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Name: Rebecca Ferguson

Real name: Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström

Birth date: 19 of October 1983 (35 y.o.)

Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Height: 170 cm Weight: 55 kg

Birth Sign: Libra

Chinese zodiac: Pig

Occupation: actress

Photo: Rebecca Ferguson

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Rebecca Ferguson’s Biography

Rebecca Ferguson (full name Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström) is a Swedish actress, who is often compared by the press to Ingrid Bergman. Ferguson was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for her role in the TV-series The White Queen, and the role of Ilsa in the blockbuster Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation made her world-famous.
Rebecca Ferguson is exquisitely beautifulRebecca Ferguson is exquisitely beautiful

Early Years

The actress’s mother Rosemary Ferguson is British; as a young woman Rosemary moved to Sweden, where she met her future husband and the future father of her four children, who was a Swede. Rebecca was born in Stockholm in the autumn of 1983. Unfortunately, the intercultural marriage didn’t last long; Rebecca was still a baby when her parents divorced.
Beautiful Rebecca FergusonBeautiful Rebecca Ferguson
The girl was brought up as a real lady: she studied music and ballet; she also learnt Argentine Tango and tap dancing. She went to an English primary school and a Swedish high school, which resulted in her being fluent in both languages.
Young Rebecca Ferguson was a modelYoung Rebecca Ferguson was a model
At the age of 13 the girl’s unique, distinguished appearance was noticed by photographers who invited her to work as a model for local glossy magazines and fashion catalogues. Later, however, ambitious Rebecca unexpectedly chose an acting career over her successful modelling career.
A scene from the movie HerculesA scene from the movie Hercules
In 1999 she starred in the Nya Tider (New Times) soap opera and immediately fell in love with cinema. This role made Ferguson famous in Sweden; it was followed by the movies Ocean Ave and Drowning Ghost which consolidated her success.
Rebecca Ferguson’s first role (Nya Tider)Rebecca Ferguson’s first role (Nya Tider)

Acting Career

At a certain point the young actress got tired of all the popularity which so suddenly invaded her life, so she decided to take a break from acting and tend to her personal life.

One day she was accidentally spotted in the market by the director Richard Hobert. Rebecca’s unusual looks had such an impression on this master director that, without a second thought, he offered her the leading role in his movie A One Way Trip to Antibes.
On the set of A One Way Trip to AntibesOn the set of A One Way Trip to Antibes
After this movie the actress was invited for an audition for a role in the historical series The White Queen. Rebecca’s aristocratic beauty did not go unnoticed and she received the role of Elizabeth Woodville in the movie. After the movie was released, the Swedish actress became famous outside her own country and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award.
A scene from The White QueenA scene from The White Queen
The sequence of lucky chances in Rebecca’s life didn’t stop there. In 2014 the filming of the fifth installment in the Mission Impossible blockbuster series began. Tom Cruise - the all-time lead actor of this franchise - hand-picked Rebecca to be his partner in the movie after seeing her act in The White Queen series, and he didn’t make a mistake. Despite her exquisite looks, the actress proved to be a true superhero.
Mission Impossible 5: Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa FaustMission Impossible 5: Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust
She tried to match her eminent partner and did almost all the daunting stunts herself. Just take a look at her jump from the window of the Vienna Opera! To be able to achieve such results, the actress had to spend a month and a half in gruelling training.
On the set of Mission Impossible 5On the set of Mission Impossible 5
She learnt the basics of martial arts, practised how to use various types of guns and did general physical training on daily basis. Rebecca still fondly remembers the work on the movie and how thoughtful Tom Cruise was towards her.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Rebecca Ferguson’s character
There were even rumours of a romantic relationship between Ferguson and Tom Cruise while on the set of the movie. The actress had already broken up with her son’s father by that time. At present she has a new boyfriend and a number of promising projects in Hollywood, including the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, which has already made her a world-famous star. In 2016 the world could see Rebecca Ferguson in the psychological thriller The Girl on the Train, and in the beginning of 2017 she co-starred with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in the space horror Life.
Life trailer
In the same year Rebecca played opposite Michael Fassbender in the criminal drama The Snowman; she also starred alongside Hugh Jackman in the biography movie The Greatest Showman.
Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere of the movie LifeRebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere of the movie Life

Rebecca Ferguson’s Personal Life

Not much is known about the actress’s personal life: she had been dating Ludwig Hallberg since 2005. Rebecca and Ludwig moved to the coastal city Simrishamn after the filming of Nya Tider was over. Their son Isaac was born there, and Rebecca stopped acting in TV-series for a while. However, a rift developed in their relationship and the couple split up in 2015.
Rebecca Ferguson with her boyfriend Ludwig HallbergRebecca Ferguson with her boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg
On May 22, 2018 Rebecca gave birth to a daughter, which was a surprise to everybody. Journalists speculated that the actress had fallen pregnant during the filming of The Greatest Showman, and named Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman as potential fathers; however, Ferguson’s on-set colleagues do not have any comment on this information. It is still unknown who the father is and what the actress’s daughter was named.
Rebecca Ferguson is pregnant with her second childRebecca Ferguson is pregnant with her second child

Rebecca Ferguson Now

In 2018 the sixth installment of Mission Impossible came out, where the actress once again stars as Ilsa Faust. Despite the aging Tom Cruise and the predictable storyline, the movie was a box-office success.

At the moment Rebecca is working on the set of the fantasy movie The Kid Who Would Be King, where she co-stars with the emerging actor Tom Taylor, famous for his roles in The Dark Tower and the series The Last Kingdom.

Ferguson will also take part in the Men in Black 4 spin-off, where she will co-star alongside Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson. The release of the movie is planned for the end of 2019.
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