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Emma Roberts

Name: Emma Roberts

Real name: Emma Rose Roberts

Birth date: 10 of February 1991 (28 y.o.)

Place of birth: Rhinebeck, New York, U.S.

Height: 160 cm Weight: 51 kg

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: Goat

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Emma Roberts Biography

Emma Roberts is the daughter of Eric Roberts and the niece of Julia Roberts. When Emma was only 10, she made her acting debut in the film Blow where she played alongside the celebrated Johnny Depp. She is also known for her roles in the movies Nancy Drew, We're the Millers, Nerve, and many others.
Emma Roberts, a young but already a super popular actressEmma Roberts, a young but already a super popular actress

Early Childhood and Family

Has the stunning actress, the Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts ever thought that February of 1991 would present the world with a sequel to their family talent? That winter month brought Emma Roberts, the niece of the great actress, into this world.
Little Emma Roberts with her mom Kelly Cunningham, a modelLittle Emma Roberts with her mom Kelly Cunningham, a model
Emma Roberts is the fruit of love of actor Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts’ brother) and model Kelly Cunningham. Unfortunately, the husband did not survive even a year of the family life and left his wife with the baby.
How Emma Roberts has changed over the years
Even though the girl grew up basically without her dad’s involvement, she has always been in good relationships with his sisters, the legendary Julia Roberts and less famous actress Lisa Roberts Gillan.
Actor Eric Roberts, Emma Roberts’ fatherActor Eric Roberts, Emma Roberts’ father
Aunt Julia was indignant about her brother’s behavior, so she helped Kelly retain custody of the child, and she also purchased a home for the ex-sister-in-law and the niece. The actress loved the girl wholeheartedly, so Emma often spent time on the sets of her aunt's films; and in 2000, Julia Roberts helped her niece to make her first movie appearance. The celebrity played the lead in the comedy America’s Sweethearts, and young Emma appeared in the film for a few seconds; she was not even listed in the credits.
Emma Roberts and her aunt Julia Roberts are good friendsEmma Roberts and her aunt Julia Roberts are good friends
In 2001, Emma’s mom married again, and shortly after the girl got a new stepfather, she also got a half-sister Grace.

Acting Career Beginning. Filmography

Apparently, the acting genes had a great impact on little Emma Roberts. Having tried the taste of it once, she was captivated with acting in films, so she went to one casting after another.
 Emma Roberts’ childhood picture Emma Roberts’ childhood picture
Quite shortly, she got lucky and was cast to play in the biographical drama film Blow that tells a story about the cocaine smuggler George Jung. Johnny Depp starred as the lead and Roberts was supposed to be his daughter who got to experience all the benefits of living with unlawful dad.
 Emma Roberts’ first significant role. Blow (2001) Emma Roberts’ first significant role. Blow (2001)
Emma Roberts attended the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles but because of all the offers she got after the premiere of Blow, she had to transition to homeschooling.

Roberts’ mom was not so excited about her daughter’s decision. Kelly Cunningham was quite familiar with the other side of the bright show business industry and she didn’t want Emma to take the same path as the notorious Lindsay Lohan; she hoped for a different, more carefree and calmer life for her daughter. However, Emma, who was stubborn and assertive like all the Roberts, managed to insist on her choice.
Emma Roberts has been known for her tenacity and determination since early childhoodEmma Roberts has been known for her tenacity and determination since early childhood
From 2004 till 2007, Emma Roberts was the star on the Nickelodeon, a channel for children. She had a lead role in the television series Unfabulous, where she played a student musician Addie Singer who was going through her adolescence and experiencing all the drama of that period. According to the story, the lead character writes songs about her everyday life and challenges that teenage girls face; therefore, Roberts had to work on her vocal skills. As a result, in 2005, she released her solo album Unfabulous and More that served as the soundtrack to the abovementioned television series. Afterwards, there was another album with the soundtrack for Disney film Ice Princess.
After starring in the series Unfabulous, Emma Roberts also became a singerAfter starring in the series Unfabulous, Emma Roberts also became a singer
The sitcom Unfabulous brought the rising star recognition and love of millions of teenagers. It also earned Roberts a Teen Choice Award nomination and Young Artist Award nominations.

