Rapper 50 Cent Threw a Microphone at a Fan`s Head

American rapper Curtis James Jackson III, commonly known by his stage name 50 Cent, hurled a microphone into the crowd, striking a female fan on the head during his concert. As a result, he now faces potential criminal charges, as reported by TMZ.

The incident occurred in Los Angeles during his tour, "The Final Lap 2023." Amid his performance, the rapper was handed several malfunctioning microphones by his assistants. Understandably frustrated, 50 Cent impulsively threw one of the devices into the sea of spectators.
50 Cent throws mic, injures woman at Crypto.com Arena concert
The microphone struck Bryhana Monegain, a leading radio host at the local station "Power 106," causing a laceration on her forehead that required hospitalization. Monegain claims that just prior to the rapper hurling the microphone, his gaze was fixed upon her. She has subsequently filed a police report, according to the article.
50 Cent wasn't targeting the woman
50 Cent wasn't targeting the woman
In response, the rapper's legal counsel asserted that his client never intended to deliberately injure anyone with the microphone. The attorney contended that such a statement lacks a comprehensive account of the facts and constitutes misinformation.