Bradley Cooper Admits to Being Nude Around His Daughter

Bradley Cooper made a surprising statement about his personal life. He confessed to journalists that sometines he is being naked around his six-year-old daughter. The "Limitless" star stated that he inherited the habit of walking around the house nude from his father. He also mentioned that he sometimes sits on the toilet without clothes while his daughter, Lea De Seine, takes a bath.
My bedroom is the bathtub and toilet and bed are all in the same room. It’s 24/7. “There are no doors... The stairs go up and it’s all one floor. We talk while I’m on the toilet and she’s in the bathtub, that’s the go-to.... And by the way, I was like that. Not with my mom but with my dad. My dad was always nude, always took showers with him.
His behavior sparked outrage among internet users. They appealed to Cooper's ex-wife, Irina Shayk, requesting the model to shield Lea from such situations.
Bradley Cooper anf Irina Shayk
Bradley Cooper anf Irina Shayk
Remember, the model and the Hollywood actor separated in 2019. Recently, Shayk was seen with an unknown man, whom she dated after Paris Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Cooper was spotted with the renowned supermodel Gigi Hadid.