Disney Channel Stars Failing to Glory

Kids and teens love Disney TV shows and movies. Actors and actresses become the idols of the audience long before their own age. Unfortunately, wild popularity is a heavy burden that not every adult is capable of bearing about children.

In addition, the contract with the Disney channel involves following strict rules that do not allow children actors to show their individuality and lead to the fact that they simply break loose from the coils. Editorial uznayvse.ru remembered the stars who could not cope with the popularity.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is perhaps the most predictable star in the crazy category. Many people remember how in 2011 the girl drastically changed her image of a cute Disney singer-schoolgirl into bold and deliberately sexy.

Miley has come a long way since her time on Hannah Montana. After the show, she was not shy about drug using and developing sexuality. She cut off her hair, became a platinum blonde and began to strip out on stage and in clips.
Miley Cyrus at the beginning of the creative path and at the peak of fameMiley Cyrus at the beginning of the creative path and at the peak of fame
Now, fortunately, the days when she smoked weed and was a frequenter of clubs were numbered. Cyrus married a good guy Liam Hemsworth in the winter of 2018 and, apparently, will now be an agreeable wife.

Bella Thorn

Bella Thorne was one of the stars of the series Shake It Up. Together with their partner Zendaya, they conquered millions of teenagers and began to receive more and more expensive offers.

The overwhelming success meant that Bella no longer wanted to renew the contract with Disney and to adhere to the channel's policy regarding the cute childish look. Thorn changed her image radically: she pierced her nose and dyed her hair in bright colors, and later began to openly demonstrate her love for alcohol and numerous parties, where the actress had repeatedly stripped naked.
 Bella Thorn never felt comfortable in the image of a cute girl Bella Thorn never felt comfortable in the image of a cute girl
Later, Bella Thorn declared that she never wanted to be a Disney girl and always tried to get rid of this image, and the actress also notes that she was never ashamed of herself.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan stole everyone’s heart in the Disney remake of The Parent Trap. She shone in such films as Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which led her to fame. Unfortunately, Lohan is now known for constantly undergoing rehabilitation or spending time in prison.

Lohan was one of the most popular children's stars in the world, making it a paparazzi magnet. She always had parties with scandalous stars such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, which pushed her further away from the pure image of Disney.
Lindsay Lohan’s second wave of popularity was caused by her lifestyleLindsay Lohan’s second wave of popularity was caused by her lifestyle
The controversial photographs of the actress continued to appear, and they had everything: from sexual positions to drug and alcohol using. Lohan openly admitted her addiction and voluntarily went to clinics more than once.

It seems that now all these problems are in the past and Lohan is trying to get on the right path. She left her crazy Hollywood life to London, where she found a world outside of media attention.

Shia LaBeouf

Although Shia LaBeouf is well known today for Transformers, he was also one of the stars of the Disney Even Stevens show in the early 2000s. He was perfect as a mischievous little brother.
Shia LaBeouf began to behave defiantly and strangelyShia LaBeouf began to behave defiantly and strangely
However, with coming of age, Shia has changed a lot. He had problems with alcohol, as well as uncontrolled outbursts of anger, in addition he was arrested many times. He was attracted for illegal border crossing, hooliganism, assault and drunk driving. One day, he appeared on the red carpet with a bag over his head that said "I am not famous anymore". When journalists began to ask him questions, he replied that he was a bag and could only answer questions about the bag.

Shia was also repeatedly accused of plagiarism. A short film he “wrote” as well as some of his comic strips were copied from other artists. LaBeouf also refused to take a shower for a week during the filming of Fury, and later refused to make-up and pulled out a tooth himself.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato starred in the Disney movie Camp Rock as well as in the show Sonny With a Chance. She was at the height of her fame in 2010, when suddenly something went wrong.

Demi was in all headlines when she hit the dancer on a tour with the brothers Jonas. Then she went to a rehabilitation clinic, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She also struggled with drug addiction and bulimia for many years.
Demi Lovato did not hesitate to talk about her problemsDemi Lovato did not hesitate to talk about her problems
According to her confession, she could not live for half an hour without cocaine. Although her entourage did not give comments and was ashamed of the state of their friend and colleague, Lovato spoke openly about her mental health problems.

Zac Efron

Actor Zac Efron began his career at Disney Music School. During this contract, he became a teenager heartthrob, as well as a millionaire.
Zak Efron had a difficult period full of drugs and alcoholZak Efron had a difficult period full of drugs and alcohol
Although the actor did not have a public collapse, like many on this list, he had serious problems with drugs, because of which Efron became aggressive and even fought with homeless people. As a result, Zach spent several months rehabilitating cocaine addiction. He also admitted that he had problems with alcohol and said that he had attended anonymous alcoholics meetings for several years.

Now, it seems, Efron is doing great. He appeared in comedies such as Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson.

Britney Spears

Although Britney Spears is known as a pop singer, at one time she was also a Disney star. The girl studied and worked at the Mickey Mouse club with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.
Britney Spears' stormy youth did not pass without a traceBritney Spears' stormy youth did not pass without a trace
Everyone remembers when in 2007 Spears had a serious breakdown, and she shaved her head. These events were preceded by amphetamine overdose. Britney was taken to the ambulance and placed in a psychiatric hospital. She also had problems with the police, including charges of assault and deprivation of children custody.

Today, Spears returned to service: the singer brought herself into shape, and also announced that she was working on the 9 studio album.
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