Loves his family: Sylvester Stallone interrupted the image of his wife with a tattoo of a dead dog

The actor wanted to update the drawing, but the results did not please him. Therefore, he decided to redo the picture, which made the fans pretty worried.

From the shoulder of 76-year-old Sylvester Stallone, the image of his wife Jennifer Flavin disappeared. Instead, she now has a tattoo of a dog that died a few years ago.

Fans of the actor were made seriously worried by such metamorphoses — they immediately thought that the spouse was going to disperse.

It turned out that there was no cause for concern. According to the representative of the star, Stallone just wanted to update the tattoo, but the output was not what he wanted at all.
Sylvester Stallone new tattoo
Sylvester Stallone new tattoo
The results were unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, it was impossible to fix it. Then Sylvester decided to cover Jenny's portrait with the image of Batkis, insiders reported.
By the way, it was Batkis who starred with the actor in the movie "Rocky".
Sylvester Stallone with his wife
Sylvester Stallone with his wife reminds me that Sylvester and Jennifer got married in 1997. They have three daughters together: 25-year-old Sofia, 24-year-old Sistine and 20-year-old Scarlet.
It would seem that spouses who have lived together for so many years can have disagreements. However, rumors of a divorce were fueled by the actor's ex-wife, who recently hinted at a divorce, strangely signing a picture with her daughters. These girls are my priority. Nothing else matters. Four forever, Flavin said.

  • It's very dangerous, I think. and not even because I myself can dramatically change my opinion about a person and stop loving, the same reaction is possible from that side. You can expect anything from people
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