In 2006, matured, charming and bearing a strong resemblance to her aunt, Emma Roberts started her modeling career with the brand Dooney & Bourke. That same year, the young actress starred in Aquamarine, where she played mermaids together with Joanna Levesque and Sara Paxton.
At the age of 15, Emma Roberts became a model for Dooney & BourkeAt the age of 15, Emma Roberts became a model for Dooney & Bourke
The year 2007 was significant for Roberts, since she appeared as the lead in the movie Nancy Drew. The actress embodied a much-loved character of detective stories for children and impeccably played the role of an amateur sleuth who is keen on adventures and puzzles.
Emma Roberts is so versatile: her character Nancy Drew loves to solve puzzlesEmma Roberts is so versatile: her character Nancy Drew loves to solve puzzles
The comedy Wild Child premiered the next year. Emma Roberts, who had played shrewd and clever Nancy Drew, turned into a spoiled and impudent Poppy Moore who was sent to a boarding school in England by her maddened father.
Poppy Moore, a truly wild childPoppy Moore, a truly wild child
At the same time, Lymelife, a new drama film starring Roberts was released; it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie once again proved that Emma Roberts had truly outgrown Disney television series and teen comedies; and she could be rightly considered one of the most promising actresses of the new generation.
Shot from the film LymelifeShot from the film Lymelife
In 2010, Emma Roberts appeared on the big screen alongside her aunt and the well-known country singer Taylor Swift in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day. The young actress played her role perfectly.
Valentine's Day. Emma Roberts and Taylor Swift on the set.Valentine's Day. Emma Roberts and Taylor Swift on the set.
Premiere of the third season of the far-famed television series American Horror Story marked a new stage of Emma Roberts’ acting career and glory. The season that started in 2013 follows an ancient coven. Roberts, who was already 22 then, played Madison Montgomery, a student at the Academy of witches, a drug addict, and a spoiled starlet who grew up in a dysfunctional family.
American Horror Story. Emma Roberts as witch MadisonAmerican Horror Story. Emma Roberts as witch Madison
That same year, the audience saw Roberts’ joint work with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Poulter in the comedy We're the Millers. Emma played homeless Casey who accompanied a drug smuggler and his fake family.
 We're the Millers is one of the best movies starring Emma Roberts We're the Millers is one of the best movies starring Emma Roberts
In the meantime, Roberts continued her steady ascend to the peak of her glory. In 2016, the comedy horror television series Scream Queens, where the young actress played the leading role as Chanel Oberlin, was approved for the second season. Thanks to her brilliant performance in Scream 4 and American Horror Story, Roberts was offered a role in the new season; other candidates weren’t even considered.
Emma Roberts plays the lead in the series Scream QueensEmma Roberts plays the lead in the series Scream Queens
In summer 2016, a new thriller adventure film, Nerve, was released. It featured Emma Roberts and Dave Franco who was noted for his brilliant role as a card magician in the film Now You See Me 2 several months prior. In Nerve, Roberts had to immerse in the world of the virtual game of the same name where players receive monetary remuneration for fulfilling various tasks assigned by other participants.
Trailer of the film Nerve starring Emma Roberts
The same year, in 2016, Roberts filmed in the drama Billionaire Boys Club. The film is based on the real life story about the richest people in the USA and about a grand scam of the group founder.

Personal Life

Emma, having a capricious and obstinate character, is probably not in a hurry to get hitched. Nowadays, she’s more focused on her career. She hopes that her aunt, who once inspired her to become an actress, will be proud of her niece.
Everybody loves Emma RobertsEverybody loves Emma Roberts
Despite her currently career-oriented life, Emma Roberts did have quite a few boyfriends. However, those relationships were nothing more than just short-term affairs. At some point Roberts dated actor Alex Pettyfer and then she had a thing for a famous skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.
Emma Roberts and Alex PettyferEmma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer
The only relationship that can be considered a more serious one is the one with Evan Peters. They met while filming the American Horror Story and have dated since 2012.
 They played together in the American Horror Story They played together in the American Horror Story
Even though Peters was a “lobster-guy” with deformed limbs on the set, he was the most charming guy in the real life. It’s no wonder Roberts immediately felt attracted to him.
Evan Peters and Emma RobertsEvan Peters and Emma Roberts
At first, Peters didn’t understand that Roberts had a crush on him, so for some time he tried to stay away from the very persistent girl. However, the Roberts’ specialty, i.e. determination, played its role, and quite soon the actors announced themselves a couple.
The happy coupleThe happy couple
One wouldn’t call their relationship a smooth, steady and a perfect one. In summer 2013, for instance, Roberts was accused of home violence – she broke her boyfriend’s nose during a heated argument. Nevertheless, things gradually moved on and they started thinking about the wedding. In 2014, people noticed an engagement ring with an expensive diamond on Roberts’ finger. A year later, still unmarried, the couple announced that they got tired of each other. However, in summer of 2016, they were seen together again as they were walking arm in arm down the street in Los Angeles.
 Emma Roberts’ engagement ring Emma Roberts’ engagement ring

Emma Roberts Nowadays

The year 2018 brought Roberts two anticipated premiers: the thriller Billionaire Boys Club where she co-starred alongside Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey as well as Little Italy, a romantic comedy film which, unfortunately, was not so well received by critics and audiences.
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