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Dylan O`Brien

Name: Dylan O`Brien

Birth date: 26 of August 1991 (27 y.o.)

Place of birth: New York, USA

Height: 178 cm Weight: 71 kg

Birth Sign: Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Goat

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Biography of Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien got his army of fans after the "Teen Wolf" show and the lead part in the fantastic movie «The Maze Runner».
Dylan O'Brien is the star of «Wolf» and «The Maze Runner»Dylan O'Brien is the star of «Wolf» and «The Maze Runner»

Childhood of Dylan O'Brien

Dylan was born in New York, but the future actor spent his childhood year in the city of Springfield, which is in the northeast of the United States. His family bloodline includes Irish, Italian, English and Spanish roots.
Dylan O'Brien in his childhood and nowadaysDylan O'Brien in his childhood and nowadays
In 2003, he moved to California together with his parents and older sister Julia in the town of Hermosa Beach near Los Angeles. There Dylan went to school and he graduated it in 2009.

Parents of the future actor were quite close familiar with the cinema: father, Patrick O'Brien worked as a cameraman, and mother Lisa Rhodes at one time graduated from drama school so that Dylan knew firsthand about the internal workings of the cinema.
The Evolution of Dylan O'BrienThe Evolution of Dylan O'Brien
His father's profession has attracted Dylan since childhood, and he quite early began to comprehend the basics of camera work. He started with short comic videos, which he then uploaded to Youtube. A guy also broadcasted sporting events at a local stadium, so he learned on how to communicate with the public. This ability to be good in front of the camera coupled with a good sense of humor helped Dylan quickly raise a lot of subscribers. He became one of the pioneers of video blogging.
Young Dylan O'Brien on YouTube
The local producer drew attention to his videos and suggested that the guy create a whole series of funny short films. While working on the project, Dylan got acquainted with the local actor who gave him contacts of his manager, who in the near future began to work with Dylan.
In the photo: Dylan O'Brien’s sister, JuliaIn the photo: Dylan O'Brien’s sister, Julia
At first, O'Brien was going to continue working as a sports commentator, because he was a devoted admirer of the New York Mets baseball club, and planned to enter Syracuse University. However, the love of the world of cinema outweighed, and he got into one of the acting schools in Los Angeles.

Actor career

The young man did not manage to get a vocational education. In 2011, he tried his luck at the casting of the new youth «Teen Wolf» show from MTV and unexpectedly for himself got the lead, but he decided that it was better to cope with the part of the friend of the protagonist.
Dylan O'Brien in 2011Dylan O'Brien in 2011
As a result, the part of «Teen Wolf» protagonist (athlete Scott McCall, bitten by a werewolf) went to Tyler Posey, while Dylan O'Brien masterfully played the «geek» Stiles Stilinsky. Female viewers loved his character no less than Scott himself. Moreover, Stiles became the main humor fountainhead in the show.
In «Teen Wolf» Dylan O'Brien was to play a friend of the protagonistIn «Teen Wolf» Dylan O'Brien was to play a friend of the protagonist
Shortly after the premiere of The «Teen Wolf», Dylan was offered the role of Jimmy in the «High Road». During the shooting, the novice actor uses his experience as a commentator, because all the dialogues in the picture were a complete improvisation, which the guy coped well. In 2012, Dylan got the lead in the comedy «The First Time». On the set, the guy met Britt Robertson and Victoria Justice. After finishing work on the film, the young actor was invited to another comedy «The Internship», where he played with the masters of this genre Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. {Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey as Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinsky} In 2014, Dylan got a role that made him known throughout America and beyond. In the filming of James Dashner's book «The Maze Runner», Dylan O'Brien performed the role of Thomas - a guy who once wakes up in an unfamiliar place. The people around him are the same adolescents and they explain that you can get out of here only by finding a way out of a dangerous maze, infested with deadly monsters. During the shooting, the actor made friends with his «scenario» best friend Thomas Sangster.
Stiles Slitinski. Best Moments
The box office of the film was so impressive, so in 2015 was released the second part «Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials». Together with Dylan, Thomas Sangster, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson and Aidan Gillen took part in the movie. After shooting, Dylan said that he began to see colorful dreams which he finds himself in the Matrix.
«The Maze Runner»: Dylan O'Brien as Thomas«The Maze Runner»: Dylan O'Brien as Thomas
The actor did not take long breaks in work. In 2015, he began shooting in the thriller «Deepwater horizon». On the set, Dylan had to make every effort to match the high class of colleagues-stars of American cinema, including Mark Wahlberg, Keith Hudson, John Malkovich and Kurt Russell.
In 2016 Dylan O'Brien starred in the «Deepwater Horizon»In 2016 Dylan O'Brien starred in the «Deepwater Horizon»
In an interview, Dylan confessed that he admired the work of director Martin Scorsese and the acting talent of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Shot from «The Maze Runner»: Dylan O'Brien and Thomas SangsterShot from «The Maze Runner»: Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Sangster
At the end of July 2016, Dylan received the «Teen Choice Awards» as an actor whose appearance was most awaited, and was awarded «Best Action/Adventure movie Actor». And, of course, the audience saw him in the new season of «Teen Wolf».

Personal life of Dylan O'Brien

Since working on the film «The First Time» Dylan O'Brien meets with actress Britt Robertson. However, there are rumors in the media that the pair broke up. This is not true, but they do not hurry with the wedding.
Dylan O'Brien and his girlfriend Brittany RobertsonDylan O'Brien and his girlfriend Brittany Robertson
When there are spare-time in his tight work schedule, Dylan spends it meeting with old friends from the music band Slow Kids At Play, where he used to play drums. In addition, he likes to play in the X-box and review the favorite TV series of «Friends».
Dylan O'Brien plays drumsDylan O'Brien plays drums

Dylan O'Brien now. Injury and other details

In 2016, the actor was busy shooting the final part of the fantasy trilogy «Maze Runner»: (the third part was called «The Death Cure»). During the shooting, Dylan got into a terrible accident. In one scene, he had to climb onto the roof of one car, being tied to another. During the making of a complex trick, he fell and was dragged along the asphalt. The actor seriously injured his face and received a concussion. He had multiple surgeries, after which he began to experience panic attacks. Brittany has been always beside him and helped him to handle.
Dylan O'Brien with a beardDylan O'Brien with a beard
The release date of the film was postponed for almost a year. The final part of «Maze Runner» will be released in January 2018. Alongside, the actor was approved for the lead in the anti-terrorist thriller «American Killer», but the shooting had to wait due to rehabilitation from injury.
A frame from the TV series «Teen Wolf»A frame from the TV series «Teen Wolf»
In 2017, the audience saw the sixth and final season of «Teen Wolf» where Dylan’s character disappeared almost for the entire season.
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