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Name: Thomas Sangster

Birth date: 16 of May 1990 (29 y.o.)

Place of birth: London, the UK

Height: 179 cm Weight: 68 kg

Birth Sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Horse

Occupation: actor

Photo: Thomas Sangster

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Thomas Sangster’s Biography

Thomas Brodie Sangster is an English actor whom many people consider to have a natural talent for “transformation.”
A charming British young man Thomas SangsterA charming British young man Thomas Sangster
He began acting when he was 11 years old. After a series of small roles in television series, he made a breakthrough in his career playing a hopeless romantic in «Love Actually.» with such stars involved as Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, and Emma Thompson. He got multiple awards for this role including the Golden Satellite Award by International Press Academy and the Young Artist Award.

The childhood and the first roles

The actor loved by millions of viewers was born and raised in the capital of the United Kingdom. His entire family is somehow connected with the cinema. His mother used to be a ballet dancer, an author of the songs and singer, she performed in theatre and was filmed on BBC. His father is a musician and a cinema editor who was involved in the production of the musical «The Lion King». A famous actor Hugh Grant also belongs to the family: his grandmother was the sister of Thomas’s great-grandmother.
The actor with his Mom and sister AvaThe actor with his Mom and sister Ava
As a child, Thomas often watched his parents performing, and, feeling their happiness with what they did, he was delighted. He liked the idea of having fun at work, too.
Thomas Sangster's childhood pictureThomas Sangster's childhood picture
The BBC melodrama «Station Jim» (2001) was the acting debut of the teenager. He then appeared in several TV projects. In particular, he had the main role – that of a boy dying from cancer in «The Miracle of the Cards,» and the role of a boy with a phenomenal memory and memorized the numbers of Bank accounts to save Jews from the Nazis in «Entrusted.» For the latter work, he was awarded as the Best Actor in a Mini-Series at the film festival in Monte Carlo in 2003. He also played in the melodrama «Bobbie’s Girl» and in the adventure series «Stig of the Dump.»
Thomas Sangster starred in a movie since 2001Thomas Sangster starred in a movie since 2001

Further Career

The young man first appeared on the big screen in 2003 («Love Actually») as the stepson of the Liam Neeson’s character. When he was invited to audition, he was busy on the set of «Station Jim» in France, so he decided to refuse the shootings. But the studio bought him a first class ticket to England as he was a real movie star, and he could not resist. For this role, with the help of his father, he learned to play percussion instruments.
Young Thomas Sangster in «Love Actually»Young Thomas Sangster in «Love Actually»
As media put it jokingly, a kiss on the cheek that he got from Joanna (Olivia Olson), marked the beginning of his further career success.
Olivia Olson awarded Thomas with a kissOlivia Olson awarded Thomas with a kiss
It is peculiar that the 13-year-old actor was not allowed at the London premiere of the film he starred in, as he had not reached the age limit to watch it (17).

The next film the young actor starred in was released in 2004. That was the adaptation of «Feather Boy» by Nicky Singer. His character collected the feathers of magical birds in this story. Then he played in «Tristan + Isolde», and in a fantasy film «Nanny McPhee» in 2005.
A screenshot from the movie «Nanny McPhee»A screenshot from the movie «Nanny McPhee»
In 2007, the actor played as a guest star in the radio piece «Doctor Who» (a part of a student Tim). The same year, he graduated from the Academy Pimlico.
Thomas Sangster played with Colin FirthThomas Sangster played with Colin Firth
Several facts about this period of Thomas’s career are worth noting. First, the actor also took part in the dubbing of the animated series «Phineas and Ferb.» Second, in «The Last Legion» he worked with Colin Firth who he already knew from the shooting of «Love Actually» and «Nanny McPhee.» Also, he worked in Italy on the set of the story of Pinocchio.
Actor gave his voice to Fines FletcherActor gave his voice to Fines Fletcher
One of the most successful directors of the U.S. Steven Spielberg wanted to shoot the talented Brit in his 3D film about the adventures of a journalist Tintin, the hero of comic books by Belgian artist Hergé. The actor agreed, especially because the franchise promised to be successful. But the shooting was postponed to the end of 2008, and Thomas could not make it, so the to role was given to Jamie Bell.
Thomas Sangster: funny moments
Meanwhile, he started to work with a New Zealand film director and writer Jane Campion in the film «Bright star», a romantic story of a 25-year-old English poet John Keats who was dying. Moreover, the director and artist Sam Taylor-Johnson with whom Thomas previously worked on the series «Feather Boy» invited him to play young Paul McCartney in her cinema «Nowhere Boy.» To play the famous left-handed musician, Thomas had to learn how to play the guitar with his left hand.
Tom Sangster as Paul McCartneyTom Sangster as Paul McCartney
In 2010, he joined the band Winnet as a bass guitarist. His sister Ava and mother were also in the band.
Winnet is Thomas Sangster’s «family» band Winnet is Thomas Sangster’s «family» band

