Justice, recruited to conduct the war crimes tribunal on the most important court process of XX century, but also served as movie’s executive producer. This role brought him Golden Globe award. Controversial and complex character of Hermann Göring was took on by Brian Cox, who also received Golden Globe, with other roles played by the cast of Christopher Plummer, Max von Cydow, Colm Feore and Christopher Heyerdahl.

In a period from 2000 to 2010 actor appeared in more than twenty films. His portrayal of Juan Trippe in biographical drama The Aviator by Martin Scorsese, captain Ellerby in crime drama film The Departed, also directed by the great Scorsese, and a role of Mickey Barlett in Woody Allen’s comedy-drama Lymelife are considered to be his most significant works during this timeframe. In this groundbreaking movies he was accompanied by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicolson, Martin Sheen, Rory Culkin, Matt Damon, Jill Hennessy and Vera Farmiga.
Alec Baldwin in LymelifeAlec Baldwin in Lymelife
In 2012 Alec Baldwin once again appeared in a movie, directed by Woody Allen, who is a long-time friend of an actor. Drama movie To Rome with Love also featured Roberto Benigni as well as Woody Allen himself.
Alec Baldwin in To Rome with LoveAlec Baldwin in To Rome with Love
In 2014 heartbreaking drama Still Alice, which tells the story of linguistics professor, struggling to overcome the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, Alec appears as a husband of main protagonist portrayed by Julianne Moore, who received the Academy Award for her sincere and impeccable performance.
Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore in Still AliceAlec Baldwin and Julianne Moore in Still Alice
In 2015 movie Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Alec Baldwin appears as the Director of CIA. Film also starred Tom Cruise, and featured Rebecca Ferguson and Jeremy Renner.

In the same year actor joined the cast of Concussion, performing in the role of Julian Bailes. Movie packs solid plot and surprising ending, with Will Smith casted as the main character, Bennet Omalu.
Alec Baldwin and Will Smith in ConcussionAlec Baldwin and Will Smith in Concussion
His work in 2015 – 2017 in highlighted by his appearance in drama film Blind, with him portraying the writer, blinded in car accident, in which he also lost his wife. Random meeting with caring and compassionate woman returned blind writer to life and granted them both a chance to turn their lives around. In this sensible and touching film Alec was paired with Demi Moore.
Blind - Trailer
The topic of late love is followed up by the 2017 movie Paris Can Wait, where Baldwin appeared on a screen alongside Diane Lane.

Personal life

Actor’s early affairs were pretty short-lived, up until the 1991 where during the filming of The Marrying Man Alec met Kim Basinger, who later became his first wife. Their union was considered to be one of the most beautiful love stories in whole Hollywood; however their marriage lasted only around 8 years. In 1995 Kim gave birth to their daughter Ireland, who makes no secret of her homosexuality.
Alec Baldwin and Kim BasingerAlec Baldwin and Kim Basinger
Alec’s second wife is Hilaria Thomas, yoga instructor. In 2012 they married, despite the age difference in 25 years. Together the couple has four children with youngest born on spring 2018.
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria ThomasAlec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas
In his youth Alec experienced serious issues with alcohol addiction, but he managed to successfully conquer the weakness, asking for help in 1984 and up to this day conducts a healthy lifestyle.
In the interview Alec Baldwin claims that Hilaria is his guardian angel and admits that thanks to her influence he became more calm and collected and rarely ever visits his psychoanalyst to deal with his uncontrollable aggressive outburst that are plaguing his since the very young age.
Alec Baldwin honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of FameAlec Baldwin honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
However in 2018 actor was arrested for an incident on a parking lot. During the heated argument about parking slot Alec started a fight with a person who refused to make space for a famous actor. Alec punched him in the jaw, which led to man’s hospitalization, while actor himself was brought to the court.

Alec Baldwin now

Since 2017 actor is taking part in a mini TV series The Looming Tower, which is based upon the event that led to the 9\11 tragedy. Series also feature Jeff Daniels, Peter Sarsgaard and Bill Camp.
Alec Baldwin in The Looming TowerAlec Baldwin in The Looming Tower
In 2018 actor appeared in a comedy movie BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee, also featuring Adam Driver and Topher Grace.
BlacKkKlansman - Trailer
In the same year fans of the Mission: Impossible franchise had an opportunity to watch another installment of the sage, in which Alec returned to his role of a CIA director.
Alec Baldwin in his parody on Donald Trump
In December 2018 actor wrote a column in The Huffington Post, an outlet where he was featured for many years, with the announcement of him stopping making a parodies on Donald Trump in order to seriously dedicate himself to politics, becoming something he aspired to be from his very childhood.
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