Game of Thrones and The Maze Runner

In 2011, he appeared in the film «Death of a Superhero» (the film adaptation of a book by Anthony McCarten) and then in the television series «The Last Furlong» and «Lewis.» In 2012, there were «The Baytown Outlaws» and a short film «The Ugly Duckling».

In 2013, Thomas Sangster played in the third season of the sensational HBO series «Game of Thrones.» His character was Jojen Reed, a guy wise beyond his years and having that gift of foresight, who accompanied his brother Bran Stark and Hodor during their journey across the wild lands.
«Game of thrones»: Thomas Sangster in the role of Jojen Reed«Game of thrones»: Thomas Sangster in the role of Jojen Reed
The next year, he appeared in a key caste of dystopian thriller «The Maze Runner.» His character Newt was the main character’s best friend and supported him in his attempts to get out of the maze full of dangers. Before the shooting, he passed a course of survival in the extreme conditions of wild nature. They were taught how to deal with a knife, to make fire, to find water and so on.
Before the shooting, Thomas had enough of «school of life»Before the shooting, Thomas had enough of «school of life»
But this was only the beginning. After the cliff-hanger finale of the first part, the releases of the second and the third part were to follow by all means. So in 2015, he was busy in the shooting of the second part of «The Maze Runner.» It was set in beautiful places: in the city of Albuquerque, in the Sandia Mountains, on the US and Mexico border, on the Rio Grande river, in the desert of Chihuahua.
The Maze Runner: Thomas Sangster as Newt
The skinny boy looked younger than his age would suggest, and therefore he played teenagers mostly. For example, at the time of the release of the second part of «The Maze Runner» he was already 25 years old.
During the filming of «Nanny McPhee» he was 15!During the filming of «Nanny McPhee» he was 15!
In 2015, he also played Rafe Sandler, Cromwell’s pupil, in the mini-series «Wolf Hall.» Another significant line in his filmography is the role the seventh part of «Star Wars» - that of an officer Tanisha serving in Kaly Reno’s spaceship.
Thomas Sangster in «Star Wars»Thomas Sangster in «Star Wars»

Thomas Sangster’s Personal Life

There is no official information about the private life of Thomas. It is known that, besides music, he enjoys drawing and driving motorcycles. According to unofficial sources, since the end of 2013, he has been dating Isabella Melling whom he met during the filming of «The Ugly Duckling». She was born in Bristol; just like him, she is a graduate of the school Pimlico and has been filmed since childhood. As a young lady, she worked in cafes, sang, was a manager.
Thomas Sangster and his girlfriend Isabella MellingThomas Sangster and his girlfriend Isabella Melling
Thomas repeatedly admitted that he lives in the present and thinks a little about the future. He has no professional education because he does not see its purpose. He is skeptical about the common pattern about the necessity of graduating from college and having a prestigious job – because, according to Thomas, all that does not guarantee one’s happiness. And he is determined to live a happy life.
Thomas is very kind and emotional person in real lifeThomas is very kind and emotional person in real life
Also, the actor repeatedly says that he loves people and believes in humanity. He calls everyone to treat others kindly because it is the only guarantee that we will all come to a happier future.

Thomas Sangster Today

In 2016, the actor played Newt in the final film of the trilogy «The Maze Runner: the Death Cure». The release is planned for February 2017. The film was to be released in 2016, but because of the injuries of the main actor Dylan O'Brien, the premiere had to be postponed until 2018.
Thomas Sangster as Newt («The Maze Runner»)Thomas Sangster as Newt («The Maze Runner»)
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